Seller's Benefits: Knowing When to Quit? - A Helpful Guide

February 3, 2020
Written by Jayce Broda
seller's benefits

According to full service amazon product listing optimization company, as the biggest E-Commerce platform in the world, competition on Amazon can get tough. Although hard work and persistence were, are, and will always be the key ingredients to success, at times, they do not pay off exactly as expected. Seller's benefits and increasing profit sometimes are the things that we don't hold.

Sometimes the most advantageous move is not to make any more moves at all. To make a long story short, QUIT.

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In "Seth Godin’s book entitled The Dip", he teaches you the value of knowing when to quit. This concept does not imply that you just throw in the towel abruptly, right in the middle of everything, and start fresh at a moment’s notice.  Besides, these seller's benefits are not easy as 123 for you to achieve. As ideal as this may sound for many people, just dropping everything on the spot is not how it works.

Seth shared valuable pieces of advice on knowing when to stick and when to quit. For Amazon sellers like you, determining if you have what it takes to thrive in the marketplace requires in-depth soul searching.

Ask yourself, “Am I in the best position to deal with these types of business problems?” Go further into details and be more specific like, “Do I have the right skills and experience to select the best products my customers will love?”

There are other issues that you must also delve into. Among them are cash flow and manufacturing necessities for keeping costs down, like ensuring that your manufacturer can directly ship from the source to Amazon FBA.

If you are not skilled enough to handle specific aspects of your business, the next question will deal with finding the right resources for learning. Ask yourself, “How can I acquire the skills to help me manage this aspect of my business?”

Only after you have evaluated your situation from all angles and exhausted all feasible measures, should you begin contemplating on whether or not you should quit? At this point, it is critical to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

When you find yourself in a place where recovery is improbable, then quitting may be the best decision you can ever make. Learning when to stop is a skill in itself. At times, it may not be easy to give up as it is to persist.

Throwing in the towel hurts. But look at it this way, every time a door closes, new ones open eventually. You only need to stay positive, and with a little faith and a lot of effort, it may not be long before you finally start heading down the right path that is truly meant for you.

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