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March 6, 2023
Written by Ken Zhou
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It’s no secret that Walmart is one of the most meticulously crafted marketplaces in the world. On top of that, they’re also meticulous when it comes to maintaining the performance of their sellers, which must be on par with their standards.

While it has only been a few years since Walmart entered the eCommerce industry, Walmart has made itself available to third-party sellers. In addition, Walmart has created excellent processes and supplied a great choice for businesses.

Now, we will discuss the ins and outs of Walmart ads and how you can use them professionally to ace the Walmart marketplace for your business success. Specifically, we will be discussing the following: 

  • Walmart Marketplace Advertising Explained
  • What Types of Walmart Store Ads Can You Run
  • How You Use Walmart Ad To Your Business Advantage
  • Don’t Get Left in the Dusk

Keep reading to learn more about the in and outs of Walmart advertising and how it can help your Walmart business reach peaks!

Walmart Marketplace Advertising Explained

Walmart Marketplace, like Amazon, provides various advertising options for eCommerce. A sizable portion of the population who shops on Amazon also shops at Walmart. A strong presence on both platforms is critical for success. Vendors can pique the curiosity of purchasers.

Suppose you’re a Walmart seller and aim to refine your digital marketing strategy, boost your online presence, and grow your sales. In that case, Walmart Ad Center and Walmart Advertising are something you should explore. 

By absorbing its ad sales and analytics, Walmart established an in-house digital platform, Walmart Media Group. This resulted in the rise of customer engagement in the platform. According to Walmart, 62% of their customers stated that the ads they encountered were huge indicators of their purchasing behaviors on the platform.

What Types of Walmart Store Ads Can You Run

You probably have an idea of how ads on Walmart could contribute to overall Walmart success. While this success is not done overnight, several strategies, in this context, ads, help propagate your Walmart business. These are the following ads you can run through Walmart Store:

Search grid ads

The first type of ad in line would be the search grid ads, allowing sellers to pay to boost product listings.

What’s more interesting is that this ad enables your product to be ahead of the competition despite some organic search results. First, though, it must be noted that it’ll be tagged as a ‘sponsored product’ if this is something you’re particular about. 

As mentioned before and to most blogs, Walmart is meticulous with its processes which constitute particular requirements.

To be able to Search grid ads, you have to make sure that you’re products meet the following criteria:

  • Your products are in stock
  • Your products are eligible to win a buy box
  • Your products should be within the top three pages
  • Your products name should have relevance to the search query
  • One or more of the top 20 organic results are for the same product category

Carousel ads

In a real ecommerce setup, customers get to compare and contrast the products available in the marketplace. With carousel ads, you may steal a convert from the competition by sponsoring a listing to show in a carousel alongside organic results. Unlike search grid ads, carousel ads have little to no minimum requirements to qualify for the ad, and you don’t even have to be within the top 128 organic search results. 

What’s interesting is that Walmart’s carousel ads are a versatile alternative to any ads deployed to various locations! These can be the following:

  • Become a featured product via Walmart’s website main page
  • Be on the top search results
  • Be featured on the category and browse pages
  • Have your product curated shelves and personalized ecommerce pages

Brand amplifier

Next up are the Brand Amplifier ads. This type of ad is a premium Search ad that promotes your brand and a curated portfolio of products to customers who are actively searching Walmart’s website and app. Again, customers may be looking for products similar to yours or, more broadly, in your product category.

If your business sells various connected items, it may be worthwhile to increase its visibility. For instance, Walmart Marketplace enables you to target certain keywords so that your logo, strapline, and up to three SKUs will appear in a dedicated on-page banner when someone searches for them.

This might be part of your marketing strategy if you sell things in physical Walmart stores and online. Remember how many people shop online before going to actual stores? When customers come to shop, a brand amplifier area helps consumers recognize your items.

Buy box

Only accessible on automated campaigns, the purchase box appears on product listings as an alternative to go with whatever the customer is looking at. You may show up exactly after a user's journey when they are about to convert by sponsoring a listing to appear here.

The competitor would then lose a sale to you. You'll be the first to propose an alternative if the consumer has concerns about the item they're considering. Even if you don't, you may still profit from the transaction by presenting a complementary item they will also need.

