6 Advantages of Having an Amazon Ad Agency That Are Borderline Magic

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Last updated on October 20th, 2022

Written by Ken Zhou

Selling on Amazon does not fall short of being exciting. Every single day brings a new task to accomplish and a new challenge to overcome. 

One of the prime duties of a seller is to accomplish advertising. This task can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful Amazon business. Nonetheless, triumph is more likely to be achieved with the right strategy as there are 213 million Amazon visitors and potential buyers on the platform. The audience is great! All you need to do is find a way for them to notice your brand and products. 

The remarkable thing about Amazon is that it understands that not all users are advertising-abled. The platform has made everything easier and doable in only a few clicks, so even beginners or non-experienced sellers can have the chance to advertise. 

But there is still a lot to consider, such as choosing the keywords and the type of ads you’ll be running. Measuring the effectiveness of the campaign, thinking about the strategies your competitors are doing, and the list goes on. On top of all the default components that you need to polish on the listing itself, like SEO and content, these elements can make or break your business on the platform.

Therefore, despite the straightforward approach to Amazon advertising, you’ll still need the help of an Amazon ad agency. We have listed here the edge of partnering with experts. 

1. An Amazon ad agency can help you create SMART goals.

Before you even choose among the different advertising types available on Amazon, you should first identify your goals. 

Is your goal getting soaring sales? Do you want your brand to see a wider audience? Are you aiming for loyal and repeat clients? Do you want to popularize a new product? Would you like to maximize other platforms for advertising?

After answering these questions, the Amazon advertising agency will help you create specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals as well as ways to achieve them. They will help you throughout the process of launching, monitoring, and gathering data to measure the campaign's effectiveness. 

Here is a step-by-step checklist of tasks you’ll want to follow:

  • Set goals
  • Optimize product listing content with the right keywords for ads and content 
  • Monitor keywords performance
  • Be prepared with backup plans if current strategies don’t work
  • Ensure you are at par or ahead of your competitors
  • Foresee possible challenges like account suspension and reinstatement
  • Know what your competitors are doing

2. An Amazon ad agency knows which type of Amazon ad fits your goals best. 

There are different ads offered by Amazon. Depending on your goals, you may use one or a combination of these to increase your visibility to buyers

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Displays
  • Amazon Stores 
  • More options like Video Ads and Amazon Fire TV exposure 

Each of these options is well-suited to a specific type of goal. You may also run Amazon customized campaigns and choose more than one option if it suits your goals well. 

An Amazon advertising agency knows very well the choice you should make to reach your goals. The years of experience and the number of accounts handled by agencies have made them experts on Amazon advertising campaign strategies. They will experiment on the type of ads that work to your advantage, but even these tests are part of the plan.

Creating advertisements on Amazon is exciting and made even easier, so you can do it yourself to experience the thrill. For more efficient and effective operations, you can delegate the more complicated tasks to your partner agency, such as running the campaign, monitoring it, and measuring its success. After all, you’ll want to leave the critical analyses to the best people to ensure successful strategies.

3. An Amazon ad agency will help you with all the ins and outs of Amazon guidelines. 

With millions of buyers and sellers from different parts of the world, Amazon brand guidelines and rules are everywhere. They are made to ensure that the actions of individuals on the platform are regulated. Note that on Amazon, alleged rule-breakers are considered guilty unless proven innocent. Suppose anyone files a complaint against you or Amazon finds out that you are violating any regulation. In that case, your account may be suspended. You will need to file a dispute to declare your side. You will have the chance to appeal your case, but the days and profit lost during your account suspension will never be compensated. 

On Amazon, you can be suspended because of some black tactics of your competitors, especially if your brand does not have the proper protection.

Partnering with an Amazon advertising agency will allow you to have a proactive approach to such threats. The Amazon ad agency will provide you with an Amazon brand protection team. These experts are experienced in recognizing red flags for any black hat tactics directed to your account. The Amazon brand protection team will reinstate your account at the soonest time possible to minimize losses. 

4. An Amazon ad agency will help you optimize your product listing and ads.

On Amazon, keywords are everything. These are the prime elements measured by Amazon’s A9 algorithm to decide whether your listing will appear on the first page of the platform’s search results. 

Many different online keyword tools are free or come cheap with flexible subscription packages. These tools will allow you to download keywords that rank on Amazon. Then, include the keywords you found from your research to your content. While this process is something you can learn, you can also seek professional help from an Amazon ad agency. Agencies have specialists well-versed in Amazon brand guidelines, so trust that this step will work wonders for your online store.  

Part of the services you will receive are optimization of the following areas in your account:

  • Product title
  • Product description 
  • Product image
  • Backend keywords
  • Longtail keywords
  • Advertisements 
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Fulfillment choice
  • Pricing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Off-Amazon page content 

All the areas mentioned above are part of Amazon Search Engine Optimization. You must optimize all areas to ensure a higher ranking for your listing. 

5. An Amazon ad agency will efficiently research your competitors and report on the analysis.

Competitor analysis requires having to also check your competitors’ strategies. You would want to know what keywords your competitors are ranking for, so you can outrank them. There are different ways you can use competitor analysis to make your business succeed. Here are some of them:

  • Take advantage of the data you’ve collected and consider employing the same strategy used by your competitors. Depending on how innovative your analytics tool is, you can easily check the exact keywords they rank for and use those in key areas of your listing. 
  • Look for the blind spot. Find what keywords your competitors are missing. Incorporate these original keywords into your listing and appear on the search results your competitors will not rank on. 
  • Decide on competitive pricing once you see how much your competitors sell their goods. Moreover, you can check what other brands are already offering and what you can offer more to get the sale instead of them. 

There are more ways to use the data you’ve gathered from competitor research. An Amazon advertising agency will help you in this process. Isn’t it exciting to know more about your product but at the same time be updated on what your competitors are doing? Knowledge is power. If you see what other brands are doing, you can continually formulate ways to be a step or two ahead of the game. 

6. An Amazon ad agency can be your partner on inventory and shipping.

Even in this area, an Amazon advertising agency can be reliable. Many agencies are also partnered with a shipping company that can handle all the picking, packing, and shipping tasks for you. 

Amazon packaging and preparation guidelines are filled with dos and don’ts, and it can get extremely overwhelming, especially for newbie online vendors. Suppose you want to free yourself from the burden of checking all your product packaging whether they abide by the regulations—an Amazon advertising agency will work it out for you. Your fulfillment method is one element measured by the algorithm. This area is only one of many focal points that advertising agencies study. 

An Amazon ad agency needs to ensure that you will deliver according to your marketing promises. They have a reliable team that secures and fulfills customers’ orders. By keeping a well-stocked inventory, all campaigns can run smoothly and won’t go to waste. 

Seller Interactive: Your Partner Amazon Ad Agency

Seller Interactive can be your partner Amazon advertising agency. Together, we can do magic and improve your brand awareness campaigns and sales. Using the right strategies, we can assure you that your brand will reach your target audience, engage potential buyers, and turn these engagements into sales and loyal customers.

We have an Amazon brand protection team as well as other departments ready to handle all the areas of your account. From campaign monitoring to securing inventory and protecting your store from common eCommerce threats, our team will be with you every step of the way. 

Contact us at 1-800-820-3746, so you can discuss your advertising goals with us, and we can make your plans come to fruition. 

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