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Case Study.
How a Brand Conquered a Lost Shipment Reimbursement, Gated Categories, and Gated ASIN Approval
Seller Interactive Project Manager Jenette Fong and Account Manager Ericka Teoxon, together with their Team from Seller Interactive, met with their client. They discussed strategies to overcome the following challenges :
How to get reimbursed for missing units
How to get approved for gated categories and gated listings
How to reinstate ASINs
Full Account Management
In just two weeks, the SI Team successfully achieved the following :
Lost shipment reimbursement
Reinstatement of ASINs incorrectly tagged as Hazmat
Gated ASIN approval
Gated category approval
Identifying the Root Causes
This brand, like many others, encountered a challenge that Amazon sellers are destined to face at some point in their FBA journey - a lost shipment and difficulty applying for gated categories and branded listings.

The brand created a shipment to send 70 units of a single ASIN. Their products were lost after the shipment was sent to one of the Amazon fulfillment centers. In this shipment, Amazon claimed to have only received 1 of 70 units shipped. These 69 missing units were valued at $3,289.92 in total.
In some cases, lost shipments are caused by carrier negligence or incorrect shipment details. The SI team needed to thoroughly assess the situation to develop an action plan. Seller Interactive contacted seller Support to report the issue.

After receiving a response, they figured out the problem. A discrepancy in weight declaration is what resulted in the lost shipment. The brand declared 910 lbs in their shipping plan; however, the carrier’s claimed weight was only 13 lbs. This detail was why Amazon’s Seller Support declined the SI team’s reimbursement request.

SI Team soon realized a problem in the brand's listing details. The weight declared for this ASIN was 13 lbs instead of 2.56 fl oz each. This prompted a review of the rest of the catalog listings. They were also found to have incorrect weight and dimensions.
Conquering Challenges Head-On Through Multitasking and Relentless Follow-ups
Amazon declined the reimbursement request, category, and brand applications several times before resolving this issue. The SI Team was relentless in pushing for the lost shipment reimbursement, going the extra mile, and taking these steps :
Sending out an appeal with all the documents that Amazon Seller Support requested
Providing photo evidence of the product and its actual weight
Providing evidence that the brand shipped out the correct number of units as declared in the shipment and that there was a
weight discrepancy
Hard-Earned Victory At-last
Seller Interactive proofed all the listings, and supporting evidence for the shipment was provided. In this case, 70 units weighing 2.0 FL OZ did not
match what Amazon was expecting. This was promptly addressed. Within 24-hours, the brand received great news - the 69 units that were
misplaced were now fully reimbursed, amounting to $3,289.92.

All applications for gated categories and listings were also approved and now in their inventory.

Seller Interactive, along with the support of the brand's team members, overcame inventory challenges and achieved category approval.

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