Vortex Enterprise

Case Study.
How Vortex Enterprise got 16 ASINs reinstated and false copyright claims removed via Seller Interactive’s Account Health Management Service
When Project Manager Mohamed Aden and Account Manager Marco
Chung from Seller Interactive met with Jun Choi, E-commerce Manager
at Vortex Enterprise, they discussed the challenges and solutions for
reinstating listings, removing irrelevant copyright complaints, and improving their overall account health.
Since February 2021, Seller Interactive completed the following to optimize Vortex Enterprise’s account health on Amazon:
Created appeals to reinstate 16 delisted ASINS
Conducted account and product audits to address any
Amazon Product Guideline Violations
Informed and educated the brand on best account health practices on Amazon
Overcoming Seller Health Challenges
Before Seller Interactive, Vortex Enterprise tried various Amazon consulting services but was unsuccessful in improving persistent seller health challenges. Despite their long-time presence in the marketplace, their seller health lacked the attention needed to be resolved. Consequently, it was taken down and delisted due to false copyright claims from various competitors.

The issue resulted in a significant decrease in revenue, and Amazon assessed their account health as 'At-Risk.' From there, the SI team was able to make changes towards improvement of Amazon seller health for Vortex Enterprise
Managing Account Health with the Right Focus
Seller Interactive implemented various methods to reinstate the 16 delisted ASINs, which would contribute to the account's overall health. Before SI, the Account Health Rating was 'At-Risk.' The improvement of the account health was made possible through Vortex Enterprise and Seller Interactive's partnership by several approaches.
  1. Collect and Package Accurate Documentation:
    The SI team worked, alongside Vortex Enterprise, to obtain accurate documents, i.e., brand registry/trademark, UPCs, and images of the products. This way, the information on Amazon and the contents of the appeals would not conflict. SI communicated consistently with Jun and his in-house team.
  2. Model and Create Frameworks for Professional Appeals:
    After SI collected and finalized the appropriate documentation, SI created the Appeals and packaged them with the appointed documents to send to Amazon Seller Support. Overall, 16 appeals were completed and successfully sent to Amazon.
  3. Relist Each ASIN Following Amazon Guidelines:
    While feedback from Amazon was pending, SI planned for ASIN relisting and educated Vortex Enterprise on the most reliable account health practices to avoid future issues. SI conducted a full audit to ensure there weren’t any violations in the content that would go against Amazon’s product guidelines.
Seller Interactives contributions alongside Vortex Enterprise resulted in remarkable improvement in Account Health Rating. Not only was account
health in excellent condition, but the reinstatement also resulted in an overall sales increase.
Based on the data, it is evident that having a healthy Amazon account and reinstated ASINs will significantly increase the presence and revenue
generated on Amazon. Amazon is more likely to recognize that the listings are suitable and relevant to your customer’s needs, resulting in more traffic and higher sales potential.

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