5 Signs You Chose the Right Amazon Agency

March 23, 2021
Written by Jenna
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In this digital era, everyone can now reach anyone worldwide as long as they have access to the internet. The businessmen are the majority to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Today, it’s easier to connect to your target audience by posting your products or services on an e-commerce platform, like Amazon. However, as more people gain knowledge of the fundamentals of online marketing, everyone is also upgrading. You’ll need an expert, such as an Amazon agency, to help you compete in the industry. 

What’s an Amazon agency?

Amazon is a platform where people can either sell or buy products. One of its features enables users to search for specific products on the website and compare the selections. Posts that appear on the first page of the search results usually lead to purchase, and the others are just ignored.

With so many similar items posted, how can you make sure your products show up on the top page of the search result? 

That’s where an Amazon marketing agency comes into the picture. Amazon consulting experts know the ins and outs of Amazon’s algorithm and rules. They will help you choose the right strategies and apply them, so you stand out in such a competitive platform. 

How to know if you’re with the right team

Now that you know that having a marketing agency is beneficial for your business, knowing how to choose the right one is the next rational thing to do. There are plenty of consulting agencies out there, and some can be deceiving. It’s unfortunate if you’ll only end up in the wrong place if you trust right away. Protect your investment and put your clients in the right hands. 

Here are seven signs that will tell you you’ve chosen the right marketing consultants.  

  1. Extensive e-commerce experience

Since Amazon’s birth in the 90s, lots of marketing strategies have already shifted and changed. If your agency can witness years and even decades of such a trend on Amazon, they’re considered experienced. Similarly, if they have plenty of engagement in other e-commerce platforms, they should have the best knowledge on the topic. It’s also an advantage if you also intend to widen your scope across platforms. 

With this kind of experience, you can be assured that you’re getting what you paid for. Because you have the best advisors, the benefits include an increase in your sales and multiple investment returns. That’s the overall result of what you desire for your business when you work with Amazon consultants. 

  1. Offers several options to meet your business needs

Every Amazon consultant has a field of expertise. Some will only offer one; others can provide you with plenty of options altogether. If you have an Amazon consultant team that offers you most or all of the following techniques, you are working with the right one.

  • Amazon SEO agency - if your consultants offer SEO, this helps with your product rankings. Once they optimize your posts in Amazon, there’s a considerable chance that they will appear on the top page of the search results. The exposure your products get guarantees you more sales. 
  • Amazon FBA agency - Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a service provided by Amazon to help its clients store, pack, and deliver products. Your consultant will be managing the inventory of your products on Amazon until they’re delivered to their destination. This aims to give your buyers  quality customer service experience. 
  • Amazon PPC agency - consultants that specialize in Amazon PPC who provide their online marketing skills. They focus on getting your product to achieve a broader and better online presence by putting up product ads. These include Product Display Ads and Sponsored Ads. There’s a strict guideline on online marketing and these vary across different e-commerce platforms. So, if your agency is experienced in this area, you can make sure your ad investments are worth every penny.   
  • Amazon Review agency - if you don’t know how essential customer reviews are, you  have not heard it from the expert. Amazon Review specialists aim to promote brand awareness and customer satisfaction by earning you real and verified reviews. Even if your product is not on the top list, people will choose it due to positive feedback from actual buyers. 
  1. A price fit for your budget

When you start Amazon business or any kind of business, the main concern is budgeting. You will need to invest first before earning. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend more than what you can afford. Actually, don’t spend more than what is offered to you. If your Amazon consultants meet with your budget and still provide you with outstanding results, you’ve chosen the right partners. 

There are consulting agencies that post their quotation online to let you compare rates with other agencies. This also helps you realize how much is a reasonable budget for paying for such services. 

  1. Updated portfolio

Before you deal with people, always do background checks. That includes searching for their works, proof of legitimacy, or client reviews, if there are any. An outdated portfolio appears sketchy, unprofessional, or makes it seem like the company is entirely out of business. If your Amazon consultants always update their portfolio, that could mean they’re the real deal. 

When studying an expert’s portfolio online, what you should look for is evidence of their experience. Take note of what products and services they’ve focused on and see if these are inclined towards your business. 

If you’re interested in a consultant but couldn’t see their portfolio online, you could contact them. Some may not publish their works due to Non-Disclosure agreements; however, they may share it with you in private.

  1. Asking you the right questions

You’ll know that you’re talking with an expert if they ask you the right questions. Imagine working with a consultant who doesn’t understand e-commerce terminologies or a basic SEO rule; consider it a red flag. However, if your Amazon consultant directs you to a clear goal with the way they ask you about your business, close that deal. 

Your success depends on the kind of partners you work with. These people must look towards the same direction as you are and understand how things work, especially in Amazon selling. As people do more transactions online, they find ways on how to ease their lives. Some engage in online selling but fail to figure out what they need to improve on. That’s why, consulting with the experts such as Seller Interactive will provide you with the necessary tools and information you need to grow your business.

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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