Amazon DSP Canada: A Deeper Look

February 12, 2022
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon dsp Canada

As of today, Amazon is virtually everywhere. It exists prominently in North America, with the United States having its base operations. Amazon has an undeniably strong influence and power in other countries, such as Canada. Amazon has developed a program that helps advertisers get in touch with their Canadian audience, and that is by Amazon DSP.

Sellers from both inside and outside Canada use many advertising strategies to reach Canadian audiences. You might be wondering now if Amazon DSP in the Canadian region is plausible, and the short answer is a big YES.

Amazon DSP – Canadian Region

The world of advertising opens up a whole new set of opportunities for all people. This rule also applies to Amazon, the biggest eCommerce platform in North America and the world. It offers online entrepreneurs a wide array of possibilities to holistically boost their business. But wait, you might be asking yourself some questions like, “What does DSP stand for Amazon?” or perhaps, “What is a DSP for Amazon?”

DSP stands for the demand-side platform. In simple terms, it is a programmatic advertising tool that acquires ad spaces using automation. Audiences are then targeted programmatically, which means they are intercepted where they are most often found on the internet. 

So, which audiences can Amazon reach with DSP? Is there a limit to whom they can reach? Basically, Amazon can show your DSP ads to people in many places around the globe, even in the farthest reaches of Canada. As long as your target audience is programmed to select people from Canada, you will be able to start your journey in the Canadian region.

Amazon DSP reach in the virtual space

Amazon as a DSP Provider

Do you know that Amazon now rivals Google Analytics as one of the leading advertising platforms in the virtual space, with over $20 billion in ad revenue in 2020 and a growth rate of 77% year over year? Amazon ad revenue can be compared to the ad revenues of Pinterest, Snap, Twitter, and Roku combined, and it will still be over twice as huge. 

The rapid sprawling growth of Amazon as an advertising platform can be attributed to its hallmark as an online shopping website coupled with its long list of subsidiaries. IMDb TV, Prime Video, Kindle, Twitch, Audible, together with third-party providers – these are just a few of the resources that Amazon has up their sleeves in making sure that your ads can reach your audiences at all stages of the funnel.

Of course, Amazon DSP is just one of the best demand-side platforms that exist at the moment. But what really sets it apart from others is its span of reach with the exact audiences you want to target with its vast users that span all across the globe – yes, even outside the US. Canadians use Amazon and its services, so DSP is definitely something you’d want to consider.

Currently, Amazon offers DSP advertising for entities on and off its marketplace, generating hundreds of millions of impressions each day. However, DSP is not cheap, with a starting fee of 35,000 USD for the managed-service option. Advertisers are then required to pay in CPM, which stands for Cost-Per-Mille, or per 1,000 people who view their Sponsored ads.

Now, is Amazon DSP worth it when all the ad spend is considered?

Canada: the Nation of Tomorrow

Amazon is not new in Canada. It is currently the biggest online shopping platform that readily serves its growing population of 38 million. A steady increase in operations has been seen with the plan of employing an additional 15,000 Amazon employees and a significant salary hike in the fall of 2021. Additionally, Amazon is in the process of establishing some of its subsidiaries’ headquarters in the country, notably Amazon Web Services in Calgary, Alberta.

With this recent news, one can conclude that Amazon is securing its spot as the leading eCommerce retailer in Canada and will continue to be so in the succeeding years. Although many sellers are now looking towards tapping into the Canadian region to reach Canadian audiences, there’s still time for you to start and outperform your competitors.

Selling to and advertising in Canada have never been easier through Amazon. If you’re from the United States, you don’t need a Canadian business license or a bank account to start selling in Canada. Hence, you may take this opportunity to reach Canadian customers. And how do you exactly do this?

Perfect Brands to Sign Up For Amazon DSP Canada

Brands that have established names in their product categories and are reaping thousands, or even millions, in sales each month must be strategic. Long gone are the days that PPC-type advertising is used to boost your sales. Instead, you have to take one step further and appear to your audiences whether they may be searching for your products or considering buying your products but did not proceed to.

Amazon DSP is designed to boost sales and revenues via brand awareness and audience retargeting. For the reason that Amazon can reach Canadian audiences on and off its eCommerce platform using its subsidiaries and affiliates, you can rest assured that your ads are working. You can take only two options in setting up sophisticated automation for your ads: self-service or managed-service using a certified Amazon marketing agency.

Because Amazon DSP is not limited to Amazon sellers, you can still use it even if you don’t sell on the Amazon marketplace. All you need is all the resources you need to be in another league ahead of your competitors. With a great outlook on the growth of Amazon as a DSP provider and Canada with its thriving economy, we strongly recommend that you take this advertising strategy.

Amazon DSP consultation

Tap the Canadian Market Using Amazon DSP Today

Amazon advertising may be overwhelming, with DSP being complicated and Canada being a country with people of all walks of life. But don’t worry – there are a lot of resources that will make your life as a seller or advertiser a little easier.

Seller Interactive is a Canadian Amazon marketing service provider that offers Amazon DSP service. With undeniable expertise in the ins and outs of Amazon and proactive Canadian team members who are more than willing to help you meet your goals with Amazon DSP, Seller Interactive is the perfect digital marketing agency for you. 

Do you have any questions about harnessing the power of Amazon DSP to reach your Canadian audiences? Reach out to us today at [email protected] or +1 800-820-3746, and we will be with you every step of the way. 

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