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Amazon suspension appeal service

Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

One thing is for sure: your account getting suspended isn’t an isolated case. To be precise, Seller Performance suspends thousands of accounts on a daily basis. Account suspension can take a huge blow on your revenue, and the longer you wait, the more your business will suffer from the loss of sales. The quickest solution? Get the help of experts who focus on Amazon suspension appeal service, ASAP. 

Sending an Amazon seller suspension appeal letter is something that is needed to be done as soon as possible, but is also something that can’t be done thoughtlessly. If you’re lucky, you’ll get reinstated immediately after your first appeal, or even after submitting your second one. If you’re on the unlucky side, you’ll commit two strikes and get permanently banned from the website.

If you don’t think it’s risky to file an Amazon seller suspension appeal on your own, here are three reasons why you should let industry experts do the job for you:

1. Amazon suspension appeal is an unpredictable process

Due to the volume of Amazon seller suspension appeal letters that the Seller Performance department receives everyday, you won’t be able to say how quickly you will get your account reinstated. An Amazon suspension appeal service can help your appeal not stay at the bottom of the pile. These services can help you craft a short and direct-to-the-point letter that is sound enough to win over the favor of the fast-working investigator.

2. Some reasons for suspension are out of your control

It’s not always your fault. Depending on the violation, your suspension may be because of an Amazon policy or Intellectual Policy Infringement that you are not aware of. In worse cases, your suspension can be because of hijackers and counterfeiters. For these cases, an Amazon suspension appeal service can expertly review your case, create substantial reports, and prepare an effective Plan of Action (POA) for you.

3. There’s no other way to go around suspension

You can’t outsmart Amazon. You can’t threaten them with a lawsuit. You can’t act as an innocent victim. Most importantly, you cannot just create a new seller account as if nothing had happened. Seller Performance suspends accounts on valid grounds, and ignorance is hardly an excuse. Amazon can also know if you open a new account. There’s no way around suspension but to submit an Amazon suspension appeal letter to get your account reinstated.

4. You could lose loyal customers

Obviously, you won’t be able to sell your products when your account is suspended. However, it has a bigger effect than you imagine. It could take at least 48 hours before Amazon is able to respond to your Amazon suspension appeal letter. This means that a minimum of two days worth of sales will be gone. And while you’re down, you won’t be able to communicate with your customers. You won’t be able to tend to pending orders, requests for refund, and other customer concerns. 

Grounds for suspension

The most common causes of getting a seller account suspended are: handling multiple accounts, violating Amazon seller policies, copyright infringement, high number of reports due to customer complaints, poor seller performance, and counterfeit listings, among others. As mentioned earlier, it may not always be your fault, so it’s important that you clarify this in an objective, concise, and logical manner in your Amazon suspension appeal letter. 

Amazon suspension appeal service

Amazon suspension precautionary measures

There’s just too much to lose when your seller account is suspended. This is why you should work on not just getting your account reinstated, but making sure that the suspension does not happen again.

Here are some things you can do to avoid getting suspended for a second time:

Look back

To be honest, you won’t always get a concrete explanation as to why you were suspended. Your notice of suspension can contain an explanation as vague as “violating Amazon policies.” Regardless of the reason for suspension, it is essential that you conduct a root cause analysis (RCA) to determine where the problem comes from. In order to do this, you must identify the specific violation and ask yourself how it happened. If you already have an answer, ask yourself again. Continue this process until you no longer have any reason to give. The last answer is often the root cause.

The result of your root cause analysis can strengthen the Plan of Action in your Amazon suspension appeal letter. Knowing the root cause can help you create a more substantial and long-term solution.

Look Forward

In the event that you get reinstated, make sure that you follow through with the plan of action that you provided in your Amazon suspension appeal letter. Also make sure to refresh your memory regarding Amazon’s policies to avoid violating them again.

After learning from past mistakes, it is now vital to incorporate best practices to avoid the same thing from happening again. The easiest solution is to religiously follow Amazon’s policies and uphold excellent customer service. Seems easier said than done? You can actually monitor your seller performance in your seller account. The following are the metrics that will determine the health of your account:

  • Order defect rate;
  • Cancellation rate;
  • Late shipment rate;
  • Return dissatisfaction rate;
  • Policy violations;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Valid tracking rate;
  • Customer service dissatisfaction rate; and
  • Contact response time.

Aside from exerting effort to do your best, you shouldn’t forget to listen to your buyers. Give special attention to feedback and reviews. Some customers are generous enough to provide constructive feedback so it must not be ignored.

Also, you shouldn’t be complacent when accepting positive feedback. Keep in mind that there are a lot of sellers offering the same products as you, and it only takes a few taps for the customers to switch and buy from other sellers. Even if you receive positive feedback, take it as a challenge to continuously do better. 

It’s good practice to also monitor your competition’s performance. Reading their customers’ reviews and feedback can give you an idea on how to improve your services. This can teach you about what you should avoid doing as well. 

Let our Amazon suspension appeal service help you

Amazon seller suspension can take anywhere from two days to a couple of months. Just imagine how much sales and customers you will lose in that span of time. Of course, you can always process your suspension appeal by yourself, but doing so has its risks. An insubstantial plan of action can be denied, adding more days to your suspension. The worst-case scenario is that you get banned permanently.

As suspension is a huge inconvenience to sellers, it is fortunate that there are Amazon experts available to lend sellers a hand in getting their accounts back. Save yourself the effort, money, and energy by immediately going for an Amazon suspension appeal service. Let our experts do their job and have your seller account reinstated so soon as possible. Email us at [email protected]!

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