Successful Business Venture with Amazon Seller Services

October 8, 2021
Written by Jayce Broda
amazon seller services

Whether you’re a startup or professional seller, wanting to grow your business means facing new challenges from increasing customer demand to heavy competition. Growth is why many e-commerce sellers turn to Amazon FBA, a well-structured marketplace that provides the resources to expand.

To accomplish your FBA business goals, making the decisions that fuel progress is critical, which means relying on a solid platform that will support scaling up. That’s what makes the Amazon marketplace such an excellent channel for so many small and medium-sized businesses that are ready to take their business to the next level.

Amazon seller services help sellers make the right move by proposing the most suitable approach to their business goals. There are subcategories of services to specify the support needed, including Amazon seller consulting services.

Starting with Amazon

Climbing your way up alongside so many other sellers can feel like a never-ending challenge when getting started on Amazon's marketplace. When there are over 1.5 million active sellers on Amazon, it's easily overwhelming. For this reason, there exist various Amazon seller services to help you through the marketing processes from listing optimization, brand protection, account management, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Additionally, Amazon seller web services enable sellers to have access to critical features and apps on Amazon.

If you are new to the industry or want to take steps forward to get ahead of the competition, considering the benefits of Amazon seller consulting services can support you by aiding in the marketing strategies for your business in the long run.

Amazon consulting services

Do You Need an Amazon Consultant?

If you are a business owner looking to move your operations up a notch, selling on Amazon could be the solution for you. Consider Amazon seller consulting services to help you through the initial hurdles and achieve your goals through consistent support and guidance throughout your Amazon journey.  

Reliable consulting services offer expert advice, support, and assistance with anything you need to know when selling on Amazon. Consultants help with product advertisements, sponsored ads management (PPC), and more. While sellers of varying experience levels use consulting services, they are beneficial to new Amazon sellers. Consultants can guide beginners through the ins and outs of a successful Amazon marketing journey.

Some experienced sellers even get in contact with Amazon seller account services to remedy specific issues. For example, account suspension, something sellers don't want ever to go through, is a common reason to turn to consultations. In addition, the fear of not having any activity going on with your account and risking slowly pushing you down the top list on Amazon is a definite reason to call for assistance. 

What Is Account Suspension and How Do You Resolve It?

Amazon Seller Suspension is when a seller becomes suddenly prohibited from selling their products on the marketplace. An Amazon account can get suspended in many ways, so it is critical to determine how you got into this position as soon as possible. Without access to your account, you'll be losing sales throughout the period of your account suspension, so handling this matter quickly is essential. 

Common reasons why your account can get suspended by Amazon:

  • The products you are selling are fake counterparts of the original.
  • You were reported to have hijacked someone else's product listing or violated their property rights.
  • The items you are selling might have inaccurate product descriptions.
  • You were posing as another existing seller selling counterfeit products and aiming to take down the original brand owner.
  • You are receiving a lot of negative comments and ratings from your customers.
  • You are selling prohibited items violating Amazon's terms and conditions.

Now that you know some of the reasons an Amazon account can get suspended, here's what you can try next to have your account reinstated.

1. Know why your seller account was suspended.

Determining the root cause of your account suspension will help clear things up on your end. When you figure out what might have caused your account to be put on hold, you can assess and confirm whether or not you had anything to do with the malicious activity or accusations.

2. Prepare your documentation for proof.

If you are trying to prove a point, backing your statement up with relevant evidence will help support your claim. Additionally, providing proof will also help support your appeal letter.

3. Write your appeal letter.

Explaining the details of the situation will help Amazon understand your side of the story. Compose an appeal letter with the facts of the situation as you know it, sticking as much to the event as possible. 

Start Your Business Venture with Amazon Seller Services

Amazon seller services can help guide you through your e-commerce business venture. By opting in for full account management, a team of professional Amazon consultants will be able to help you achieve your goals and move your business forward towards success. Contact Seller Interactive for Amazon Seller Services!

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