Step Up Your Game with Amazon PPC Advertising in 2022

Advertising is one of the most effective tools for marketing. It is widely used across online and offline businesses to bring traffic to a business website. Amazon has acknowledged this new need with an additional cost pay-per-click (PPC) feature, the Amazon PPC advertising module. We have compiled the most useful practices you should follow to […]

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Scaling On Amazon: Images

Here are our 4 top tips to optimize your images on Amazon. Your product images may have been shot by a professional photographer and yet those same highly-priced images may fail to help sell more products. Know Your Goal! The secret to this, my friends, is discipline. I learned years ago from a mentor of mine that any element you put into these images must have a specific purpose that contributes to your goal. In this...

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How a Copy that Sells Boosts Your Listing's Rankings

Copy That Sells
Struggling to scale and be found on Amazon? Write for Two Audiences The best sellers know that crafting a sales converting listing is half art and half science. The most persuasive copywriter will not necessarily be able to produce the best Amazon listing. Likewise, AI technology that knows every keyword and the correct order to put in the title, bullet points, description and back-end will not be able to connect with human readers as well as we hope. It...

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