9 Ways to Step up Your Game as an Amazon Seller This 2023

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Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all kinds of businesses around the world. From restaurants to airlines, many industries did not escape the unexpected drastic decline of sales and transactions. Moreover, the continuous restrictions and seemingly unending situation resulted in the collapse of several businesses as well. Even Amazon sellers, small or big companies, battled with the limitations in the supply chain, impacting their sales.

Amid the pandemic, Amazon’s e-commerce sales increased, even topping the records from years ago. Because most people cannot buy their necessities outside, they rely on online marketplaces that deliver their goods right before their doorsteps. As an entrepreneur, you must also take advantage of Amazon’s increasing number of buyers and helpful seller programs. In this article, you will learn ten ways to step up your game and achieve success in Amazon selling.

1. Generate Positive Reviews

Whether you like it or not, product reviews are an integral part of your business on Amazon for various reasons. Because consumers cannot personally see and inspect the actual product, they depend on the feedback provided by previous buyers to make informed decisions. Also, user reviews become social proof, making buyers trust the products before checking out. If they see that your listing has a lot of positive feedback, they are likely to purchase from you rather than from other competing shops.

In addition, acquiring several positive reviews will make your product appear more on the Amazon search results page. The more exposure and visibility your item has, the more buyers you will have in return. But you must obtain positive reviews properly to protect your Amazon seller account from being suspended. Refrain from asking your employees or family members to leave comments on your listing.

Because Amazon uses an algorithm that considers customer feedback, you must strive to receive positive reviews from your buyers. You can put product inserts asking them to give you a good rating. Reach out to them through Buyer-Seller messaging or click the Request a Review button. It would also help to create a more personal connection with the customers for them to make repeat orders in the future. 

2. Value Customer Feedback

As mentioned above, your customers are valuable to your Amazon business because of their possible feedback, referrals, and repeat purchases. You never know how one interaction with a buyer will make or break your business. As an individual seller, you must cater to their needs and address their concerns professionally as this is part of your customer service.

Part of asking for product reviews is receiving negative ones. While they may affect your shop, you should also remember that they can help improve your Amazon services in the future. Many customers give constructive criticisms not to ruin your shop’s image but to advise other buyers or prompt you to make necessary changes. Take note of them and apply those you think are vital to your business.

If you think that the negative reviews are not objective, it is best to message the buyer privately and resolve the issue. Ask them to change their feedback without giving refunds to avoid being suspended. But if you want to have them removed, you can contact Amazon to process them. They will only accept requests for removal if the comment is about the product, not the seller.  

3. Optimize Listings With Amazon SEO Strategies

Besides positive reviews, your product listing can also contribute to more visibility of your items resulting in more sales. Because this shows everything the buyers need to know about your products, you must craft the entire posting that will eventually lead them to purchase. This basic Amazon seller information will help boost your sales by applying SEO strategies.

One of the first things the buyers see in your listing is the title, making it a crucial element. Ensure that your product title is informative and, at the same time, incorporates the right keywords. Once the potential customers click your product listing, they will instantly look for the descriptions and benefits of the item. In this case, crafting detailed yet simple product descriptions and bullet points will reel them into purchasing. If you are not confident with your writing skills, you can hire SEO services to do copywriting and optimization. 

Lastly, provide enticing photos that will capture the attention of potential buyers. Even though Amazon has set requirements for product images, you should still try to think out of the box. Strive to give your customers clarity and information as they browse through the photos. Always ensure that you put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Keep their needs in mind as you create your listings.

4. Use Amazon Sponsored Ads

In running your business, you must advertise your products to present them to your target audience. Nowadays, entrepreneurs have seller opportunities to advertise their items to the public. But one of the best ways to do this in Amazon is through Amazon Sponsored Product Ads.

It is considered pay-per-click advertising in which sellers have to pay a small fee for every click the ad acquires. In turn, Amazon places your product listing on the related search results while blending it with other items. But in this program, you are bidding against other entrepreneurs for the slot. Depending on the payment you spent on the ad and Amazon’s algorithm, your product listing can be found on the very top of the search results or somewhere else entirely.

