Amazon PPC Ads Not Showing: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

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Last updated on July 28th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

If you're an Amazon seller, you know how things constantly change in the marketplace. Creating an Amazon ad campaign is no exception—it continually evolves to ensure you have the best possible chance of reaching your target buyers. But what if your Amazon PPC Ads are not showing at all?

The primary purpose of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is to get clicks and conversions. But launching Amazon PPC campaigns don't always go as planned. Sometimes, you may experience dwindling traffic, conversions dropping, and suddenly your ads are not showing up.  What can you do if any of these occur?

In this post, we'll walk you through some common reasons why Amazon ad campaigns stop working and the solution you can take to get them back on track. Let’s begin!

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What are Amazon Ad Campaigns?

Amazon advertising utilizes ads to reach an extensive target audience in and out of the platform and at every stage of the customer’s journey. They come in different forms, placements, and objectives, from increasing brand awareness to boosting sales.

Amazon ad campaigns bridge the gap between sellers reaching out to customers and customers locating the products they seek.

Amazon sellers like you should understand the impact of Amazon ads to thrive in this fiercely competitive ecommerce platform. 

Types of Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Ads offer many advertising programs but let’s start with the four basic and most important types of Amazon Sponsored Ads:

  • Sponsored Products: This campaign type focuses on advertising particular products. They are best used to maintain or boost the sales of a specific item.
  • Sponsored Brands: Use Sponsored Brands to elevate your brand. Here, you'll put your brand name and tagline in the spotlight. When customers click on your ad, you can direct them to a particular listing or your Amazon store.
  • Sponsored Display: Reach your target audience outside the platform with Amazon Sponsored Display. Here, you'll take ad space on third-party apps and websites.
  • Amazon Stores: Flex your brand and all the products you sell through visually captivating Amazon Stores. Your store will be your mini website within the platform.

The Role of Keywords in Amazon PPC Campaigns

Although campaigns vary, Amazon advertising has one thing in common—keyword use. Keywords determine whether your ads will appear in search results. Therefore, it is vital to understand how they work on the platform. To begin, here are the keyword types you can include in your campaigns:

  • Exact Match Keywords: Use the exact match keyword type if you want your ad to appear using specific keywords. 
  • Broad Match Keywords: Meanwhile, if you want your ads to appear on a broader search term, use broad match keywords. Your ads will appear for related keywords and multiple keywords as long as they are variants of the primary keyword.
  • Phrase Match Keywords: Phrase match keywords follow the same idea as broad match keywords, except that you use phrase search terms and long tail keywords.
🔎 You can manually pick which keywords to use for these types through a manual campaign, but if you want Amazon's algorithm to do the work for you, you can go for automatic campaigns. You can also combine them strategically and enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Once you determine which keywords to go for, bid higher on a specific keyword to increase your searches and sales. You can bid lower on other keywords that are still relevant but have lower chances of giving you sales.

Choosing the campaign type and keywords you'll use requires expertise. It will define whether your Amazon ads will succeed, so meet with your search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing team for strategizing. Note that you need to bid for each keyword you use. Your decision will impact your ad spend and overall business finances, so plan wisely.

Amazon PPC Ads Not Showing: What Happened?

Amazon PPC campaigns not showing are more common than you think. If this happens to you, don’t panic. Your Amazon ad campaign isn't suspended; it is just not working. The problem may be due to low bid amounts, incorrect targeting, or a violation of Amazon's advertising policies. 

Sellers must identify the root cause and implement the right steps to fix the issue for optimal advertising results. Let's get into those details.

infographic - 3 reasons amazon ppc ads not showing - irrelevant target keywords, low daily ppc budget, violation of amazon’s sponsored ads policies

Campaigns with Irrelevant Target Keywords

You don't want to set up a campaign targeting unrelated and irrelevant keywords. You'll likely get more traffic than necessary, but this doesn’t always mean good news. They will have no impact if people are uninterested in what they see.

Ensure your ads help in the value proposition and benefits statement, so users who click through your ads will find their experience worthwhile. When they do, you can always hope to get a sale. So, when creating your ad copy, use relevant words and add a human touch.

Low Daily PPC budget

If you do not have enough budget for the whole day, your ads may not make it until night, which covers some of the peak shopping hours. As a result, you may think your ads are working when the truth is you just ran out of budget and didn't make it to the time when conversion is highest.

When you create an Amazon ad campaign, specify how much money you spend each day through search bid adjustment. Amazon ads work like an auction bidding system where multiple sellers can aim to rank and bid for different keywords.

