5 Upfront Reasons You Should Partner With An Amazon PPC Agency

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

Look back on a moment in your life when you faced a challenge involving difficult choices—most likely, you had to seek advice from your family and closest friends, do some research. Eventually, after weighing everything you’ve learned, you managed to come up with a resolution. Did this process work for you?

If this were on Amazon, you can ask for help and advice from an Amazon PPC agency and read up on advertising strategies to achieve your goals more efficiently. As an online merchant, you will face many demanding situations when you need to decide crucial things for the good of your business. Knowing that your actions can define the success or failure of your business can add a ton of pressure. However, if you have an Amazon PPC expert to brainstorm with and help you execute your ideas, your daily tasks will become much lighter.

Is Amazon PPC worth it? Yes, indeed. We have prepared here the five reasons why. 

  1. They will pick the best Amazon advertising solution for your business.

There are a lot of Amazon advertising solutions you can choose from. All these solutions come with their own advantages, but you need to strategize and pick out which of them is/are the most efficient for your business. Like choosing a pastry combination in a pastry shop, you need to know which flavors would complement each other best. An Amazon PPC agency will help you decide which types of ads will give your business the most advantage. 

Here are the four primary ad types on Amazon that you can choose from:

  • Sponsored Products - This type of campaign focuses on advertising a specific product in your business for different purposes: First, you may choose to advertise a product to create brand awareness and start getting sales. Second, you can use Sponsored Products to highlight your bestsellers and encourage repeat buyers to generate more sales. This engagement-based strategy can help in your continuous rise in the Amazon ranking. Sponsored products can also advertise products on sale or with special offers. 
  • Sponsored Brands - This type includes your brand logo, an appealing and memorable tagline, and a catchy image. The goal is creating brand awareness—inviting customers to visit your store to see your catalog and learn more about your brand and products. Sponsored Brand works best for new brands that want to establish a name on the largest eCommerce platform. For more seasoned sellers, using this type of ad ensures customer retention and loyalty.
  • Sponsored Display - Ensure that your ads appear on Amazon’s home page, product listings related to your products, shopping results, and even on pages outside of Amazon through the Sponsored Display. These ads will also appear on individuals who have successfully purchased from you or brands related to yours. Your brands will also appear on users who have already checked out your store but didn’t make a purchase. 
  • Stores - Create a mini website within Amazon where your customers can access to know more about you and your products. There is no need for coding as Amazon has ready-made templates for you to use. Publish a catalog of your products in only a few clicks. If you want your store to be unique and more competitive, you can hire professional graphic artists and Amazon PPC marketing professionals to plan and execute your visuals and content. 

Aside from these four ads, there are small branches of Amazon solutions available for you: Amazon Live, Amazon audio ads, and Amazon video ads. More importantly, there are also customized advertising solutions specifically for your business. An Amazon PPC agency has trained individuals who specialize in carrying out your plans and strategies.

  • The reach of your campaigns is handled professionally by an Amazon PPC expert.

Your graphics and superb layouts will not be seen by your target audience if your listing, ads, and content are not optimized. Jumpstart your optimization by searching all the related keywords for your brand. After this, knowing the right Amazon keywords will be next. An Amazon PPC expert is an excellent professional to help you decide on the best PPC strategy you can take. 

Here are some of the strategies you can choose from or execute simultaneously.

  • Automatic Campaign - This means that Amazon automates the keywords related to your product. 
  • Manual Campaign - For this campaign, you will have the liberty to pick and bid for keywords you want your listing to rank for. 
  • Automatic + Manual Campaign - You can do both automatic and manual campaigns simultaneously. This strategy is commonly recommended by an Amazon PPC expert. Using an automatic campaign allows you to accumulate data quickly. After a week or two of using an automatic campaign, check the data and see your ranking keywords. Then, you can do a manual campaign for the highly searched keywords. 

Whether your campaigns are in or out of Amazon, optimizing them for sophisticated algorithms is an essential step. While product and ad quality are important in making a business succeed, visibility remains crucial. The latter can only be achieved through Amazon store optimization. 

  • You will be provided creative ways to engage your customers.

