7 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best Amazon Consultant for You

October 28, 2020
Written by Jayce Broda
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With the rising competition among and within e-commerce companies, making customers pay attention to your brand can be tricky, not to mention time-consuming, most notably for first-time sellers with little to no marketing background. This specific business component is crucial as it establishes your brand and sets it up for long-term success. The need for assistance in effective marketing calls for Amazon seller experts, also known as an Amazon consultant. They specialize in Amazon marketing services to help your products be more visible and eye-catching for buyers.

The Need for an Amazon Consultant

There is more to marketing than just filling your listings with keywords and relying on advertised content. These methods are considered entry-level marketing techniques and can be done by anyone and everyone. Needless to say, it’s not enough that you put your products and marketing campaigns out there. If you want your traffic to be converted into sales, you must make sure that your campaigns are carefully and strategically planned.

A successful marketing campaign includes multiple advertising methods on and off the Amazon marketplace, is specifically tailored-fit to a target audience, and is subject to split-testing and regular revisions based on performance. Amazon does employ a specific algorithm that determines the search ranking; however, this algorithm has a life in itself, continuously changing and improving. Thus, relying on generic and static campaigns simply won’t make the cut.

Amazon marketing can definitely be studied, but you should be prepared to set aside time to do it. After all, this skill isn’t developed in a day. If you think it’s too much, do not hesitate to ask for an Amazon consultant’s help. This way, you can focus on building your products and brand while Amazon sellers experts do their job in making sure that your brand gets maximum exposure and return of investment.

7 Things to do When Choosing an Amazon Consultant

Upon recognizing the importance of marketing on Amazon, Amazon’s consultant popularity has risen over the years. The wide range of options can be overwhelming and confusing, so here are seven things that you might want to consider in finding the best Amazon consultant fit for your business:

1. Conduct an e-commerce background check

Since Amazon’s founding in 1994, the marketplace algorithm’s behavior and shape have changed rapidly and unpredictably over the years. A good Amazon consultant would impress you with their success in increased sales, unique online strategies, and sufficient knowledge in the technicalities of e-commerce based on experience.

Amazon seller experts often reflect the quality of their service with actual data and statistics since, after all, the purpose of hiring an Amazon consultant is to widen the scope of your product across various platforms.

2. Test their knowledge on Amazon SEO

Amazon marketing consultants with excellent performance are most likely to be experts that specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This feature in Amazon works as a filtering mechanism for consumers, and the lack of information regarding this can keep you stuck in the low sales department. Hiring an Amazon consultant with expertise in this field can increase your products’ ranking so that it would appear more often in the search results and listings.

You can do this by browsing through their portfolios and read the reviews provided by their past customers. This should be highlighted as one of the services that they are most confident with, along with the results of their attempts to lift up ratings of products.

3. Assess their communication abilities and deficiencies

Since you will need assistance with your business and want to track your chosen consultant’s progress, consider hiring an Amazon consultant who is knowledgeable but not intimidating to amateur sellers. Effective communication style means that they can explain the technicalities of e-commerce understandably and efficiently. This should be reflected in their verbal and non-verbal communication skills during interviews or their professionalism in responding to queries, may it be via e-mail or other forms of messaging.

Aside from this, you should also observe their response when you ask them about working hours and flexibility in location meet-ups since this can consequently affect your communication and business impacts in the long-run.

4. Identify their practices to maximize optimization

Amazon follows strict guidelines to avoid black-hat practices or optimization practices that go against their policies. These types of off-strategies may give performance results, but it could put your brand at risk and even ban you from the Amazon marketplace.

To get a gist of their optimization strategies, ask your Amazon consultant to disclose their full process and preferred strategies. If you notice blurry explanations or if this does not align with Amazon’s recommendations, this may mean that the Amazon seller expert is not reliable. The absence of legitimacy and accountability is a big red flag in the marketplace.

5. Ensure their service transparency, values, and dedication

One of the issues that would make a grave impact on your product’s sales is transparency. From pricing to the accessibility of data and even analytics, the best Amazon consultant will reassure you of their provisions of the amount of monitoring they are giving you. At the same time, this must align with how transparent you want to be with your clients to discuss pricing, branding, and other critical information. Transparency, values, and dedication are essential in building trust that is important in fostering business relationships.

6. Clarify limitations, especially in pricing

Many Amazon consultants and sellers often have an unspoken gray area about the charges for every aspect they will be dealing with. You may clarify how you want the pricing mechanisms to work, and their response can either make or break the deal. This way, you could also compute the overall cost and prepare for unexpected charges if ever you hire them as your Amazon seller expert.

Limitations may also refer to their work scope, the people they would be dealing with, and the expected output from their assistance. Make sure your limitations will align with theirs. 

7. Ask about their weak points and how they handle such

To brag about their summary reports and statistics is easy, but to admit their points for improvement could show their honesty in service and willingness to learn from you as well. You may do this by asking them about the struggles they encountered working on projects for other clients and how they managed to improve over time. You can also quiz them about their troubleshooting ideas when it comes to unexpected situations.

This could further show their expertise and how they have performed to meet and exceed client expectations. Remember that no person, organization, product, or service is perfect, so acknowledging flaws or points for improvement can be a strength in itself.

Choosing your Amazon consultant

Amazon truly is a complex field of work, but hiring the right Amazon consultant can give you a boost and a massive advantage against your growing competitors. Not only can they increase your sales, but they can also provide you with opportunities and strategies to strengthen your brand.

If you want to learn more about how Amazon seller experts can help grow your business, feel free to contact us at [email protected] today to get your business started.

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