Become a Successful Walmart Marketplace Seller in 7 Ways

April 21, 2022
Written by Ken Zhou
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Are you thinking of starting your e-commerce business on the Walmart marketplace? Well, that is a great idea! Walmart is one of the top online marketplaces at present. According to recent statistics, it has accumulated over 380 million site visitors in the first few months of 2022. This is already a great number of potential customers you can encourage to support your brand.

Despite its competition with other online marketplaces, has established its name and reputation among shoppers, especially since it is considered a household brand in the United States. As a result, they have loyal customers who continue to purchase from them.

If you want to become a successful Walmart marketplace seller, reading this article is a good starting point. Here, you will learn seven practical and achievable steps to succeed on

1. Do your research and find a profitable niche

Unlike other marketplaces with millions of third-party sellers, Walmart only has less than 150,000. Because of this, new Walmart sellers do not have to worry much about competition and market saturation. Hence, they can sell new products or those not yet available on the platform.

So as a business owner, you must do your research first and find a profitable category. If you already have a category or item in mind before applying to be a Walmart seller, it would be best to keep your options open. Multiple sellers might already be selling it on Walmart. And if you continue to offer it, you might have more losses than gains.

2. Create high-quality listings with accurate descriptions and photos

Once you have identified the items you want to sell on, you can finally create your product listings. A product listing on Walmart typically includes a product title, details, specifications, and photos. Because your product listings can heavily influence your potential buyers’ decisions, ensure that every element you put on them is high-quality.

In crafting the product title and description, you must do keyword research to determine which keywords you need to rank high on the search engine results page (SERPs). You can use free keyword generator tools online if you have a limited budget.

Moreover, your product descriptions must provide precise and complete details about the product for customers to know if it suits their needs. Also, upload high-quality photos that highlight its appearance and functions. Doing this will also help you avoid receiving complaints and product returns.

But if you are unsure about optimizing your product listings on your own, it would still be best to avail yourself of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services not to waste time and opportunities.

3. Price your items competitively and adjust prices as needed

For many years, Walmart has offered its customers value for their buck by implementing the pricing strategy called “Every Day Low Prices” (EDLP). Because of this, more customers are enticed to purchase on the platform, especially those looking for affordable deals. Additionally, this strategy has given Walmart numerous loyal customers over the years.

Therefore, if you want Walmart’s new and loyal customers to buy your items, you must price them competitively. But ensure that it will not contribute to your financial loss. Also, it would help if you continue adjusting or experimenting with the prices until you find the perfect one. If you need guidance on this endeavor, try to look for a Walmart marketplace consultant experienced in this field.

seller packing a glass using bubble wrap

4. Ship items quickly and package them securely

As just starting your business at Walmart, you might not have enough money to hire people who can pack your customer orders. Thus, you are responsible for packaging and shipping them.

But before doing this, you need to learn Walmart’s guidelines on self-fulfillment first. Know the proper ways of packing your items to avoid product returns. Afterward, look for the best company that can help you deliver your items quickly or comply with Walmart’s 2-day shipping.

5. Consider using Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

Selling on the Walmart marketplace comes with several privileges, such as access to multiple seller tools and services. One particularly important service that Walmart offers its third-party sellers is called the Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). This is the company’s response to Amazon’s FBA services

Once you use WFS, Walmart will be responsible for picking, packing, and shipping your customer orders. With WFS’s 2-day delivery guarantee, your customers can expect their orders delivered in two days. Because shoppers want fast and free shipping, it would be best if you offer this as well.

Furthermore, you can get inventory and account management if you think you need help with these areas. Lastly, they can also handle your product returns and customer service. By using WFS, you can spend more time on other important tasks in your business, such as product development and marketing.

6. Provide 24/7 customer support

Because Walmart ships in different countries worldwide, offering 24/7 customer support is necessary for your business. Besides, shoppers look for items to buy any time of the day and might need clarification or answers to their questions about your products.

So, you must ensure that your customers can get immediate responses to their concerns by having a customer service representative 24/7. Their experience with your customer service can affect their reviews and purchasing decisions. But if you have a limited budget for this, consider running chatbots or using WFS.

7. Run Walmart Performance Ads (WPAs)

Being a new seller on the Walmart Marketplace entails low visibility on the platform. Because you are just starting, not many customers know about your store yet. And, it would take some time before they recognize your existence on

To help you gain more visibility on the SERPs, you can run Walmart Performance Ads or Walmart’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising option. Your product listings can appear on top of SERPs as sponsored ads. This way, you can drive traffic to your store, acquire new customers, and boost your sales.

Final Thoughts

Overall, selling your products on the Walmart marketplace is good for your business. Because of Walmart’s loyal customer base and efficient services, you can become a successful seller on this platform. However, just ensure that you do your research first before you start selling.

In addition, you must create high-quality product listings, price your items competitively, and pack and ship your products quickly. You also need to provide 24/7 customer support, run PPC ads, and use WFS for better results.

If you need help managing your business, consider availing yourself of Walmart account management services from a reputable company like Seller Interactive. With them, you can work with several experts and experienced sellers to guide you through the beginning stages of your business and achieve success.

To start your business journey with them, email [email protected] today!

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