6 Things You Need in an Amazon Marketing Consultant

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

The eCommerce industry has skyrocketed in terms of popularity, mainly because its given entrepreneurs a new dimension of opportunities. They can reach customers from practically every corner of the world and generate more sales than ever before. And what better platform to start your eCommerce business than with the Amazon Marketplace? It has 25 years of experience under its belt, along with a massive customer base that would gladly spend their money on online products. 

In the first quarter of 2020 alone, Amazon earned a whopping $75.5 billion in revenue— a considerable portion of which was brought in by third-party sellers who are likewise trying to make money on the platform. 

While Amazon has the potential to make an eCommerce business into a money-making mechanism, there is no denying that the Marketplace is already filled with sellers. The competition is growing immensely, so some entrepreneurs decide to hire an Amazon Marketing Consultant. As you know, digital marketing for Amazon sellers is a make-or-break for success. Those who don’t understand Amazon’s advertising engine will likely yield minimal results and will end up losing money... so it’s only right to have the right professional consultant to handle your marketing needs. 

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in hiring a marketing consultant for your Amazon needs, we have compiled a list of things to ensure that you can maximize your investment. 

Tip 1: Hire a consultant who has experience and knowledge about the foundation of Amazon advertising. 

The first tip may be a no brainer, but it’s important to know nonetheless.

You would know you found the right Amazon consultant if it knows the Amazon ad engine by heart. This means being knowledgeable about how Amazon SEO works as a whole and understanding how sellers can maximize their sales through the A9 search algorithm. Most consultancy firms with experience in Amazon will demonstrate the extent of their services anyway, so you should expect that their game plan is well-structured and appropriate for your business’ success.  

Top-quality Amazon consultants will typically provide the following goals for your firm:

  • Increase in sales. The main reason you are hiring Amazon digital marketing services is to see a dramatic increase in your sales margins. If your consultant is dedicated to helping your brand become more visible and competitive on the Amazon ecosystem, then you found the right partner.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Allowing your sales to grow with an Amazon consultant means your investment was worth it. Remember, Amazon consultancy services will cost you a significant amount of money. Find a partner who you can stay within the long-term. 
  • Advisory services. Amazon consultants with experience can also give you essential advice outside of Amazon marketing. They can assist with how you can sell better on such a fierce eCommerce platform, which would ultimately help you outperform your competitors. 

While this is an essential trait an Amazon consultant must-have, it’s the most critical factor you always have to look for when you check out their portfolio.

Tip 2: Hire a consultant who is aware of Amazon’s policies.

Since Amazon employs a customer-centric approach in its platform, its rules and regulations for sellers are quite strict. With little to no idea about Amazon’s Seller Guidelines, Amazon sellers will likely depend on their consultants to know how these rules are enforced. But what if the consultants themselves aren't knowledgable about these guidelines?

When looking for consultancy services, make sure they do not employ fishy practices that can cause more harm than good for your business. These strategies may yield results initially, but Amazon will eventually catch up to you and potentially suspend your eCommerce operations. If worse comes to worst, the Amazon legal team can even file legal charges against you.  

These black-hat Amazon consultants typically utilize these strategies to get you on top of the board:

  • Posting fake product titles and inaccurate descriptions;
  • Requesting product reviews illegally; 
  • Plagiarizing content off of your competitors’ product listings;
  • Marketing products that are not sold on the Amazon platform, and
  • Including false information about delivery/shipping schedules.

As a smart entrepreneur, you should always choose a reliable and trustworthy partner as a consultant. You cannot risk having your business reputation damaged on the Amazon Marketplace because of someone else’s ineffectiveness. 

Tip 3: Hire a consultant who offers competitive, transparent prices.

Like we previously mentioned in this article, hiring an Amazon marketing consultant can turn into a heft cost if not managed effectively. It’s for this exact reason that you have to ascertain that your future partner only offers the most competitive prices for your business.

Some consultancy firms may offer a general price list through their websites, but others require a phone call appointment for a more customized price quote. After all, each business has specific needs (e.g., size of product inventory, special requests, etc.), so each price estimate should be tailor-made accordingly.

Tip 4: Hire a consultant who can help craft A+ product descriptions for your listings. 

Product descriptions are one of the most vital parts of an Amazon listing, no doubt about it. If you don’t see to it that your descriptions are well-polished, you’re losing your potential customers. You have to remember that product descriptions are your sales pitch to an online shopper, so you have to make sure that it is in its best possible state.

An effective Amazon online marketing consultant should be able to assist you in crafting high-quality product descriptions. They understand that it is an opportunity to briefly explain its features to customers and tell a detailed, compelling story about its benefits. Simply put, a well-written description swoons shoppers and influences their purchasing decisions.

When searching for potential candidates to be your Amazon consultant, you can try checking out how they curate product descriptions. They are a good indicator of a consultant’s overall knowledge and performance regarding Amazon market web services.

Tip 5: Hire a consultant who knows how to launch an optimized Amazon PPC campaign.

One of the most effective ways to get your brand on the center of Amazon’s search results is by investing in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. You need to bid for keywords and utilize them strategically to get maximum results, or else you’ll end up wasting money.

To prevent this unfortunate event from occurring, your Amazon consultant can help you launch the best possible ad campaign for your business. This process would involve researching and bidding for the right keywords, diversifying both short and long-tail keywords on your listings, and structuring the right PPC strategy to maintain your success. Efficient consultants will also help you track your performance and assist in your decision-making process for any possible adjustments.

Tip 6: Hire a consultant who has a history of real case studies.

In your research process for a marketing consultant, it’s always important to look for someone with a real and positive experience on the Amazon platform. Your best bet would be to request a portfolio of case studies and see if they are enticing enough for your specific needs.

These case studies should not only be compelling; they should also be relatable to your situation. For instance, try looking for a case study on your industry and see what results were achieved. Again, you can try to read up on what metrics a consultant uses to achieve success on the Amazon platform. After all, Amazon marketing is highly data-driven, so it’s your responsibility to check if your consultancy firm takes its time to analyze case studies.

On top of that, you also have to make sure that their portfolios and case studies are up-to-date. If you notice that their latest case study was 5 to 10 years ago, it is undoubtedly an alarming signal that shows their lack of experience. 

Conclusion: Hire the right Amazon marketing consultant, and you’re automatically a step ahead of everybody else.

While hiring an Amazon marketing consultant can be difficult for first-time entrepreneurs, there are determining factors that can help you find the right partner for your business. If you do your research, prepare a checklist of your needs, and ask the right questions, you will most definitely find a marketing partner that is worth the investment.

If you’re looking to hire a private consultant for your marketing needs, we at Stallion Express can provide you with top-quality Amazon digital marketing services for a fair price. You may schedule a call with us by sending an email to [email protected]. Schedule a free consultation with us today!

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