What Walmart Marketplace Sellers Can Sell This Holiday Season


Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Since the "most wonderful time of the year" is already around the corner, Walmart sellers like you must be wondering how to boost sales during this critical time. While you might use various strategies to achieve this, like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, and promotional sales, offering popular and seasonal items can also guarantee higher sales.

After all, you can expect millions of site visitors who might be your potential customers and even loyal customers in the future. And despite the pandemic, ecommerce sales jumped 11% from 2020 to 2021. So, it would be wise for you to offer them the items they need or be their one-stop shop, especially since they are maximizing this season to look for the right gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

This article lists the popular custom product categories you might consider offering in the Walmart sellers' marketplace during the holiday season.  

1. Clothes and Shoes 

Clothes and shoes are always trendy no matter what the season is in the market. And with the influence of content creators and celebrities, people are buying more clothes to dress themselves up and keep up with the trend.

Especially now that pandemic restrictions are easing up, you can expect more customers to shop for clothes and shoes they can use when attending parties and other events. But besides this, they will take advantage of online shopping services to give their loved ones clothes and shoes as presents this holiday season.

If you plan to offer products under this category, ensure that you have various styles and sizes to provide more options to potential customers. You can also sell Halloween costumes and Christmas-themed clothes. However, you must not forget to include accurate information and sizing charts to avoid product returns.

2. Toys and Games

Children are probably the ones who look forward to the holiday season the most. After all, they know that this is when they can receive presents from their parents and other people. Moreover, a significant portion of the toy industry's annual sales of almost $33 billion is due to the holidays.

So, if you want to benefit from this trend and gain more customers, you should consider selling children's toys and games. Just before the Q4 and holiday season begins, The Toy Insider, the most influential company in the toy industry and a well-known source for parents and gift-givers, has released its 17th annual Holiday Gift Guide. This guide features expert recommendations for the top toys, games, and presents that can help you decide which items to offer in your Walmart marketplace store.

3. Decors

Aside from dressing up, people love to do another activity during the holiday season: adorning their homes with festive decorations, such as Christmas trees, lights, and garlands. Not only does this make them feel the Yuletide season more, but it is also a great way to show off their beautiful home interior to family and guests.

If you are looking for the right products to include in your holiday season line-up, glittery items, vases, pots, lamps, and other home decor using Christmas colors would be best. But because competition can be tough in this product category, you should also consider hiring an expert to manage your Walmart account and help you stand out from the competition.

4. Electronic Devices

Even though the Christmas season is generally targeted toward kids, teens and adults also want to join the fun by treating themselves with new toys—electronic devices or gadgets. According to Insider Intelligence's data, consumer electronics garnered $44.66 billion in sales during the holidays, which shows an 11.5% increase from last year.

However, due to the current global electronics supply chain crisis, you must act fast and order your stocks as soon as possible, especially if your supplier is from China. By ordering early, you can expect the shipments to arrive in time for the holiday shopping season. Otherwise, online shoppers will purchase from other stores that have ready inventory.

5. Pet Supplies

In 2020, many people bought or adopted pets to have companions inside the house during the lockdowns. But just like people, pets need constant care from their owners. As a result, fur parents frequently spend on various things, like pet care, food, services, medicines, and accessories.

With the holiday season coming close, they would definitely love to spoil their pets. According to the 2021–2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, Christmas is the most popular time for dog and cat owners to buy pet gifts, with 45% and 35% of dog and cat parents doing so, respectively. So if you want to target this market, you should consider offering various pet supplies and accessories and entice them to purchase your products through marketing.

6. Sports and Outdoors

Whether you admit it or not, COVID-19 has impacted your lifestyle and made you more concerned with your health in one way or another. And, of course, most people have felt the same way. So, this feeling of cautiousness allowed them to look for ways to stay physically active, which include exercising and high-intensity activities.

But to start their journey to a healthier lifestyle, they must invest in equipment and proper activewear. For this, customers would surely shop online and purchase the ones that fit their budget and requirements.

This category has always been in-demand during the holidays. But still, there has been a higher increase in sales compared to the past two years as people become more invested in taking care of themselves and having new experiences. So it would also help if you offered sports and outdoor items during the holiday season.

7. Home and Kitchen

Besides decorations, customers will take this time to purchase home and kitchen tools and appliances. As a result, they can finally upgrade their kitchenware or home appliances. Or, they can use these products when preparing food and entertaining guests during the holidays. 

However, some people would prefer to give products under this category as a Christmas present because they are functional. So, consider offering bedding, curtains, air purifiers, cooking and baking sets, cleaning suppliers, coffee makers, and mugs on Walmart.com to accommodate shoppers looking for these items.

8. Books

Despite everything going digital, you cannot discount the power of giving and receiving books as presents. Some people still love reading physical books more than ebooks because of personal preferences. Moreover, others enjoy bringing books to the beach or reading them from their porch while relaxing.

Nowadays, some online shoppers would also look into buying motivational and self-help books to give to their friends and even themselves. In addition, some parents prefer to give their kids some books. So, if you are looking into selling books in your Walmart ecommerce store, you must offer books and ebooks from various genres.

Final Thoughts

As a Walmart marketplace seller, you must be looking forward to the holiday season because the traffic and customer shopping habits during this time can boost your sales. However, it would be best if you did not settle with the products you already have in your Walmart store. You can still look for additional items, preferably those that are popular among shoppers during the holidays.

Some product categories you should consider offering on your Walmart ecommerce store are clothes and shoes, toys and games, decors, and electronic devices. Furthermore, you can look into selling pet supplies, sports and outdoor items, home and kitchen accessories and appliances, and books.

While offering products from these categories can help you increase your sales, you must remember that other sellers like you might also offer similar products. Therefore, it would be best to step up your game by availing yourself of Walmart online account management services from a reputable agency like Seller Interactive.

Their Walmart seller account managers are well-versed and experienced in handling online marketplace stores, especially during this time of the year. So, book a call now to learn more about how they can guide you through handling your business throughout the holiday season and beyond!

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