How To Enhance Digital Customer Engagement With Amazon Market Web Services

July 23, 2021
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon market web services

A customer who gets a quick and personalized response from you can become a key point to your brand’s success. This is because digital customer engagement plays a significant role in the success of your online marketing strategy. Customers want a more personalized experience in online shopping, so businesses try to adjust their digital marketing strategies to meet these expectations. 

Fortunately, eCommerce opened new doors of opportunities to market your brand in creative and more accessible ways. If done the right way, you can earn sales in just a few clicks.

With a huge marketplace like Amazon, there are specialized services built to focus on customer engagement. They’re called Amazon market web services (AWS), which offer various services to enhance digital marketing strategies while saving costs. 

Digital Marketing for Amazon Sellers: The Essence of Customer Engagement

A major part of consumers today are digital buyers, which implies the heavy reliance on digital channels to explore brands and communicate with them. This prompts businesses to put a lot of effort into customer engagement across various digital platforms and devices. For this to happen, Amazon digital marketing offers a set of specialized services to help you develop customer engagement strategies

Customer Engagement Tips with AWS

AWS offers customer engagement solutions as part of its cloud-based services. The products are divided into Amazon Connect, Amazon Pinpoint, and Amazon Simple e-mail Service (SES). Here’s a breakdown of how these services work in improving your Amazon online marketing strategy for customer support:

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a multi-channel contact service providing excellent voice and chat support for agents and customers which uses a set of routing, task management, real-time, and analytics tools to support hundreds to millions of customers through an easily-built contact center. The pricing follows a pay-as-you-go system to keep your costs at low rates.

Amazon Connect features the following capabilities:

  • Self-service management made easy
  • Built-in intelligence (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
  • A unified view of customer data
  • Automated agent assistance
  • Easy and quick task management

You can set this up in just a few minutes, save 80% of costs compared to traditional contact centers, and meet the limitless demands of customer support. 

Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint provides outstanding segmentation features to focus on the right target audience and content for your campaign. The easy to set up and user-friendly service allows you to connect with your customers via multiple channels: e-mail, SMS, voice messages, and push notifications. You can segment customers based on various criteria (type of device, frequency of application use, and more) and customize the messages customers receive.

Amazon Pinpoint is capable of the following services:

  • Campaign metrics to measure communication success
  • Personalization of marketing messages
  • Fast transactional messages
  • Communication in bulk
  • Scalable to billions of messages globally and across various channels

To start using this service, you can either:

Amazon Simple e-mail Service (SES)

The complexity of e-mail’s setup system is significant in today’s transactions in various platforms. With SES, you can quickly, safely, and easily send multiple e-mails: marketing e-mails, transactional e-mails, mass e-mails, and many more. To make the process easier, SES has a pre-built structure capable of the following features:

  • Filtering content
  • Managing reputation
  • Provide e-mail impact analysis
  • Send scalable e-mails globally

SES also has a set of authentication features to ensure the privacy, eligibility, and safety of your e-mails:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) confirm your right to send e-mails on behalf of your domain.
  • Virtual Private Cloud secures the e-mails sent from any application.
  • Certifications for global availability: HIPAA, regional compliance, FedRAMP, ISO, and GDPR. 

What Enhances Customer Engagement?

Now that you’ve learned the basics of AWS, let’s discuss what these services suggest in enhancing customer engagement. Below are some essential tips:

Channel Flexibility

AWS is available to use across various digital channels. Digital consumers use more than one platform; therefore, it’s essential to tap those channels and market your brand as you see fit. Engaging with customers on multiple media is an opportunity to expand the customer base and develop brand awareness.   

User-Friendly Platforms

If you’re just starting, understanding digital marketing tools can be overwhelming. Technology is a complex matter, so you need expert guidance and time to figure things out. If you can wrap your head around a platform or tool faster and easier, choose that platform to market. It will save time and allow you to maximize your customer engagement techniques. 

Efficient Analytics Tools

Detailed performance reports are important as you should be aware of whether your customer engagement strategies are working out or not. With these reports, you can compare daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly progress and develop your current plan. Practical monitoring tools help you understand the real impact of your interaction with customers. 

Scalable Capabilities

It is challenging to communicate with many customers, and not all systems can handle it efficiently. This is why services that are capable of customer engagement at scale are necessary. What if you need to send mass e-mails? Make sure that your resources are capable of handling such demands.

Human-to-Human Marketing (H2H)

AWS tools incorporate personalization so you can customize the messages you send to your customers. H2H marketing is necessary because it helps you get closer to your target buyers and influence their buying decisions. You need to sound empathic, personal, authentic, and inspiring! Bringing these human characteristics into your digital engagement strategy improves customer loyalty.


In digital marketing, you interact through device screens. While that saves a lot of time and cost, online marketing has its shortcomings. To counteract the restrictions of digital communication, you have to humanize engagement with your target market. Engage actively and sincerely— show customers that you’re a brand committed to keeping satisfied customers in the long run. 

Seller Interactive can help you improve customer engagement with effective Amazon services. Feel free to reach out and send us an e-mail at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-820-3746. 

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