Amazon Account Reinstatement Service | How Not to Mess up Your Appeal

January 14, 2021
Written by Mark Salvania
Amazon account reinstatement service

One day, you’re selling successfully on Amazon. The next day, you’re not. This seems to be the story of many Amazon sellers who found their accounts suspended, unexpectedly. The question is always the same, “Do you have an idea on how to get my Amazon account reinstated?” 

There are many possible reasons as to why your account was terminated -- from poor seller performance to policy violations. In most cases, you’d really need an Amazon account reinstatement service to assist you in dealing with the suspension. In the meantime, here are the things you should avoid doing so you don’t mess up your appeal.

Never Panic

It’s important to understand that Amazon doesn’t want to suspend sellers. Seller Performance, the department that handles suspensions and reinstatements, is not doing it for kicks. Amazon’s business plan relies mainly on sellers to offer as many products as possible for customers to buy. More sales means more profit for them.

Yet, Amazon also knows customer service is the currency they’re using to buy consumer loyalty. Their reputation depends on buyers getting what they want, at the right price, and from a seller who follows their policies. 

If you’re an established seller, most suspensions can be reversed. All you need to do is trust the process and submit everything Seller Performance asks from you. 

Rushing Your Appeal Is a Big Mistake

The instant you receive the suspension letter, your first impulse is to send something back right away. That’s probably the worst thing you can do, as sending a hurried response to Seller Performance has a ripple effect on everything that happens afterward, and not in a good way.

What works in this situation is a carefully crafted letter that identifies the root of the problem, outlines an action plan to solve the issue, and mentions steps that will be taken to avoid future problems, albeit unintentional. 

Give yourself time to develop a game plan that will impress, and ultimately, get Seller Performance to lift your suspension with minimal fuss.

Don’t Blame Amazon or the Customers

Many suspended sellers refer to particular orders or buyers as the reason why they got suspended. Others blame Amazon’s policies. This is a big no-no because Amazon is customer-centric. Any blame directed towards their customers will only result in your delayed reinstatement, if it happens at all.

It might even be possible that you were unknowingly using black hat tactics that violate Amazon’s policies.

People not reading the fine print is not news. Less than 0.11% of people read the terms of service for any website or business, but that doesn’t make this right. If you haven’t read Amazon’s policies, it’s your fault. 

Seller Support Can’t Help You

Though many suspension emails tell you to “Contact Seller Support,” this is the last thing you should do. They can only answer basic questions on how to appeal an Amazon seller suspension based on a template provided. It’s not unusual for sellers to mess up their appeal based on advice offered by Seller Support. 

The department you should be contacting is Seller Performance, as this is the department that suspended your account in the first place. They have no direct number and can only be contacted by email.

Be Professional

An account suspension can be frustrating. For many people, this is their only means of livelihood. However, being unprofessional and using foul language when talking to Seller Performance will only lead to delays in your appeal. 

Seller Performance deals with thousands of appeals every day, and the last thing they need is somebody calling them out for something that’s probably not their fault. You have to trust that they’re doing their jobs the best way they know how.

Resist the Temptation to Send Multiple Emails

As you can imagine, Seller Performance may be receiving thousands of messages from suspended account owners. The reasons could range from simple questions about account health to queries about policy violations. Sending multiple emails asking for an update about your suspension might result in your initial appeal letter getting lost in the melee.

When you send follow-up emails, Seller Performance will need to look for your initial email that contains your appeal letter, and that’s not easy to find among thousands received every day. Be patient that they’ll eventually read your initial appeal.

How long does an Amazon appeal take? For issues regarding poor seller performance, reinstatement can be done in as little as a few hours. A suspension for other reasons can take a few days or even months, depending on the specific issue.

No Threats for Legal Action Are Necessary

One of the things Seller Performance wants to see is for you to take responsibility for your actions. As any Amazon account reinstatement service will tell you, having a lawyer to contact them about your suspension is a blunder you can’t afford to make. 

Amazon wants to contact you directly to work out your account reinstatement details, not your lawyer. As soon as Seller Performance hears from your lawyer, your appeal will be significantly delayed until you start contacting them directly. Even if you hire an Amazon account reinstatement service, they can only give you advice. You should contact the Seller Performance team directly.

If the issue involves copyright infringement, a lawyer can be commissioned to talk to the complainant, reach an agreement, and have the complaint withdrawn. After everything is in order, you can submit a letter to Seller Performance explaining what happened and requesting that your suspension be lifted.

Falsified Documents Will Make Things Worse

Many suspensions happen because of “inauthentic products,” violating Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeiting Policy. Usually, Seller Performance requires documents to prove that your items are authentic. When this happens, many sellers resort to modifying or fabricating invoices and other documents to “fit” what Amazon is requiring. 

Amazon receives thousands of invoices daily, and it’s very easy for them to spot a fake one. Once caught, you’ll get another violation called “forged and manipulated,” which could lead to permanent deactivation or legal action.

Contacting Jeff Bezos Should Be a Last Resort

When they don’t receive an immediate reply from Seller Performance, many frustrated account owners contact Jeff Bezos directly through email and plead their cause.

Doing this without waiting for a reply from Seller Performance doesn’t guarantee positive results. Obviously, Jeff Bezos doesn’t manage this email account himself. He has a team that handles these messages and directs these emails to an escalations department. Once you get a negative response from escalations, it’ll be harder to get your suspension lifted moving forward. 

Contacting Jeff Bezos should be treated as a last resort, as any abused form of appeal will cause that method to lose its effectiveness.

Trust the Process

Curb your impatience and trust that the Seller Performance team is doing everything to get you reinstated as soon as possible. Getting expert advice from an Amazon account reinstatement service is usually a good idea in these situations. They can help you create an effective plan to deal with your suspension and avoid doing things to mess up your appeal.
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