Advertising 101: Amazon PPC Longtail Campaign Strategy

November 21, 2020
Written by Corin Romkey
Amazon PPC longtail campaign strategy

Although using keywords is the most basic part of search engine optimization, there is still a lot to learn about how keywords work in the context of the Amazon algorithm. Sponsored product ads is just one of the many services you can register for, but ultimately, using proper keywords can help boost your listings organically. If you want to know more about how an Amazon PPC longtail campaign strategy can help your business, read on.

Advantages of an Amazon PPC Longtail Campaign Strategy

Longtail keywords are three or more words that buyers enter in the search engine in order to find what they are looking for. Compared to ordinary keywords, longtail keywords are longer and more specific. For example, a basic keyword could be “air conditioning unit.” One of the many possible longtail keywords for this is “air conditioning unit split type inverter.”

Low Competition

When it comes to keyword bidding, there is little to no competition for longtail keywords because it is more unlikely for people to search for very specific keywords. Longtail keywords are highly targeted, which means that only a few relevant listings will come up on the search results, giving exposure to the most relevant products.

Higher Conversion Rate

People who passively scroll through e-commerce sites are likely to type in broad keywords in the search box. These words could just be “sunglasses,” “running shoes,” or “fantasy novels.” However, people who intend to actually buy a product would take their time typing longer keywords to streamline the search results. These keywords could be “pink eyeglasses for women,” “best running shoes for kids,” or “young adult fantasy novels 2021.”

Relatively Cheaper

Since there is little competition over longtail keywords, bidding isn’t very competitive. This means that you can easily rank for these keywords at a lower price. A low bidding price will affect the cost-per-click (CPC) and the advertising cost of sales (ACos), which is the total worth of the campaign, computed by dividing the overall advertisement costs over the number of sales.

How to Find Longtail Keywords

There can be an infinite amount of longtail keywords that could stem from a generic one. However, a smart Amazon PPC longtail campaign strategy would use research to find the commonly used phrases and keywords. Here are some methods:

1. Consult Google

You might have noticed that every time you type in a word on Google’s search bar, a couple of suggested words pop out. These suggestions are the highly searched terms that are relevant to the keyword you are using.

Despite this being the easiest trick that you can do, it isn’t a method that you can solely rely on because it’s still an external data source. Search suggestions from Google come from all over the internet and may not always apply to your own business.

2. Use Historical Data

For a more specific and grounded source of longtail keywords, you can use historical data from your own website or product page. You can note which specific product categories bring in the most website traffic and which pages are most viewed and visited. For example, you may have four shirt listings, but the red shirt (one among the four) is the one most searched or clicked. This means that the red shirt is the most likely to be sold.

3. Use Professional Tools

There are numerous keyword research tools and applications available online to aid you with keyword research. Alternatively, if you don’t think you can do hands-on keyword research, you can ask for the assistance of professionals to plan, run, and manage the campaigns for you.

How to Calculate Amazon Cost for PPC

The cost of pay-per-click campaigns would depend on how competitive the bidding for the keyword is, along with the type of keyword matching you’re aiming for. Generally, there are three types of keyword matching:

  1. An exact match would rank your listing verbatim, which means that it will find matches with the exact words and word order (e.g., gold earrings);
  2. A phrase match would target searches that contain the exact words even if they don’t appear in the same order in the sentence (e.g., gold earrings 24k); and
  3. A broad match, which ranks you in searches that don’t necessarily have to contain the exact words, but have the same meaning (e.g., 24k gold studded earrings).

The highest bidder will only have to pay the amount of the second-highest bid with an additional $0.01 for the Amazon feed. Generally, a PPC would cost around $2 per click.

Amazon ppc

How Do I Create an Amazon PPC Campaign?

Before starting an Amazon PPC campaign, you should make sure that you tick all the requirements. The most basic requirement is to have a professional seller account. Depending on the type of PPC campaign that you want to run, you should have at least one product on the Amazon Brand Registry. Lastly, you should be qualified for the Buy Box. This means that you should be subscribed to Amazon FBA and have a healthy seller account (this includes having enough inventory, competitive pricing, healthy shipping schedules, and prompt responses to inquiries).

To set up your PPC campaign, log into your seller account and go to the Campaign Manager page under the Advertising tab. Creating your PPC campaign comes in two steps: adjusting the campaign settings and creating an ad group.

For the first step (adjusting the campaign settings), you will be asked to input the following:

  • Campaign name
  • Average daily budget
  • Start and end date
  • Targeting type (you can choose between: manual, wherein you will choose your own keywords and manage your own campaign, or automated, wherein Amazon will choose the relevant keywords and run the campaign for you).

The next step is creating an ad group. You can only add one product for each campaign, so if you want to run multiple campaigns in the same period, you can manage them in one ad group. For this step, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Ad group name
  • Products to advertise
  • Bid amount

If you choose to do a manual campaign, you would have to choose your own keywords, determine your desired match type, and place a bid on each keyword. Click Save, and your campaign is ready to run.

How Do I Optimize PPC on Amazon?

If you’re running a manual campaign, you should wait for about two weeks to gather enough performance data before adjusting your bids. Adjust your bid for about 20-30% to strategically gauge the difference in keyword performance. Always refer to your targets when adjusting bids, so you know if you’re within budget and are achieving the targeted results within the initial budget.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to product listing optimization on Amazon, there is no such thing as small details. All the effort you put in optimizing your listing — from taking good photos to simply adding alt text — makes a difference. All the little things will add up.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the little things by seeking the help of experts to do the job for you. Contact Jenette at [email protected] today to start your own PPC campaign.

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