$100,000 Support for Black Owned Ecommerce Businesses

Black Owned Ecommerce Businesses

Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

We believe that black lives matter and therefore want to support black-owned eCommerce businesses with a $100,000 USD worth of agency work in the following areas:

Free Listing Optimization

Full copywriting, image editing, Amazon SEO, and original EBC/A+ Content for up to 5 Parent ASINs. Listing fees are normally $500 USD per parent ASIN.

Free Account Audit & Strategy

The SI team will conduct a full audit of your account and make a recommendation based on your product category and long-term goals. Consultations such as this are worth $1500 USD.

We’re offering $100,000 worth of our agency’s work to those entrepreneurs in the black community that would benefit from the above-mentioned work.

Who is eligible?

Any black-owned eCommerce business that sells physical products on Amazon or who plans to launch on Amazon. There are no geographic limitations to this offer. 

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