Digital Marketing for Amazon Sellers: 6 Winning Strategies That You Can Apply

Digital marketing for Amazon sellers

Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

Selling your products on an online platform is one of the most efficient and effective ways that you can grow your business. However, it's most of the other sellers' way of earning, as well. That's why you have to get that edge, and that is through boosting your business by employing the right strategies for digital marketing for Amazon sellers.

As a seller on the platform, there are a lot of things that you should learn. One of which is learning how you can utilize the platform's advertising services properly. Aside from these services, you can also take advantage of the other marketing services outside the platform.

Marketing Strategies That You Should Consider

There are a lot of Amazon marketing best strategies that you can employ to boost your sales. However, you have to understand how they work so you can fully utilize them. Here are some of the commonly used strategies:

1. Amazon Marketing Services

Given the number of sellers that are currently on the Amazon marketplace, you know how hard it is to stand out. However, you do have to stand out if you want to drive sales into your business. These are usually what’s considered as Amazon marketing services best practices.

One of the first marketing strategies that will be introduced to you is Amazon's Marketing Services. These include three types of advertisements, which are located all within the platform. These are sponsored products, sponsored brands, and display advertisements.

  • Sponsored Products Advertisements

These types of ads are commonly known as Amazon Pay-Per-Click or PPC. You can boost a certain product or group of products for a particular period of time. It is also one of the most effective and easiest to learn. Utilizing this can give you a conversion rate of around 10%, which is a high percentage for a specific marketing type.

  • Sponsored Brands Advertisements

This type of ad focuses more on your brand. You will get a headline, logo, and a feature for up to three products. These will be shown on Amazon's search page. This type of ad will not only drive in sales for a particular product, but it will also help people to be aware of your brand.

  • Display Advertisements

This type of ad is very much similar with sponsored product ads. The difference is how you're going to be charged for it. For this, it's Cost-Per-Click or CPC. The listing you chose for this won't only be boosted on Amazon's website and mobile application, but it will be displayed on other websites, as well. You can also customize where these ads are going to take your customers. You can direct them to your product page, Amazon store, or landing page. 

2. Email marketing

Another type of marketing strategy that you can explore is email marketing. For this, you don't have to spend a lot of money. Just make sure that you are able to come up with promotional content that will catch the interest of your audience.

Studies show that consumers spend at around 10 to 60 minutes a week checking their emails. More than 60% have positive feedback on promotional emails. You can take advantage of these statistics by sending a promotional email that can highlight your products, sales, product launches, and coupons. 

3. Answering FAQs on your listings

One proactive way for you to connect with your customers is by answering the questions posted on your FAQs. Since these are all posted on your listings by people who have shown interest in your products, it's only logical that you give them the answers. 

It's not just a way for you to engage with your customers, it's also a way for you to elaborate more on what the product is all about. It's an effective form of proactive advertising which won't cost you a lot of money.

4. Optimized product listings

If you truly want to maximize your advertising reach, you would have to focus more on optimizing your listings. It's a win-win situation for you. Optimized listings always do well on the platform, and you can easily reach out to new customers.

Take the time to do your keyword research and integrate it into your product listings. You should have creative yet fully optimized titles, product descriptions, and images. In this way, you're capturing the attention of both your customers and Amazon's algorithm, as well.

5. Affiliate marketing

Consumers who are interested in affiliate marketing may enroll themselves in Amazon's affiliate program. You can take advantage of this strategy to connect with those individuals and groups of people who can bring in new traffic to your page.

It's a sure-fire way of connecting with possible customers. You just have to make sure that you are with the perfect affiliates that can carry your brand very well. 

6. Third-party advertisements

Just because you're on Amazon doesn't mean that it's where you can only advertise. You have to go where your target audience is at. It's not entirely limited to being on the platform. You can also plan your marketing strategies outside of Amazon. 

If you know that your target audience is on Facebook or Google, then you should also reach out to them through these platforms. For this, you can utilize Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Since they are relatively new platforms, you also have to learn about how the advertisements on these sites work. 

Understanding Digital Marketing on Amazon: Tips and Tricks That You Can Do to Improve Your Strategies

Aside from incorporating Amazon marketing services best practices into your strategies, there's still more that you need to understand digital marketing for Amazon sellers. With that, here are some tips and tricks. 

It's most likely that you are already employing some of these with your current business strategies. However, you can also take this time to see how you can further improve your current strategies. In this way, you know that you're fully maximizing your efforts to make sure that you're headed towards the right direction. 

1. Organize your campaigns accordingly.

As you know, one of the Amazon marketing best practices that you can adopt is advertising on the platform. Given that there are three types of campaigns that you can use for your advertisements, you have to make sure that your campaigns are aligned towards your goals.

While setting a campaign for your Amazon business is one thing, it's another thing to organize it. This is why you should very much familiarize yourself with how paid advertisements work on the platform. 

You must also consider how these advertisements work and incorporate these into your campaigns. The more thought-out and organized your campaigns are, the more likely you are to reach your goals for your advertisements.

The first step that you can take is to determine what aspect you would want to focus on. Once you have determined this, you should create at least two sets of campaigns. Both campaigns should have the same set of offerings. The difference will be is that one would capture a broader reach for keywords. 

For this, you can use more general and longer keywords. For the other campaign, you can use a more specific set. Here, you can use specified types of products to cater to those people who already know the specific item they are looking for.

These two campaigns will comprise your initial structure. So, you are going to have two separate ad groups for the keywords that you're putting your bid on. After this, you can now embed these keywords into your copies.

  • Pro tip: Limit your advertisements to just having 2-3 ads per group. This way, you can test out different keywords and see how these perform.

2. Create an effective message

Creating advertisements on Amazon is more than just targeting which products that you should boost through your ads. Ultimately, it's about capturing your target consumers' attention.

What you can also do is create a sense of urgency. You should be able to convey to your customers why they need to buy your products now. Use your copies to highlight sales, markdowns, and clearances. If you don't have a current one running, just focus on highlighting the key benefits of your products.

  • Pro tip: For you to create a powerful ad, you have to create a copy that sells, using the right keywords. It's also best that you don't use any keywords that might mislead your customers. Don't create false expectations about your products since this kind of situation might backfire on you.

3. Compete well.

One winning strategy that you can employ is to use searches for your competitors’ products. Incorporate these into your keyword bidding strategies and bid on these keywords. This way, you can significantly increase your exposure to those people who are looking for the same products. 

Utilize this strategy if you want to show up in consumers' results even if they are not particularly looking for your product.

  • Pro tip: If you're a relatively smaller brand and you have to compete with those brands that have already established and loyal customer bases, you can still win these customers over!  

Make sure that you give out as many details as you can in your product listings, give them an excellent return policy deal, and make sure you invest in good reviews.

Key Takeaway

There are a lot of ways that you can fully maximize your reach on Amazon. You have to take advantage of these marketing strategies if you want to grow bigger on the platform. These strategies will need some attention, and for some, money to get started. You should see this as an opportunity for you to grow and scale your business even further.

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