If you have the allocated sufficient budget for ads, you must try Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads. In this way, more consumers can see your products as they search for things to buy. If you are uncertain about this, you can consult reputable experts for money well-spent.

5. Try Amazon Vine as a New Amazon Seller

One of the worries a new seller on Amazon has is the absence of reviews that can attract potential customers to purchase your product. Opening their Amazon business is already challenging enough. But with the lack of feedback, many entrepreneurs have second thoughts before continuing their endeavors.

Knowing how difficult it is for a beginner to get good feedback immediately, Amazon launched the Amazon Vine program. They invite trusted reviewers who will receive the item for free, but they must review it and provide honest and unbiased feedback. It means that they can give precise comments and not hold themselves back if negative reviews are appropriate.

If you are qualified to join this program, you should try it. But be ready for any criticism you might receive. Otherwise, you can seek other ways to garner reviews as a new seller.

6. Interact With Other Sellers 

Being a new seller on Amazon can be a pretty daunting experience to many. Because of the rules and regulations, first-time sellers might find it challenging to find their way around the Amazon marketplace. They might also feel discouraged when they have not sold anything or reached their monthly quotas.

But even if you have been selling on Amazon for a long time now, you should still connect with other sellers. New or old, you must find a way to interact with them. Try to catch up with your friends who are now Amazon entrepreneurs or join online seller support groups. In this way, you can learn some tips and best practices they have done for their business. Their advice can save you from making huge mistakes and suffering losses.

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7. Promote Your Products on Social Media

With more than 4 billion social media users worldwide, social media platforms are now the best places to advertise your products. Because the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is still nowhere in sight, more and more people create their social media accounts to get in touch with the world while in the comforts of their homes. As a seller, you must take advantage of this opportunity to expose your products to more people.

If you still don’t have an account for your brand or company, you must start creating accounts across various platforms. Use the same handles or user names so that people can easily find your page on different sites.

However, it would be best to manage social media accounts depending on your target audience. For example, if your target consumers are teens and young adults, you must develop more content on TikTok. Meanwhile, promote on Facebook or YouTube more for parents or seniors.

Remember to keep your audience engaged by consistently posting content, whether short videos, pictures, or memes. You can hire social media managers if you do not have time to manage your accounts yourself.

8. Collaborate With Influencers and Content Creators 

More people have transitioned to become influencers and content creators because of the constant growth of social media users and increasing financial opportunities. Leveraging on their followers, you can collaborate with them to acquire more potential buyers and attract loyal ones.

Even if you are already promoting on your social media accounts, you should still consider working with influencers. According to research, 49% of the respondents answered that they depend on influencers’ recommendations before purchasing online. This data shows that they have a strong capability to turn their followers into your customers.

This information might prompt you to start looking for an influencer right away. But it would be best for your brand to look for micro-influencers with at least 1,000 to 10,000 followers. It shows that they have already established their niche in the community, enabling them to gather followers who constantly await their content. They can influence their followers to buy your products if you collaborate with them. Most importantly, you can afford their fees because of their small follower count. 

9. Seek Help From Experts

Who better ask about Amazon than the experts, right? Because of their experience and expertise in the field, you can learn so much from them. In addition, most of them are successful Amazon sellers already, so their insights will help you run your business to success.

At first, you might hesitate to ask for help because you might end up wasting time or money. Nowadays, you can see many YouTube gurus who seem knowledgeable about Amazon. But you must be careful before hiring anyone because they might not be sincere in helping you and your business grow.

If you have the means to pay for coaching or account management services, you must look for a trustworthy person or company. It is best to check their background first by looking at their profiles and reviews left by other Amazon sellers. Once you think they are the best for you, their Amazon seller help will be worth it in the long run. 


Along with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic comes the flexibility and adaptability of the people, including Amazon sellers. Suppose you want to step up your game and achieve success in your endeavors this year. In that case, you must strive to generate positive reviews, optimize your listings, and promote your products online through social media and influencers.

Also, consider various Amazon seller programs, like Sponsored Product Ads and Amazon Vine. Lastly, learn from other sellers and experts to gain insights that led to their success. By doing these, you can accomplish your goals and get excellent results.

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