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Last updated on January 24th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

If you're an Amazon seller, chances are, you've heard of optimizing your product listing to increase sales. If you haven’t, then you're missing out on a lot. Amazon Optimization Services can help you drive traffic to your product listings, which can then turn into conversions. 

Based on research, 95% of product listings are not set up correctly. Furthermore, Amazon has generated $87.44 billion in sales during the last quarter of 2019. With Amazon continuously growing, it provides a better opportunity for third-party sellers to enter the platform. 

However, it raises the stakes higher as many sellers compete over a pool of buyers for a specific product category. Hence, as an Amazon seller, it is essential to optimize your product listings to boost your ranking on Amazon and gain organic leads. 

If you're a buyer on Amazon, you've probably seen poorly crafted product listings. They're not exactly exciting to click on and purchase. Most of them can be poorly written product descriptions, confusing images, and titles full of unnecessary words. To increase your conversion rate, we'll be discussing Amazon store optimization by hiring the right people.

Let’s Get Started

Amazon Product Listing contains the details for the items you sell on Amazon. It is made up of information about your product, such as title, features, images, and price. 

Amazon Product Listing Optimization is the practice of improving a product listing to increase the click-through rate, product visibility, and conversion rate to gain more sales. The key to this is optimizing keywords, using captivating and factual images, and increasing reviews. 

If you want to turn these "online window shoppers" to actual buyers, you have to create a compelling Amazon product listing. Creating a persuading Amazon product listing needs dedication and commitment because it is a continuous process of improvement. You have to live by the rule that what works now may not work tomorrow. So, you always have to be open to improving your product listing. You can also use an Amazon product ranking tool to constantly update your ranking.

To achieve better results, optimize your product listing. Don't frequently change the product listing in a small amount of time because you won't be able to compare the results. It will also help if you acquire the Buy Box

To start improving your product listing, you can begin by improving each part. Here are the tips on how you can adjust each element on the Amazon Product Listing. 

Amazon Title Optimization

To start optimizing your listing, you need to check your product title. The product title is the first thing that customers will see when they search on Amazon. If you want to capture your customers' attention, you can start by creating an optimized product title. Keep it as short and compelling as possible. 

The limit of an Amazon product title is only 250 characters, so you have to utilize it wisely. You can add keywords related to the product, but remember to not overdo it. Try adding the brand name, keyword, model, size, quantity, and color. 

Amazon provides formulas for each category of product that you may consider checking out. 

An example of a good product title for a headphone is: 

Bluetooth Headphones, Abaca Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth 3.1 Wireless Stereo Soundbuds with Slim Lightweight, Waterproof Sport Headset with Mic, works with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus. 

You can see from the example that the seller placed the keyword Bluetooth Headphones in the beginning of the title. It was followed by the brand name, benefits, and features of the headphone. 

Some other ideas you can note of are the following: 

  1. Capitalize the first letter of each word
  2. Don't use the word "and." Instead, use the ampersand (&) only if it is part of the trade name
  3. Avoid using promotional and subjective messages such as Free Shipping and 100% Guarantee
  4. Avoid using symbols

Product Image

Your product images can help hook your customers. They like it when they can see each detail of the product since they will be ordering it online. Amazon allows up to nine photos of your product; hence, use high-quality images with size 500-1,000 pixels. 

We advise you to use a white background for your product. You can take a full shot for the main image, while you can take different angles of the product for the other images. 

One of Amazon's requirements is for the product to fill at least 85% of the photo and present factual images of it. You don't want your buyers to leave negative reviews because the actual product is different from the image. Present the image in its actual size and scale to avoid negative feedback from customers, saying the actual product was smaller than the photo.  

Overall, use several high-quality images showing the actual product. 

Key Product Features

Using 1,000 characters to describe your key product features highlights the most important parts and benefits. Use the key features to persuade your customers to buy your product. 

Explain to them what differentiates you from other sellers. To make it easier for you, you can try picturing yourself in your customer's shoes. Help them visualize that they are using your product, and help them see the benefits they will receive from it. 

Consider using bullet points to highlight the key product features. It will be easier for them to read and understand the value derived from using the product. When creating your bullet points, begin each one with a capital letter. Avoid mentioning the price and shipping since Amazon does not allow it. 

Product Description

The product description is where you go the extra mile and explain your product's features. This is the place where you tell the story of your product. Avoid comparing it to other items. Instead, explain to them what features make them better than the others.

For the product descriptions, you can use up to 2,000 characters to further explain the key features. To make it easier for buyers to read and understand the key product features, use short and concise sentences.

Again, don't post claims that aren't true. Avoid using promotional words such as free shipping. 

Also, use relevant keywords to optimize your product listing. Don't use too much to avoid keyword stuffing. 

Product Reviews

Product reviews give proof that your product is of high quality and standard. They provide information regarding the value received by customers. Most of all, they help future buyers know whether to purchase your product or not. 

A negative review can make a customer hesitant to buy your product, while a positive review can make you earn an income. Make sure you have a high-quality product with a listing that is true in its claims based on the information provided. 

There are numerous cases where buyers leave negative reviews due to receiving a different product. Only state the truth and ship high-quality products. 

Competitive Pricing

The pricing should be competitive since the competition is getting more intense on Amazon. You want to price based on your product's value and the price of other sellers. 

Hiring the Right Amazon Optimization Service

It’s the Seller Interactive Way!

We know that you want to find the right people to optimize your store. Here at Seller Interactive, we offer the most reliable and affordable optimization service. We help you increase traffic for your product listing, speed up your product loading page, and drive organic sales to your listing. Aside from these, we ensure that your brand stays relevant by constantly updating your listing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a phone call now!

Key Takeaways 

Amazon product listing optimization is an important way to boost your product to the top of the search results and gain more leads. There's no use in having a good product if people can't see it. 

Use relevant keywords to make it searchable for users, use presentable product images, and provide relevant product descriptions. You'll see the difference when you edit your product listings using the tips above. Here at Seller Interactive, we can help you optimize your product listing to gain better leads and conversion. Send us a message through [email protected] today so you can get started in expanding your business.

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