Display ads

You may expand a brand's visibility beyond Walmart Marketplace's search results by using display advertising. Similar to Google Play advertisements, there are two approaches to attracting new clients. First, leveraging eye-catching ad copy from the company's applications, on-site display advertisements let you showcase your items on the Walmart website.

Then there are off-site display ads, where you can use retargeting to remind customers of products they looked at but didn’t buy. These ads appear on social media and third-party websites, directing viewers back to Walmart to make a purchase.

Walmart Strategizing

7 Easy Steps to Use Walmart Ad for Your Business Advantage

Now that you have been introduced to Walmart advertising and the type of advertisements you can run on the Walmart website, know how to use the Walmart ad for the success of your business in seven easy steps.

Step 1: Join the Walmart Marketplace

To run Walmart ads, you must join the Marketplace. Then, Walmart requests various details, including your yearly online sales income and ecommerce expertise. While this is easy, Walmart is meticulously accepting sellers on why they are fitted in the Walmart marketplace.

You can continue the registration procedure when your application has been approved:

  1. Then, with a Walmart representative, sign the Retailer Agreement.
  2. Next, complete the seller profile for your business.
  3. Finally, connect your seller profile to your payment account.
  4. Your team can start uploading your items after taking care of these first tasks.

Step 2: Launch your Product

At this point, you should already have joined the Walmart marketplace. To create your product listing, Walmart marketplace presents you with several choices for adding your product inventory to the website. These are as follows:

  • Match Setup: Through Setup by Match, a seller must be selling items that are currently on Walmart Marketplace. This simplified method uses data from related listings on Walmart Marketplace to construct your product listing.
  • Full Item Specification: A seller can produce unique product listings through Full Item Specification. These original products allow Walmart sellers to upload their product templates. 

In precís, Setup by Match is intended for resellers, while Full Item Specification is for original sellers. 

Step 3: Gain Advertising Access.

You’ve joined the Walmart Marketplace and launched your products; you can now kickstart your Walmart advertising journey! Walmart is particular about everything you need to apply to the Walmart Media Group: 

  1. The name of your company.
  2. The product category of your company.
  3. Your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address.
  4. The number of SKUs your company offers in the Walmart marketplace.
  5. Your primary goal for your advertising campaign.
  6. Your target audience.
  7. Your chosen advertising plan.
  8. Your anticipated budget.

After you’ve completed this information, email the compilation to [email protected]. However, you should take note that the process doesn’t end there. Your request for advertising access is still up for approval, according to your business’ performance. 

Step 4: Learn through Walmart Ad Webinar

At this stage, let’s assume that your application for advertising access has been approved. With this approval, you can proceed to the next part of the process — the Walmart Ad Webinar. 

Learning and knowing the ropes of Walmart Advertising has never been easier, considering that the Walmart Media Group hosts weekly webinars. With this webinar, Walmart Media group will discuss essential details and how the platform functions!

Pro Tip: Attend and actively participate in the webinar, especially during the live Q&A questions.

Step 5: Sign in to Walmart Ad

Your application for Walmart advertising has already been approved. Congratulations! Now, it's crucial to know that while the Walmart ad has a different login page, you can use your Walmart seller account to access the Walmart ad account.

The Walmart Media Group assigns a dedicated category specialist to your team upon acceptance. Your business should have the expertise to start developing advertising after the training webinar. You should contact your designated category specialist if your team has issues and isn't working with an advertising agency.

Step 6: Launch your Campaign Ad

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for — launch your first campaign ad! 

This assumes that you have laid out your advertising plans, such as your focus products, budget, and the campaign's duration! Above anything else, you need to strategize your campaign. If not, results are hard to come by.

Don’t Get Left in the Dusk

In the Walmart marketplace; your products could drown in the competition. While organic advertising remains true for being highly converting, it can only do so much. Walmart advertising, however, can do so much more!

So, you need to explore Walmart Advertising. Through our Walmart Marketplace account management services, our team at Seller Interactive has the expertise and experience to give your brand the tools it needs to flourish and enhance your company's development and profitability.
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It’s no secret that Walmart is one of the most meticulously crafted marketplaces in the world. On top of that, they’re also meticulous when it comes to maintaining the performance of their sellers, which must be on par with their standards. While it has only been a few years since Walmart entered the eCommerce industry, […]