Amazon Paid Ads Management Guide for 2023

amazon paid ads management

Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

A business will not be complete without advertising. Through this, your product reaches potential customers, allowing you to gain loyal followers and repeat buyers. 

Advertising is one of the most exciting parts of an eCommerce business venture, specifically on Amazon. You’re going to need a strategic mind and the spice of creative thinking. To craft an effective ad, planners and sellers should think about satisfying Amazon’s algorithm called the A9. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t leave behind the fun, vibrance, and excitement of laying out your advertisement. You need to come up with the most captivating way to entice your audience. 

If you have experience in advertising, consider Amazon advertising as a level-up. In this handy 2023 guide, we have compiled the basics of Amazon paid ads management, the different types of ads you can use, and ways to optimize your content based on the latest advertising trends. By knowing these details, you can be confident in going through the rigorous but rewarding journey of Amazon advertising.

Amazon Advertising: The Definition

Amazon advertising is a tool for sellers to showcase their products and brands to the public. There are several easy-to-use advertising types provided by Amazon, depending on the sellers’ goals. Some ads are applicable only within Amazon, while others appear everywhere, even on third-party websites and platforms. Some ads are made to create brand awareness with displays intended to entice loyal buyers to repurchase. 

One attractive characteristic of Amazon ads is that most of them function on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. PPC means that the seller will only pay for every successful click on their ads. 

Amazon advertising is pretty straightforward. If you want to publicize your products, there are easy steps to achieve this. The real question is, what is the best way to advertise amazon products and which type of ads will best suit your goals.

The Best Way to Advertise Amazon Products

Even marketing experts believe there is no fixed method to guarantee success in advertising on Amazon. What is best for you may not be the leading option for another seller, even if you have the same products. Plus, any platform or technology updates; what has worked in the past may no longer work in 2023. But the first step remains essential—you need to determine your goals. 

  • Do I want viewers to know about my brand?
  • Do I want visitors to purchase my products?
  • Am I aiming for loyal and repeat customers?
  • Am I after lowering my advertising cost of sales?

Once you know which aspects you need to prioritize for your business, decide on a type of ad that will suit them or get in touch with an agency that can assist you.

Sponsored Products

How does it work?

Amazon Sponsored Ads can work for varied goals. If you want to feature your best-selling products for more sales, you can use this. Amazon Sponsored Ads may also help create brand awareness, especially if the featured product clearly shows your trademark. In your seasonal campaigns, sponsored products can be on top of your strategies. 

How much is the cost?

This ad follows the pay-per-click method. You will only be charged when your ad is clicked. 

I am ready for this. What should I do?

  • Log in to your seller or vendor account and pick a time and date when your ads will run. Pick the product you want to advertise. Set your budget in preparation for the bidding. You have two choices on keyword picking. You can either let Amazon choose keywords for you through automatic keyword bidding or manually input the keywords depending on your keyword research. 
  • Delegate the task to experts on Amazon sponsored ads management. They would know which auto-generated keywords to bid. Also, they can create a list of the keywords to input for your manual campaign. An Amazon advertising agency knows the Amazon Sponsored Products best practices by heart with their experience and can apply these to your campaign.
  • Amazon will auto-generate your ad, freeing you from several tasks and burdens. You can launch your campaign after a few decisions and clicks. 

Where will the ad appear?

  1. The first page of search results
  2. Product pages of other sellers whose items are related to yours

Sponsored Brands

How does it work?

Go back to your goals and check. Are you advertising for brand awareness? Are sales only secondary? If you have an affirmative answer, then Amazon Sponsored Brands is the type of advertising for you. 

For seasoned sellers, Amazon Sponsored Brands is a way to strengthen brand awareness and win repeat or loyal customers. Also, if you have product updates, the ad can be a grand announcement.

For Amazon newbies, Sponsored Brands is an excellent way to publicize your business and create awareness. The appearance of the ads adds social proof and creates an image of reliability and sales. Buyers would give it a try, given that you’ve invested in the image and content of your poster.

How much is the cost?

Amazon Sponsored Brands works on a pay-per-click basis, too. Once ready, you can follow these steps. 

  • Prepare for the brand details you want to show your audience. Reveal your brand’s personality. Find a tagline and image customers will remember. If you already have the idea in mind, seek the aid of an agency to execute your plans. Advertising specialists and designers will take care of the layout, images, texts, and other visuals. 
  • Images and words should be appealing, creative, and informative so you can pique your buyers’ curiosity. The goal is to catch viewers’ attention and let them click the ad leading to your product page. Once you’re settled with your visuals, submit your ad to Amazon for review and posting. 
  • Strategize your keywords. It would help if you also looked into Sponsored Brand advertising's technical area, such as picking the right keywords. You may choose to go for auto-generated keywords ranking from Amazon or manually strategize. Picking a keyword strategy is another area a third-party agency can help you with. 
  • Prepare your budget. Launch your campaign by setting a start and end date. Wait for the results to unfold. 

