SoLo Nutrition

Case Study.
How SoLo Nutrition Won with Topline Sales MoM via Seller Interactive’s Strategic Marketing Campaign.
Nutrition & Protein Bars
15 ASINs
When Mohamed Aden, account manager at Seller Interactive, met with Iona Wilde, Marketing Director at SoLo Nutrition, they discussed the best ways to grow the topline sales of the brand month over month. With this, SI officially handled the advertising campaign management of SoLo Nutrition, starting in January 2020. It involved other related services such as:
Amazon SEO
Sponsored Ads Management
Marketplace Brand Protection
Product Launch Services
Enhanced Brand Content
Systematic Reimbursements
Ongoing Optimization
This is the first time that SoLo Nutrition has ever collaborated with an independent marketing firm. The brand, which has 15 ASINs on Amazon, has been selling in the Canadian marketplace for six years now. Ever since, it has been managing all marketing processes internally. For over 10 months since June 2019, it has not worked with any Amazon experts until the SI team took over.
Taking the Challenge with a Winning Focus
The presence of many competitors has made it hard for Solo Nutrition Bars to boost sales radically. During their meeting with the SI team, they talked about the various road bumps they face. The main objective was to identify the best opportunities for growth that is accessible to the brand within the product category.
  1. Growing topline sales
  2. Expand sales through Amazon Marketing Service Campaigns
  3. Gain market share in the nutrition/protein bar category
  4. Maintain an ACOS of 30% or lower
  1. Create a unified brand image across all products
  2. Update all listings images and copies
  3. Add A+ content
  4. Add brand store
  5. Launch new products
Winning with the Right Moves
The SI team focused on its overall tactic, which is to clean up the Amazon catalog of SoLo Nutrition and take advantage of available opportunities for promotion and elevating rankings. After getting all the required information and data about Solo Nutrition Bars, the SI team went to work right away.

First up, we gave their storefront on Amazon a much-needed makeover.
We began by revamping their copy and optimizing it using the best keywords.
Then, we went on to further elaborate on the benefits of their products by providing a compelling A+ content. It featured lifestyle images that showed models enjoying the health bars in various situations and settings. Unlike their previous image that showed only the product, our copywriting and graphic design team collaborated to create the most ideal product listing that focused on the brand’s target market and benefits.
To advertise SoLo Nutrition, we combined the following strategic customized measures with Amazon’s advertising solutions:
  • Executed thorough market analysis to identify immediate areas for growth
  • Performed in-depth keyword research to find the best long tail keywords relevant to the nutrition & protein bar category
  • Launched brand specific keyword campaigns
  • Developed promotional strategy to increase sales and conversion rates
  • Built effective, low cost advertising campaigns to increase product sales history
Once completed, the product listing content was forwarded to our account managers and heads who reviewed it several times.
This step is necessary for ensuring that every detail of the copy and images comply with Amazon’s policies and of course, the high SI standards of quality.
Winning Result
And the SI team and SoLo Nutrition’s collaborative efforts were not in vain. As proven by the certified data illustrated below, SoLo Nutrition Bars reaped much more than top-page rankings and a stronger online presence.

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