7 Steps to Take for a Successful Amazon Product Listing Optimization

amazon product listing optimization

Last updated on January 9th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

If you are one of the hopefuls who have started selling on Amazon because of the opportunities the platform offers, one of the things you need to understand to succeed is product listing optimization. 

How to optimize Amazon product listing may be complicated. However, if you want your business to reach customers worldwide, you need to match your enthusiasm with the proper strategy. In time, your venture in the e-commerce industry will be a success. 

Follow these seven magical steps to make your way to the top!

  1. Know the role of the A10 algorithm in Amazon product listing optimization.

The World Wide Web is governed by different algorithms that determine the things you will see. On Amazon, that job belongs to the A10 algorithm. Here are the things A10 considers.

  • Relevance of your keywords to the searched products
  • Conversion rate
  • Available products on stock
  • The price range of your product
  • Type of shipping used
  • Ads, promotion, and marketing used
  • Product images
  • Reviews and ratings from customers

In creating your listing optimization strategy, make sure to keep these factors in mind. That way, when A10 crawls your product page, it is optimized enough to appear on the search results you are targeting.

  1. Do your keyword research.

After knowing what A10 measures, the next step is to satisfy what is needed to rank. Keyword ranking is a must for product listing.

You may do your keyword research on your own using online Amazon keyword research tools, or you may also rely on Amazon product listing optimization services that have the tools needed to download all the keywords related to your product. Aside from that, these services may include suggesting strategies you can use to rank higher faster.  

In your research, you will see the most highly searched keywords, but that does not mean you should go for those keywords. Remember: the higher the ranking, the fiercer the competition. The agency you partner with to provide you these services will guide you on how to optimize Amazon listing with the right keywords.

  1. Optimize your product title, description, bullet points, and back-end content.

Now it’s time to put to good use the keywords you researched. Make sure to incorporate the keywords in your product title, description, bullet points, and back-end content.

For the product title, experts suggest putting the keywords in the first four words and maintaining a character count of 100–150 only or fewer. They found that those with 50–80 characters rank higher.

For your product description, more than the incorporation of keywords, make sure to make your content catchy and informative. As experts say, write for both humans and machines. The same applies to the bullet points. Also, do not stuff your keywords. Amazon has a way of detecting when sellers are committing keyword stuffing.

The back-end keywords, on the other hand, can contain other keywords buyers search, which may sometimes be other languages, misspelled words, and other specific explanations of the things they want to buy. You can include those keywords here.

  1. Sign up for advertising, promotions, and marketing optimization.

After making sure that your product listing is optimized, the next step is to get that extra boost to rank higher through Amazon PPC, advertising, promotions, and marketing.

The best way to handle this is by partnering with agencies that offer these services because they are trained and experienced. For advertising, marketing, and promotion, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of money. To be sure that you are not second-guessing your strategies, sign up with agencies who can do these things for you.

Not only will you be provided with advertisements and campaigns, but the agency will also report how effective your strategy has been and how many you have converted from all the promotions you launched.

You’ll learn about the advertising cost of sale as you grow your business on Amazon. However, at first, you really need to invest in Amazon marketing, advertisement, and promotion to make yourself visible to customers.

  1. Make your products picture-perfect.

Visual content is king, and people are more inclined to engage with your page when it contains compelling photos. On Amazon, in particular, images are the only way for your customers to get a look at your product, especially if you do not have a physical store. Make that one shot worth it by creating images that sell!

Taking pictures of your products and doing the layout for branding are offered by many Amazon optimization agencies.

If you have photography skills, then that’s great. Just take note of these few reminders to optimize even your images. First, upload at least five to eight images for your products. Experienced Amazon sellers and experts have observed that product listings rank higher when there are five to eight images included on the product page. Make sure to rename your image with the keyword for which you are aiming to rank.

6.  Aim for positive and 4 to 5-star ratings from customers.

The clicks finally turned into sales! Great job! However, the work does not stop there. You need to make sure that you also get reviews and ratings from your clients because Amazon A10 checks these too. There is a difference between Amazon feedback and product reviews, but both are important.

If you have an excellent product, you deliver what you promise, and you never run out of stock, the chances of getting organic ratings and feedback are higher. To increase clients leaving comments and ratings, you can take advantage of Amazon’s “Request a Review” feature, which will ask for feedback from customers within 20 days after the purchase.

There are also strategies to get more feedback and ratings. If this is one of your priorities to get your product listing to rank higher, communicate it to your partner company.

7.      Choosing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) affects your ranking.

There are different fulfillment types you can choose from on Amazon. However, choosing FBA boosts ranking, experts suggest. 

As clients look for reliable means of delivery, it begs the question, “Is Amazon FBA worth it?” There is no harm in trying, and agencies offering this service can help you with this.

What Seller Interactive Offers  

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