Where will the ad appear?

You get to decide where your ad will appear.

Sponsored Display

How does it work?

If you are looking to create an ad that you would like to appear both in and out of Amazon, Sponsored Display is the answer. Skip the hassle of creating a website, and pick among the ready-made layouts Amazon has. To give you an idea of how easy building an off-page site can be, Amazon says it only takes a few minutes and clicks. 

You can use this ad to target buyers looking for products the same as yours. Sponsored Display also works for individuals who have a history of visiting your product page or buying from you. 

How much is the cost?

Sponsored Display also works on a pay-per-click basis. The ad shows up only when you have stocks. 

Follow these steps once ready:

First, choose among the three choices. Product targeting will allow your ad to appear on pages with products similar to yours. Views remarketing and interests target individuals who have a history of visiting your website/page or purchasing from you. The latter has a 90-day segment to consider, while the earlier covers only 30 days. You can always partner with an Amazon advertising agency to help you strategize on the best targeting option.

Next, be prepared to showcase your whole store as you have more space when you advertise outside Amazon. Your off-Amazon page will complement the details you could no longer input on your Amazon product listing. Be prepared with images and content to fill all the additional space. The content should remain informative and creative. Think of what the customers would like to see and learn more about and sprinkle these good-to-knows all over your content. 

Choose your layout and pick the timeline of your advertising campaign. After that, you are ready to launch. 

Where will the ad appear?

It will appear on and off the Amazon page. 

Amazon Stores

How does it work?

Amazon Stores allows you to create a space for your customers and audiences to know more about your brand. It is an aesthetically pleasing way of presenting your products compared to the simple and straightforward product listing format. Imagine having your own mini website within the eCommerce platform. Amazon will also provide you with a unique URL that you can spread on your social media accounts. 

Amazon also has plenty of templates that you can utilize, with which you can incorporate enticing multimedia. Make sure to keep your content fresh, especially if you have updates or additions to your product. Doing this will ensure your patrons are continuously engaged and interested in purchasing your goods. 

How much is the cost?

Best news of all—creation of your Amazon Store comes at no cost. 

Amazon Store opening is just a one-day process. Pick the layout template. Incorporate different visuals of your brand and products, insert text content, and submit the finished product for Amazon. The next day, 24 hours to be exact, you have your very own Amazon Store. 

If you want to ensure that your content is classy, communicative, and of the highest quality, you can delegate the task to an Amazon advertising agency where professionals will handle most of the work. 

After the launch:

  1. Give time for your store to generate visits and clicks.
  2. Extract the data and check if your current strategy is effective. Otherwise, make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Maximize the Amazon paid ads management data you’ve collected.

Other Amazon Ads: Video Ads, Native Ads, Sponsored Display Ad on Fire TV

Aside from the different types of ads mentioned above, you can have other options to create awareness about your brand or increase your sales.

  • Video Ads - The great thing about Amazon Video Ads is that you do not need to be on Amazon to avail it. Both Amazon sellers and non-sellers can use the videos as a link to their own websites or product pages. 
  • Native Ads - If you have your own website and want your product listing on Amazon to be easily accessible to your customers, Native Ads is an easy link. You can choose among recommendation ads, search ads, and custom ads. 

Recommendation ads will take into account the content of your website, the products you have, and the visitor's search behavior. Search ads will show products on your website related to the searches of the customer. Lastly, custom ads will allow you to select which products you want to appear on your website. If you choose the last one, make sure to research before creating a custom Amazon PPC strategy.

  • Sponsored Display on Fire TV - This is a subtype of ad under Sponsored Display, which is only available in the US. Your ads will appear on Amazon Fire TV


These are the things you should know about Amazon advertising in the year 2023. Amazon paid ads management can be a bit complicated at first, especially if it is your first time launching a campaign. Knowing the different types of advertisements offered by Amazon is an excellent start. 

As mentioned, if you are deciding which type of ad to choose, always take into account your goals. The best way to advertise Amazon products is when your goals are met, whether it’s sales, brand awareness, or a combination of both.

If Amazon advertising gives you a burden, you can always choose to partner with an Amazon advertising agency.

Seller Interactive offers assistance on Amazon sponsored ads management. Our team of experts can craft engaging and informative content and handle the images on your ads, product page, and websites. We are committed to delivering output that reaches your customers and turns their clicks into sales. 

Contact us at 1-800-820-3746, so you can discuss your business needs with us. You may also visit our website to know us more. 

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