How to Avoid Amazon Suspended Account Due to Duplicate ASINs and Variation Misuse

amazon suspended account

Last updated on March 19th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Thou shalt not disrespect the catalog. You must keep this in mind if you want to avoid an Amazon suspended account. The Amazon marketplace is developed with the customer in mind. That's why the "Earth's most customer-centric company" kicks out sellers who violate their ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and variation policies. 

Don't worry, because we will teach you how to prevent an Amazon suspended account, and share tips about Amazon suspension appeal.

Why duplicate ASINs and variation misuse can result in an Amazon suspended account

There are many ways you can mess up your Amazon product listings, one of which is duplication. According to Entrepreneur's article, this may happen "if the same item is accidentally listed twice under two different ASINs."

Technically, Amazon only requires a single ASIN per unique product. ASIN duplication can lead to poor customer experience, which is the ultimate pet peeve of Amazon.

On the other hand, here's how you can violate the variation policy:

  • Adding incorrect variation under the ASINs you created.
  • Adding products that are different from the parent ASIN.
  • Editing the parent's listing page so it won't match its children.
  • Adding multi-pack variations that aren't manufacturer-created to an already existing parent.
  • Adding multi-pack children by bundling two or more of the same manufacturer products.
  • Adding products that are newer versions or models of the parent ASIN.

As stated on Amazon's ASIN Creation Policy, if you create a new ASIN based on an existing product listing or committed misuse of variations, it may result in an Amazon suspended account or removal of your selling privileges. Thus, you have no choice but to file an Amazon suspension appeal.

How to avoid an Amazon suspended account

Of course, as much as possible, you wouldn't want to experience the nerve-wracking process of Amazon suspension appeal. Here are the tips to avoid violating the ASIN Creation Policy:

  • Check if the ASIN or product is existing first. You may do this by searching within the Add a product page of the Amazon Seller Central account. You can search by UPC, EAN, model, or product name.
  • Register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry to protect your products and listings. But take note that this is for sellers who offer private label products.
  • For unique products that don't have an existing UPC, EAN, ISBN, JAN, or ASIN code, you can request a brand or SKU-level UPC exemption. You need to send a support letter on the Apply for a GTIN exemption page to do this. Amazon will reply to you within two working days.
  • Provide fitment data to Amazon for car & motorcycle and power sports products. There's a dedicated page for this, which is called Part Finder tool. 
  • For print-on-demand or customizable products, you are qualified to join the Amazon Custom program. It also helps you to be more discoverable among buyers, improve your search relevance, make your listing more efficient and improves your inventory management. Moreover, if your product has multiple designs, it only requires a single UPC exemption.
  • Don't list different products on the same product detail page. Incorrect usage of variation themes is also prohibited. For example, different colors should not be listed within a size theme. Also make sure that your product listings are optimized.
  • If you had forgotten that you have created that listing in the past, you have an option to delete it, or you may merge them. Alternatively, you may ask Amazon to do this for you. Report to Amazon Seller Support if someone else created the duplicate listing, and you may do this if you are the brand owner. In your Amazon Seller Central account, select "Contact Seller Support." Then go to Selling on Amazon > Products and Inventory > Product Page Issue and choose "Merge duplicate or split product pages."
Amazon suspension appeal service

How to file an Amazon suspension appeal

Just in case you've got Amazon Vendor Central suspension notification (or Amazon Seller Central for third-party sellers), follow the steps below to get your account reinstated:

  1. Do not panic and rush to reply the moment you receive the "letter of doom." We know it is hard to remain calm when your source of income is in peril but believe us that being patient will pay off in this type of situation.
  1. Speaking of patience, never, as in never, send multiple letters or status requests to Seller performance. 
  1. When sending an appeal, do not use impolite language or blame Amazon or the buyer. Amazon doesn't tolerate excuses or reasons.
  1. Create a professional, brief, straight to the point, and factual Amazon suspension appeal. Use bullet points and authentic credentials.
  1. Amazon gives you 17 days to submit an Amazon suspension appeal, and you will send this appeal via the link indicated in the suspension notice email. It would be best if you craft a "Plan of Action" which tells why you've got an Amazon suspended account, what actions you've taken to resolve the issue (workarounds), and lastly, your permanent solutions to avoid this in the future.
  1. The official waiting time until they will notify you of their decision is within 48 hours. But the cold and hard truth is you NEED to wait 60 days or more because these Seller Performance guys often receive thousands of appeals.
  1. During the waiting period, all you can do is -- well -- wait and be patient. And oh, do not send status requests as we've mentioned above.

In closing

Getting an Amazon suspended account is the bane of the existence of any seller. No one wants to endure the tiresome process of getting an account reinstated and writing an Amazon suspension appeal. That's why you should have weekly maintenance, which includes checking any duplicate ASINs and making sure your product listing variations are correct. If you want to solve your suspension problem fast, it would be better to explore some Amazon appeal services to recover your suspended account without a hitch.

Seller Interactive has a team of experienced Amazon experts willing to help you reinstate an Amazon suspended account. Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] today.

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