You must allot enough budget for your campaigns to ensure they will last the whole day. If you've optimized your campaigns effectively, your ads are more likely to appear on the first page of paid ad placements. And when they’re catchy enough, you get clicks.

Violation of Amazon's Sponsored Ads Policies

Violating Amazon's Sponsored Ads policies can be one of the main reasons advertising campaigns fail to appear on the platform. Amazon is strict about these rules designed to provide all merchants with a fair and level playing field. If a seller fails to adhere to them, their sponsored ads may be suppressed or blocked completely.

Common violations include:

  • Using inappropriate images or language
  • Making false claims
  • Promoting prohibited products
  • Engaging in unethical practices such as buying reviews

It's crucial to adhere to Amazon's policies to ensure the effectiveness and profitability of your campaigns. Any violations can quickly add up, resulting in wasted advertising dollars and, potentially, an account suspension.

How to Fix Your Amazon Ad Campaign When It Stops Working

When setting up an Amazon ad campaign, you expect it to start working right away and bring in traffic and conversions. But sometimes, things can go wrong, and your ads stop delivering the desired results. When this happens, here's how to diagnose and fix common problems. By following our tips, you'll be able to get your ads back on track and start seeing better results. 

Examine Your Current Strategies

When your PPC ads aren't getting impressions, clicks, and conversions, revisit your strategies to check the root cause. Here are some details you can check:

  • Check the keywords you bid for. You might have left some crucial keywords with insufficient bids while bidding higher for terms that aren't helping you rank and get conversions.
  • Determine whether you've been too strict with exact keyword matches, causing your ads to appear less in relevant searches.
  • You may have been too lenient with your broad and phrase match keywords that your budget runs out quickly.

Most importantly, keep an eye on your numbers. The work does not end after launching your campaigns—that is where it begins. Adjust the sails according to the tides, so your ads won't stop working.

Do Not Overspend or Underspend

Like most sellers, you may invest significant money at the beginning of a campaign. But as time passes and you discover which keywords are worth investing in, gradually transition to a minimum budget.

Avoid overspending on ads that don't boost your conversion rate, or they will jeopardize your budget before you know it. Review the numbers and consider eliminating irrelevant elements, such as negative keywords that generate clicks but are irrelevant to your products.

Here’s a quick and specific guide for starters from SI’s managing director.

Optimize Your Campaigns With The Right Keywords

The cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign lies in your keyword choice. To discover these essential terms, conduct thorough keyword research. If you’re unsure about the process, seek assistance from an SEO expert. They have the knowledge and keyword research tools to accomplish this task.

Create a keyword list and proceed to optimize your listing. Strategically place them in the product title, description, images, and backend keywords. However, refrain from keyword stuffing; choose what’s only most relevant and keep your content reader-friendly.

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target customers is a lucrative investment. If you want successful PPC ads, run comprehensive audience research to unravel important information such as demographics, personality, and buying patterns. You can optimize your ads even more with these details.

For example, vividly describe your products' features to captivate your audience's attention immediately. Share compelling facts about your offers that will hook them. Always advertise not only for the search engine algorithms but also with your target customers in mind.

Monitor Trends Regularly and Update Your Ad Creatives

Ad creatives showcase your ad’s message to the audience in an attractive and resonating way. They play a vital role in the success of advertising efforts, so keep a close eye on these elements. Stay updated on the latest trends in Amazon advertising creatives and monitor your competitors' creative strategies. 

Utilize Amazon’s tools for ad creatives, such as the Multi-Asset Ad Creatives for Sponsored Display ads, A/B testing with the Manage Your Experiments tool, or creative editing for Sponsored Brands. Check which advertising asset is most effective in boosting your sales and conversion rate. Never stop learning and embrace changes fearlessly when you recognize their benefit to your business.

Want to Ensure Your Ads are Working? Try Seller Interactive’s Sponsored Ad Management Service!

In conclusion, Amazon PPC campaigns not showing up is a frequent issue many sellers face. However, that doesn’t mean you can underestimate its impact. Instead, take proactive steps to diagnose and resolve the problem effectively.

By checking your current strategies, avoiding overspending or underspending, optimizing your campaigns with the right keywords, knowing your target audience, and refreshing your ad creatives, you can overcome any challenge that may hinder your ads from reaching your target audience.If you need assistance in Sponsored Ad management, feel free to contact us here at Seller Interactive. We have the best team to get your campaigns running and are always at their prime. Contact us today.

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