7 Major Tasks in Your Business that Need Amazon Outsourcing Services

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Last updated on March 19th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Whether you are a small business owner or not, you still have several tasks on your plate. There are a few sellers who manage their businesses well independently. However, with increasing customers and demands, you might reach a point where you feel overwhelmed and stressed with all tasks you need to accomplish.

Besides that, you might not know the best course of action to take, especially when encountering a complex problem for the first time. So if you find yourself in any of these situations, it would be best to consider outsourcing some crucial tasks to experts.

This article lists seven major tasks in your business where you might need help from individuals or agencies offering Amazon outsourcing services. 

1. Optimizing Your Product Listings

Creating a product listing is one of your first tasks to start your Amazon selling journey. And fortunately, anyone—even newbies—can create an Amazon product listing from scratch. You just have to fill all parts from product title to backend keywords.

But in reality, the work to make your Amazon listings visible to the customers does not end with putting all the necessary information. You still have to factor in what your customers need to know about your product before purchasing and, most importantly, Amazon's search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms.

So, hiring SEO experts would be best for you if you are unfamiliar with the criteria used on the latest A10 algorithm. They can assist you in your keyword research and listing optimization to fit the standards of the A10 algorithm and increase traffic to your Amazon product listing.

Moreover, they can help you identify the weak parts of your listing, which often affect your potential customers' purchasing decisions. Then, they will work with you to improve your listing and continue to tweak it as necessary, especially when the algorithms change again.

2. Taking Product Photos and Videos

Like making an Amazon product listing, taking product photos and videos for your listing and advertising materials is also a task you can do on your own. Many sellers without enough resources to hire professional photographers often take their product photos using their smartphones or renting professional cameras.

While this seems like an inexpensive alternative, you must understand that Amazon has a set of guidelines for product photos uploaded on the listing. Besides that, shoppers nowadays are more drawn to high-quality and well-lit images and videos. Therefore, it would also be best for you to provide 360-degree images to help them decide.

So even though you need to shell out some money to hire professional photographers, doing this will help you gain sales in the long run. The more people you attract with your photos, the more Amazon customers you will convince to purchase. So, an increase in sales and positive reviews can also translate to a higher rank on the search engine results page (SERP) and a reduction in product returns.  

3. Managing Your Sponsored Ads

Most of the time, new Amazon sellers find it challenging to rank high on the SERPs because they do not have enough customer reviews yet. As a result, their listings do not get enough traffic, contributing to low sales.

Fortunately, they can rely on the Pay-Per-Click advertisement method, which Amazon and other social media platforms offer. As the name suggests, sellers will only pay the advertising costs whenever a customer clicks on their ads, which can be found within and outside of Amazon.

If it is your first time running campaign ads, it will help if you avail yourself of outsourced PPC services from reputable agencies. PPC specialists are well-versed in running paid ads, which allows them to execute some best practices in the field and suggest helpful and cost-efficient strategies.

With their help, you can spend your Sponsored Ads budget wisely, attract more Amazon customers, and increase your brand awareness.

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4. Handling Customer Support

Responding to customer concerns, on top of order fulfillment, can be time-consuming and stressful. Moreover, because some customers are impatient and want an immediate response, it is difficult for you to handle it yourself. In this case, you must look for the right people to handle your Amazon business' customer support.

Outsourcing your customer support not only frees up your time to focus on more vital Amazon tasks but also ensures a timely response to your customers' queries. Once they receive an immediate response from you, they can easily decide whether to purchase or not. They might even give you positive seller feedback, which can impact your seller performance and product listing ranking on the SERPs.

5. Tracking Refunds and Reimbursements

Besides product or shipping inquiries, customers often communicate with Amazon sellers if they want refunds for items they ordered. While Amazon is quick to issue refunds, it does not work similarly to giving reimbursements. Because it would take you some time to receive your reimbursements from Amazon, you might forget them along the way.

To prevent this from happening and ensure you get your money back, you need to consider availing yourself of refunds and reimbursement services. These can help you take your mind off tracking reimbursements and help you focus on other areas of your Amazon business instead.

6. Getting Brand Protection and Assistance

If you are a new Amazon seller, registering your brand must be one of the first things you must accomplish before selling. It is because there are several threats awaiting you, like hijackers, counterfeiters, and infringements.

To prevent them from sabotaging your reputation and affecting your sales, it would be best if you take preemptive measures by registering your brand and filing intellectual property rights. Through Amazon Brand Registry, you can register your brand and products.

But if you find the entire registration process challenging or time-consuming, you would benefit from getting brand protection and assistance services from reputable agencies. Besides the registration, they can also help you report hijackers who try to take away the Buy Box from you and counterfeiters who imitate your products and later on reduce your sales and affect your reputation in the marketplace.

7. Dealing with Account Suspension

Receiving an account suspension notice is something you never want to experience but should prepare for in case it happens. It is easy to say that you will just follow all Amazon's guidelines to avoid account suspension. But in reality, many Amazon seller accounts unexpectedly become suspended for various reasons.

So as soon as you get a suspension notice from Amazon, immediately consult an Amazon expert who is experienced in handling similar situations. This way, you can resolve the problem accordingly and avoid taking actions that can lead to your permanent suspension or banishment from selling on Amazon.

In a nutshell

Like running a brick-and-mortar store, managing an ecommerce business on Amazon comes with daunting and unbearable challenges. This is why it would greatly benefit you to outsource other Amazon tasks and responsibilities requiring professional assistance and expertise.

Some tasks in your business that may need Amazon FBA outsourcing services are optimizing product listings, taking product photos and videos, and managing campaign ads. Furthermore, it would be helpful to your Amazon business if you get assistance in handling customer support, tracking refunds and reimbursements, getting brand protection and assistance, and dealing with account suspension.

Looking for a trustworthy freelancer or agency for all these services needs a painstaking process. Fortunately, you have already found the right one with Seller Interactive. Their experienced personnel can work on any of the services mentioned above. But if you want to avail all the services, consider getting their full account management services for the best results.

To get started, email [email protected] or call 1-800-820-3746.

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