Case Study.
TRIbella Beats Initial Roadblocks for Future Growth in Amazon Sales.
Before Jenette Fong, account manager at SI (Seller Interactive), met Skip Li, TRIbella’s brand owner, he managed his seller account on his own. He took over his daughter’s role after she moved away. Overwhelmed by juggling several tasks and issues, he decided that the best way to move forward is to work with SI.
In January 2020, TRIbella officially partnered with the SI team. To grow the TRIbella brand on Amazon, he obtained the follow-ing services:
  • Seller Account Management
  • Ongoing Optimization
  • Amazon SEO
  • Sponsored Ads Management
  • Systematic Reimbursements
  • Marketplace Brand Protection
  • Prep and Logistics
Skip’s ultimate goal is to grow his Amazon sales significantly. He and the SI team started their collaboration by first identifying and analyzing these critical issues:
  • There were two missing shipments worth over $8,000 that the brand couldn’t resolve with Amazon for a long time.
  • New listings couldn’t be created because some of the UPCs on the Amazon platform were mapping to another Amazon seller’s ASINs instead of recognizing them as TRIbella products.
  • Competing with numerous resellers made it difficult to convince buyers and Amazon Support that TRIbella’s products are authentic
After several brainstorming sessions and a comprehensive account audit, we identified crucial challenges. We came up with strategic solutions for each.
Deal with Missing Shipments
Assertive communication, proper documentation, and persistence are vital in persuading Amazon to either find the inventory or reimburse its cost. Six months prior to his engagement with SI, the client tried to create cases with Amazon but was unsuccessful in resolving the issue. We reconciled all prior shipments one by one to identify discrepancies. We opened several cases and showed invoices f rom the supplier/ warehouse to Amazon to prove that the brand shipped inventory to Amazon.
Resolve UPC Issues
We needed to prove that the UPCs belong to the brand, so we can use them when creating the new listings. And that’s what SI did. We showed Amazon that TRIbella owns the UPCs by presenting manufacturing docu-ments, a catalog, and images showing UPC was printed and labeled on the actual product.
Beat the Competition
Strict competition consisted of numerous resellers. To rise above them, we proved that TRIbella is genuine by registering it with Brand Registry and then creating a storef ront. We also protected the brand by getting rid of about 10+ hijackers and counterfeiters. We issued Cease and Desist letters to the resellers and as a result, we were able to regain the Buy Box.
The Winning Results
In 3 months, we were able to achieve these favorable outcomes:
  • Issued reimbursement of two (2) missing shipments in January 2020 both valued at $4,000.00 each in March 2020. This sum can be used for ad campaigns or product reordering;
  • Published Amazon listings with optimized and benefit-driven copy and images in February 2020;
  • Approved brand registry for marketplace brand protection; and
  • Removal of listing hijackers and counterfeiters that tarnished TRIbella’s reputation and hurt its sales.
Now that SI has completed the first phase, we can move on to the next challenge of growing TRIbella’s sales!

What Our Client
Has To Say:

“From the moment we started together, I was assigned a very skilled project manager who took the time to understand the status of my business and my goals going forward. Several calls and emails later, we had an agreeable strategy and budget. In very short order, my Amazon presence was refreshed, and testing of our strategy had commenced. I am 100% delighted.”

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