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December 3, 2021
Written by Nicasio Co III
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You've set up the Christmas Tree; bright red stockings are hanging on the fireplace, and the front of your home is bright with Christmas lights. It seems you're all set up, but you might just be missing one thing... presents! And what better gift to give yourself than hiring a technical account manager Amazon

Christmas is the perfect season to ramp up your store and sell more online as an Amazon seller. With pandemic regulations causing many people inside their homes, purchasing a gift at the mall isn't the same as before, and as a result, shoppers are turning online to do their Christmas shopping now more than ever. 

This Forbes article highlights how last year's Christmas shopping has differed significantly from before. One observation was the early Black Friday shopping beginning in mid-October which was not too surprising after surveys reported that 3 in 10 shoppers would start their holiday shopping earlier. Second, brands are improving their online offers to increase sales for the holidays. Deloitte had even estimated that holiday retail sales would rise between 1% and 1.5%, amounting to between $1.147 trillion and $1.152 trillion during the November-to-January time frame. Lastly, the article mentioned how experts predict that consumers will stray from more materialistic-type gifts and navigate towards more sentimental ones.

Due to these events, many things have shifted in the last couple of years, leading to changed behaviors, especially in the online retail industry. So if you're looking for help managing your e-commerce through the holidays, consider a Technical Account Manager. This article will cover the benefits of using a technical account manager for your Amazon store.

What is an Amazon Technical Account Manager?

Hiring a Technical Account Manager (TAM) means having access to a support team/person who can help align technical aspects of your e-commerce store to your goals and objectives. A holistic approach to ensuring best practices across the board to help deliver results, like advising you to try new programs to optimize current processes. Their responsibilities vary from organization to organization but ultimately help gear your store in the right direction for success. Based on Payscale, an Amazon technical account manager's salary is $126,869.00 to $123,401. 

Other responsibilities a TAM might have are maintaining relationships with existing clients, addressing technical needs, and providing new opportunities to increase customers. They’ll dive into a client's business to understand its needs and goals.

Key Responsibilities

A Technical Account Manager has the following responsibilities

  • Assist with customers' requests and resolve technical issues 
  • Help build strong customer relationships, especially with key customer stakeholders and sponsors
  • Always strive to provide exceptional customer experience
  • Manage customer expectations and lead them to customer satisfaction
  • Make sure all deliverables arrive in good order, on time, and fulfill customers' requirements
  • Keep track of key account metrics
  • Communicate the progress to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Take initiatives in identifying growth opportunities
  • Collaborate with our team to achieve sustainable growth

Is a Technical Account Manager the Same as Amazon Account Manager?

A Technical Account Manager is different from an Amazon Account Manager. An Amazon Account Manager provides professional sales service to a business by optimizing product listings and offering support for individual sellers' needs. An Amazon Account Manager will also handle performance-related issues and have the most valuable insight for selling on Amazon. On the other hand, a TAM provides technical services for the systems used by a seller. 

Benefits of Hiring a Technical Account Manager-Amazon

You’ll be able to solve issues faster

Having a technical account manager on your team can help you prevent and solve issues faster because they'll have the most technical insight into your current systems and processes. In addition, they know how to use the programs and find solutions for your business. So, whenever a problem arises that you don't know how to fix, a TAM is your best person to approach. 

Instead of waiting for Amazon support or even help desks to solve your issue, you can turn towards your TAM to help troubleshoot the problem. Having a TAM is extremely valuable to running smooth operations. This Forbes article has even stated that "Lack of needed skills at the right levels, lack of coordination with the team, and misalignments between IT and business are the most common contributors to data and analytics failures."

Aside from fixing system problems, a TAM can also help prevent disasters from happening. Due to their familiarity with the system and have plenty of experience, they can help prevent a minor issue from turning into a full-blown catastrophe. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dreadful reports of business software going wrong, so having someone who can oversee these processes, address problems, and prevent possible malfunctions is an asset.

Remember, a TAM should know your technical operations and have a good understanding of your brand. The holiday season brings in a lot of user activity and traffic on e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, so having a TAM on board is beneficial. One of the problems you may face is that your system may not handle the influx of transactions. Your TAM can help prepare your system ahead of time to take the surge of customers for a smooth shopping experience. A TAM can help you improve your operations, and in the long run, you'll have fewer issues to solve and gain customer loyalty. 

Customer Support can be monitored and addressed quickly

A technical account manager guides open support cases. They provide proactive communication between you and your customers, working closely with support teams to resolve the problem and help understand the issue. In some cases, they promote multiparty conferences to ensure that affected teams are delivered proper communication. 

You can scale your business with easily and efficiently

Scaling your business means optimizing your strategies to accommodate growth. Your systems, APIs, and other solutions should be able to adapt to new circumstances and change over time. Scaling up requires careful attention, especially if you're not familiar with your store's system. Your TAM can help you out with these new changes. 

You’ll be able to improve your customer experience with custom programs or apps

If you want to create a new system or a custom app designed for your website, a TAM can help in the development to create something suitable for you and your customers. Your TAM would be a great resource to outline the project and deliver essential information developers will need.

You can optimize the use of your current programs and software

Your TAM works closely with you to learn about your business and help assess which areas you can improve. They'll identify whether the services and programs you're using are appropriate for your business. Because of their familiarity with these types of processes, they'll be able to help suggest features and solutions to help optimize your business. When solutions like Amazon Managed Services are available for your brand, they'll be able to help walk you through the process and assess its benefits! 

Final Thoughts

Your technical account manager has the business knowledge and technical expertise to help your business reach its goal. They will help you learn how to use the latest system and provide quick fixes to problems. If you require technical account manager assistance here at Seller Interactive, we can help you out. Contact [email protected] to learn more about services. 

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