Work With an Amazon FBA Agency: Get Ahead in the E-Commerce Jungle

July 2, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
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Being ahead of your competitors has a lot of benefits—rank number one on the search results, gain traffic on your product listing, and most of all, earn sales. To be on top, you need to optimize product listings, use high-quality images, create good copies, and do all this with the services of an Amazon FBA agency

An Amazon FBA agency offers services tailored to your business. They help you write compelling product descriptions, manage your seller account, provide FBA training, and suggest listing strategies. To know more about growing your Amazon FBA business and how an Amazon consulting agency can help you, read below.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) simply means you take care of selling the products while Amazon packs and ships the orders. FBA has been successful for many businesses, and many sellers are becoming keener on trying out the program. It unloads the weight of logistics and customer engagement off your shoulders. In this way, you can focus on promotions and other marketing efforts to see growth. 

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA

There are a lot of benefits you can reap from being an FBA seller. Even seasoned sellers are trying out FBA due to these reasons. If you’re still unsure whether to try the program or not, here are six proven benefits. 

You can earn the trust of customers and improve your reputation.

When you try FBA, Amazon handles most of the process for you. They don’t just pack and ship orders, but they also manage customer service if something goes wrong. Customers know this, and they view you to be trustworthy because Amazon is a well-known platform. Considering that Amazon has a good reputation, this passes on to you, which increases customer trust and loyalty. Plus, Amazon customers often know that with FBA, the products are packaged well, and they get the order on the promised delivery date. Think about FBA as a way of getting the Amazon seal of approval, which helps you attract customers to choose your store over others. 

Your customers can use Amazon free shipping.

Did you know that Amazon Prime members spend twice more than non-subscribers? It’s primarily due to the many shipping perks included in the subscription. They can receive their packages in two days and pay zero fees. Who wouldn’t purchase several items knowing they won’t pay for the shipping fee? 

​It’s a pretty good deal. So, if you plan to sign up under the FBA program, expect customers to buy from you more than other stores—hence, you widen your reach and strengthen your online presence.

Your Amazon products can appear on the first page of search results.

Whenever you search a term on the web, you tend to click on the links that appeared on the first page of the search results. If you’re looking for answers to your homework, you don’t typically visit the fifth page on Google. The links on the first page proved to be the most relevant. It is the same way with Amazon. Customers tend to click items that appeared first on the search results. 

If your listing is at the top of the search results, you can gain more traffic, and more traffic means more potential sales. You may be happy to note that Amazon’s Algorithm prioritizes FBA sellers. So, if you want your profit to increase, try FBA. 

Amazon monitors your inventory.

One of the things sellers worry about is the number of stocks they have. As a seller, you know that having the right amount of stocks in the warehouse is important. What if you launched a new product and it became popular? Of course, many customers would purchase it. What if you run out of stocks? Then this would affect your sales. 

With Amazon FBA, they have a way of monitoring your stocks. Under the performance dashboard on the Seller Central, Amazon updates you on an item’s performance and availability. If a product isn’t performing well, you can adjust the price to attract customers to purchase it. Make the item enticing by lowering the price. If it gains an audience and the demand starts to grow, you can increase the price—just make sure you’re equipped with correct calculations. 

Ways to grow an FBA business

As an eCommerce business owner, scaling your business and getting ahead of your competitors is the ultimate goal. You want customers to pick you over the other stores and earn thousands of dollars from it. To help you grow your FBA business, follow these tips. 

Never forget to optimize your listing.

Aside from using the right images and writing the best copy, you also need to optimize your listing. An unoptimized listing doesn’t perform well. Be it ranking on Amazon, converting customers to sales, or even getting noticed. You need to be visible and relevant to be successful on Amazon. 

Plan out effective campaign strategies.

You need to proactively direct customers to your listings. What better way to lure customers in than to use advertisements? Try using social media, paid advertisements, Amazon PPC, influencer marketing, etc., to market your store. Since you’re an FBA seller, you naturally have more time to plan your marketing strategies.

Offer good customer service.

Another great way to boost sales is to give an unmatched buying experience for your customers. Customers often come back to stores that gave them a good customer experience. May it be through the products that satisfy customer needs, fast delivery service, and friendly customer service. Hence, you need to go out of your way to show potential customers that buying in your store is worth it. 

Utilize content marketing

If you haven’t tried creating your own blog and creating good copies, this is the best time to do so. By building a blog about your product, you can drive traffic towards your listing. Write articles that are between 2,000 – 2,500 words in length. Use relevant keywords and apply your SEO skills to the article. Doing so helps you rank high on Google search results.


Signing up under the FBA program is advantageous. You receive benefits that are passed on to your customers. To help you more with Amazon FBA, Seller interactive has a team of experts who can give you advice on your listing—interested in finding out more? Email [email protected] 

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