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Have you ever wondered why your sales are flunking?
At Seller Interactive, we focus on optimizing our clients’ listings, thus increasing profits. Let’s take this specific case study and see how we increased the sales of our client in just a few weeks. Yes, you read that right. In just a short period, we were able to help our client double their sales by using a tested approach using holistic listing images, copies, and top-notch keyword analysis.
A lot of Amazon sellers direct their resources on outside marketing, leaving them unaware of the opportunities to increase sales by simply optimizing their product pages. Most of them pick fad methods that get saturated pretty quickly, just like using ‘ManychatBots’ or hiring inexperienced freelancers that may get the job done but at a subpar level. The freelancer might use listing images that showcase products in free-stock backdrops making it look photoshopped. Another common mistake is when using repeated keywords that are not indexed in the A9 Algorithm. If they do make changes, the Amazon sellers don’t perform any analysis on the customer and market response to the changes made. If you think you are not maximizing your resources, you are in luck because Seller-Interactive’s got your back.
Initial Conditions
Upon review, the Seller Interactive team identified several opportunities for the brand to improve its listing. At this point, Hairburst only used five image slots, which were un-optimized. As for the content, the copy was too short and did not provide relevant information about the product.
Focus on the Benefits
An error often seen in product listings is an emphasis on what the product is not rather than the benefits it does offer. A good rule of thumb is to frame these statements to highlight the advantages for potential customers.

- 'No SLS'> Natural and Safe
- 'No animal substances'> Vegan Friendly

This subtle change in framing may not appear drastic, but it creates a higher impact on the product's perceived value.
Social Proof
With the current trends on the internet, online reviews have emerged as one of the most reliable forms of social proofs. It allows brands to take advantage of the 1-5 Star Format, where customers leave their comments and validations. When customers look at the product pages, they initially look at the listing images THEN search for the 1 star reviews at the lower page. These are among the most significant contributors to lower conversion. Customers will read the reviews, but if they are bombarded with negative social proof (AKA negative reviews) they will lose interest in the product. Our job is to hook customers in the initial viewing of the listing images so that they don’t look for other products!
Influencer Marketing
With the boom of social media influencers and artists, businesses must also shift to newer marketing models. One of these is influencer marketing. It may sound like a buzzword, but it is a hybrid of old and new marketing strategies. This is similar to celebrity endorsement in the sense that a famous individual will endorse a product and will give it external validation. Influencers or micro-influencers replace mainstream artists or celebrities since the younger generation (your target market) of the internet era relate more to influencers than celebrities.
RESULTS Speak for Itself
At Seller Interactive, we don’t just focus on guesses and saturated strategies. We combine qualitative and quantitative tested strategies for our client to generate more conversions. The tasks involved in these strategies are performed by a competent team to ensure that our clients will receive top-quality deliverables on time. We have shown resilience in varying economic conditions and as proof, we can use this COVID downturn that greatly affected all types of businesses worldwide.
During this pandemic, pageviews, a potential source of sales, may have shrunk down, but for most of our clients, including Hairburst, their sales have increased. Seller Interactive considers all relevant variables before pushing through a strategy to promote efficiency and effectiveness.
Hairburst Images Analysis
We have prepared a chart above that shows the difference we can make. You can see that the sales significantly improved and that the orders evidently increased. This may imply that the description and visuals caught the attention of the customer. Most consumers are hooked to our client’s products because the listing copies contain useful information, listing images are pleasing to the eye, and both are holistically sales effective.

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