The Basics of Asking For Amazon DSP Help: Here’s What You Need to Know

September 30, 2022
Written by Ken Zhou
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There's a bell around the corner that you can ring if you want to ask for help. As an Amazon seller, you'd need help with various things, and one of those is understanding the Demand-Side Platform (DSP). As a seller, knowing when to press the Amazon DSP help button would mean you're open to getting the help you need.

Since nobody is an expert at everything, it's always a good idea to have a button like this to use when you need help, especially when you're new to selling online. But don't worry, doing it is very simple.

Knowing when you should ask for help would be prompted by many things. Some may feel the need because they're going through some problems, while some might not understand how the system works. If you're experiencing any of this now, it may signify that you need help. That said, read on further to learn more about Amazon DSP's basics!

The Basics of the Amazon DSP Program: What You Need to Know

Compared to other ad platforms, the Amazon DSP program is relatively new. Nevertheless, you might have come across it, and it might have piqued your interest. With that said, you might be curious about how you can quickly comprehend the Amazon DSP if you're trying to get started. After all, the DSP (Demand-Side Platform) may initially appear challenging. However, if you bear in mind a few significant aspects, it will be easier for you to understand.

• You can purchase DSP advertising space on behalf of advertisers.

This means you're not renting the advertising spot. Instead, you're a go-between for the advertiser and the website or app where the advertisement will appear. You must understand the advertiser's requirements and the inventory offered on the websites and applications where you wish to post advertising.

• The continued evolution of Amazon DSP advertising is an additional factor.

New features are regularly added, so it's critical to know what's available. Fortunately, there are a ton of resources online that can assist you in keeping up with the most recent updates.

• The Amazon DSP helps marketers connect with their target markets on Amazon websites and mobile apps.

Thanks to Amazon's websites and mobile apps, advertising and potential customers may communicate more easily. Other ad forms available to service users include native advertisements, video commercials, and banner ads. 

Targeting options provided by Amazon DSP allow advertisers to provide their audiences with extremely relevant ads, such as demographics and interests. The service also offers reporting tools that assist marketers in monitoring the effectiveness of their initiatives. 

• Consider your budget carefully.

You may set a budget for your Amazon DSP campaign, which is one of the nice things about the program. However, it's crucial to pick your spending limit properly and consider how much you're ready to spend each day or each week on advertisements. Generally, the more you spend on your ads, the more people will notice your advertisement. 

You should have no trouble understanding the Amazon DSP by keeping these things in mind. And once you already know how it works, you'll be well on your way to success as a DSP publisher.

Amazon DSP Help

Things to Consider When Asking for Amazon DSP Help

There are several circumstances to consider before choosing when to ring a bell to ask for help. If you feel overwhelmed or pressured, asking for assistance may be a good idea. This also goes if you're not familiar with the program at all.

Entering into the digital marketplace world and having your Amazon advertising or DSP program is an important part of the process you should know. But, as stated above, you don't have to do everything alone. That's where the help of the experts will come in handy. However, before choosing an expert to work with, here are the things you must first consider when asking for DSP help.

1. Consider your audience

It's important to first know who your audience is before seeking any DSP help. This is because different audiences will respond to different types of messaging, so it's important to tailor your Amazon ads accordingly. For example, suppose you're targeting Amazon customers who are primarily interested in saving money. In that case, it's best to focus on discounts and deals. 

Instead, you should emphasize your product's special qualities and benefits if you're trying to appeal to a group of people who value convenience and effectiveness more than anything else. You'll increase your chances of success by keeping your target Amazon audience in mind. At the same time, you create your Amazon DSP campaigns.

Working with an Amazon DSP expert who has already run campaigns in your industry niche or target audience might be helpful. This way, you can be confident they know how to execute these plans properly.

2. Think about the circumstances

Amazon sellers are prompted to start learning about Amazon DSP due to different reasons. Here are some of them:

  • DSP can be a suitable alternative if you want more control over where and when your ads show. Amazon DSP ad is not well suited for business with low traffic volumes or low levels of ad expenditure management. Although you can always try even if you are getting low traffic volumes, it’d be best to first address this problem before proceeding with the DSP work.
  • DSP can be a good option for businesses that want to run ads on many websites or apps. When determining whether or not to implement an Amazon ad, it's critical to consider your business' goals and objectives. Some business may find that they need more precise control over their ad targeting and creativity than what is provided by other platforms. DSP can be a fantastic choice if you search for a technique to raise sales or brand exposure.
  • DSP might be a good choice for businesses that require help determining the best plan of action to reach their particular objectives. Enrolling in this program can give you access to data and insights that can assist you in making decisions about your advertising campaigns. Working with a DSP specialist can help you decide whether this is a good fit for your business and work with you to construct a campaign that achieves your objectives. 
Amazon DSP Expert

1. Not seeing the results you want

If you do not see the results you want from your Amazon DSP campaigns, it could be time to ask for help from an expert. Your campaigns can be evaluated by a skilled Amazon DSP specialist who can spot areas for development. Additionally, they can offer suggestions for more effective ad targeting to maximize your return on investment.

2. No time to keep up with all the changes

If you don't have time to keep up with all the changes in Amazon's DSP platform, it might be time to ask for help from an expert. A knowledgeable Amazon DSP professional can keep up with the most recent developments and guarantee that your campaigns are constantly current. By doing so, you can concentrate on managing your business while leaving the DSP management to a qualified individual.

3. Not sure how to use all the features

Ask an expert for assistance if you are unsure how to use any of the features on Amazon's DSP platform. You can learn how to use all the platform features and ensure you're getting the most out of it with the help of an experienced Amazon DSP specialist. They can also guide how to use certain features and which ones are most crucial for your business.

Don’t Be Afraid to Press the Help Button to Ask For Help

Asking for help is accepting that you’re incapable of everything and need a helping hand to prevent further delays for your business. There's no rule that a seller must work alone because issues and problems arise from time to time. 

So the next time you see yourself needing assistance, don't hesitate to seek assistance from an Amazon expert. Plus, who knows? You could be pleasantly surprised by how willing people are to offer assistance.

Now that you know when you should press the Amazon DSP help button, take it as a sign for you to call us today! At Seller Interactive, we’re confident we can give you the DSP services and help you’re looking for.

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