In Amazon PPC marketing, there should be a balance between creating content for the algorithm and producing for human visitors. After researching the keywords, an Amazon PPC agency will also help you with your brand’s aesthetics as well as other creative tasks. 

  • Product Description - Your product description must contain relevant and well-researched keywords for you to rank. The texts should also be written in an engaging and persuasive way. It should contain keywords, facts, and reasons why customers should purchase your goods. 
  • Product Images - Ensure that you abide by the Amazon image guidelines. An Amazon PPC agency will equip you with a team of graphic designers and photographers who will give you images that sell. Amazon images are more than just your product on a white background; it is also an excellent opportunity to raise brand awareness and customer retention. The layout, the arrangement of multiple products on a frame, and the uniformity of all the images in your portfolio create a lasting brand impression to viewers and say a lot about how you handle your business. 

Your business will see success as a result if your text and image content is optimized and your products are delivered to your customers according to your descriptions. First, your positive views will increase. These reviews will be seen by visitors of your listing, boosting social proof of your product and, eventually, sales. With increased sales and positive reviews comes a boost in ranking. A higher ranking means a higher probability of appearing on the first pages, getting clicks from customers, and generating sales. 

All these results happen because you were able to give ample attention and planning for your content and images

  • Your campaigns will be monitored and adjusted if need be.

On Amazon, you need to have an account on Seller Central if you are a retailer and an account on Vendor Central if you are a manufacturer. These accounts have special tools that allow you to monitor and analyze your store’s performance. Hire an Amazon PPC expert to make more sense of these stats These professionals can create reports on the efficiency of your campaigns. They can also look into your customers’ behavior, so you can adjust your advertisements and keywords bidding accordingly. 

Having an Amazon PPC agency do the data gathering and reporting for you is time-saving. But more than that, an expert team can also suggest solutions in case you face certain challenges in the process. The cycle of data gathering, analytics, and creating action plans never stops. Doing this on your own can be tedious; ask for help from experts. 

  • Campaigns outside Amazon are part of the solutions an Amazon PPC agency offers

There is more to Amazon advertising than what you see on the platform. You can also build websites and accounts for individuals shopping outside of Amazon, especially on major social media sites. With over 3 billion social media users worldwide, social media marketing would be a wise decision. 

Here are some of the choices you have: 

  • Google for Retail - Google for Retail is an advertising solution on Google you can also maximize to grow your Amazon business. Your ads will appear on different Google properties, which will open your brand and products to billions of users worldwide. You may opt to link your ads on Google to your Amazon listing or use Google Pay for easier transactions, accommodating off-Amazon customers. 
  • Creation of a Website - Increase the credibility of your brand by creating a website for it. Unlike Amazon with limited display allowance for you to present your products, your own personal website will be limitless. You can include all sorts of topics related to your product in your blog entries. You may also link your Amazon product listings here for interested buyers. 
  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more social media platforms are readily available to market your products on. An Amazon PPC agency can also help you in this area, especially with measuring the effects of your social media campaigns through data gathering and reporting. There are so many tasks already going on in your Amazon business. Delegating this task to an Amazon PPC expert can unburden you and ensure the steps you are taking are well-thought-out and professionally handled.


To summarize and answer your question, “Is Amazon PPC worth it?” The answer is affirmative. Experts have said that spending a lot of money on Amazon ads is normal, especially for new stores. However, as time passes, sellers can slowly decrease their advertising costs of sales as they slowly gain a reputation on the Amazon platform and get steady sales. 

Partnering with an Amazon PPC agency is another worthy investment. Whether you’re a newbie or veteran seller, you can always improve your business and its operations with assistance from experts. 

For new sellers, you can start by hiring professional help in store optimization and ad campaigns. You can also make your images more competitive through the help of an agency’s graphic artists. For seasoned sellers, consistent advertising is essential to maintain or increase sales. Keeping your keywords up-to-date will ensure your appearance on the first pages of Amazon search results. 

Seller Interactive can be your partner agency for your PPC or any Amazon-related services. Call us now at 1-800-820-3746, and we’ll discuss the details with you. 

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