Tips for Lowering Your Order Defect Rate After Amazon Reinstatement

November 4, 2022
Written by Corin Romkey
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Many factors go into maintaining good Amazon Seller Central account health. One of them is the order defect rate (ODR). It focuses on customer service and describes the quality of your product. It’s arguably the most important factor and could make or break a seller’s performance. 

Amazon is strict when it comes to this metric. You’ll risk having your account suspended if you do not meet the standard. 

Should Amazon suspend you, you need to solve this issue immediately and prevent it in the future to get a successful Amazon reinstatement. Here are the best practices for improving your ODR.

The Basics of Amazon’s Order Defect Rate Metric

The order defect rate refers to the number of defective orders customers complain about within a particular period. It also indicates how well you manage and respond to their feedback.

To determine your ODR, divide the number of defective orders by the total orders received within the same period and multiply by 100. 

Amazon considers your account to be in good health if the ODR is 1% or less. Any higher makes you at risk for account suspension.

What Scenarios Negatively Impact Your ODR?

What makes an Amazon order defective? Three main scenarios impact a seller’s order defect rate.

  1. A Customer Filed an A-to-Z Claim

When customers are unsatisfied with their buying experience (e.g., delivery is too slow), Amazon lets them make an A-to-Z claim as a guarantee. Typically, it indicates that your products weren’t delivered on time or arrived in poor condition. It negatively impacts your ODR as a result.

  1. There’s a Charge-Back Request

Another scenario is when a customer requests their money back, possibly due to bad service, damaged items, fraud, or failure to receive a refund. If the chargeback is due to bad seller support, it will negatively affect your ODR.

  1. You Received Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can affect your Amazon store’s ODR. Usually, online shoppers leave negative reviews or ratings because of poor buying or customer service experience. If you can’t prevent that, your order defect rate will continue to increase.

The Consequences of a High ODR

If your ODR is high, Amazon will issue an ODR warning to give you an opportunity to address the issue. 

If left unresolved, here’s how Amazon will respond:

  • You will lose the Buy Box, which features products from top Amazon sellers. A high ODR suggests to Amazon that you are no longer a trustworthy brand and might damage the platform’s reputation.
  • Amazon will immediately suspend your account. They will remove your selling privileges and hold payouts to refund buyers.
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How to Reinstate Your Amazon Account If You Get Suspended

If your account gets suspended, do not panic. Instead, review and investigate why it happened. You can find that in the details of the suspension notice the Amazon seller performance team sent you.

Then, reinstate your account to get it back up and running again. 

How do I reinstate my Amazon account? Here’s a quick guide to the process.

  1. Create a Plan of Action (POA). Your Amazon appeal letter should detail your plans to resolve the issue with your account.
  2. Submit your appeal via email or fax. If Amazon requires more details, include them in your submission.
  3. Wait for Amazon’s response on whether or not they will reinstate your account.

If you’re struggling with it, consider the help of an expert who offers Amazon account reinstatement service.

4 Best Practices for Keeping a Healthy ODR

Below are four best practices to improve and maintain a healthy order defect rate. Apply them while you’re appealing your suspension and after you get reinstated.

1. Manage Customer Feedback

Work on all kinds of customer feedback you receive, whether A-to-Z claims or low ratings. Remember: consumer feedback is a component of ODR, so managing it is a crucial step to avoid another warning. Find out what causes their problems and solve them at the root. 

An immediate response or assistance also goes a long way. Address feedback as soon as you can to prevent the chances of increasing your ODR.  

2. Optimize Your Listings

Audit your product listings regularly. Make sure they have sufficient, updated, and relevant information that customers need to make a purchasing decision. Also, check for accuracy and SEO.

Most negative feedback stems from misleading descriptions on your listings. So make sure that the actual product will match the expectations you set in the listing. That way, customers will love and trust your brand for being genuine.

3. Keep Up with the Holiday Rush

As an Amazon seller, you should plan for the December holidays in September or even earlier. Otherwise, you will suffer from delayed shipments and other logistics issues during the holiday rush, which could negatively affect your ODR. Keep track of your plans as the holidays come closer. 

You may also put your seller account on Holiday Mode. It allows you to pull out certain listings during the holidays or customize quantities to prevent getting bogged down.

4. Set Up a Valid Tracking System

Customers will trust you more if you provide tracking codes for their orders. It’s your way of showing transparency and ensuring their orders are on the way.  

Failure in this area may result in customer complaints and Amazon assuming your orders did not arrive, which will directly impact your ODR. So follow all the steps Amazon requires for order confirmations. 

Suspended for High ODR? Try Seller Interactive’s Account Reinstatement Service

ODR is one of the most crucial metrics Amazon uses to evaluate a seller’s performance. It is a great indicator that you provide good customer service to their customers. 

Always keep an eye on your ODR so it doesn’t exceed 1%. This way, you can avoid restrictions or suspensions and continue selling on Amazon.

If you got suspended for having a high ODR, we offer Amazon seller account suspension reinstatement. Our Amazon Suspension Protection Program is like an insurance for your Amazon account. It addresses various issues, including

  • account creation failure,
  • poor performance,
  • IP complaints,
  • Amazon policy violations,
  • damage recovery, and
  • brand protection.

Book a call with us today for more information about how we’ll get your account and performance back on track!

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