Make Your Listings Holiday-Ready With Amazon Optimization Services

October 17, 2022
Written by Ken Zhou
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Is your business completely ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season? As an Amazon seller, you have probably already prepared your inventory to accommodate the influx of traffic during this season. But if you want to get the most out of the increased traffic, you must not only focus on inventory but also your product listing optimization.

Product listing optimization involves improving various aspects of your listing, including product title, bullet features, description, images, videos, A+ content, and backend keywords. If you don't have enough time for this, you can avail yourself of professional listing optimization services. This way, your products will be more appealing to the customers, urging them to purchase immediately.

In this article, you will learn why it is important to make your listing holiday-ready and how Amazon optimization services can help your brand stand out from the competition.

Why It Is Important to Make Your Listings Holiday-Ready

For Amazon sellers of all sizes, the holiday season is crucial for various reasons. And with Amazon being one of the most popular shopping destinations, you must ensure that all your listings are ready for the holidays.

Here are some reasons why it is vital to make your product listings holiday-ready:

1. The holiday season is a busy time for online shoppers

As you already know, most people shop during the holidays to purchase gifts for themselves and their loved ones. So, it's no wonder why Amazon's sales go through the roof during this season. In fact, Amazon shared that their U.S.-based third-party sellers sold 11,500 items on average per minute between Black Friday and Christmas.

Even though Amazon has billions of viewers every month, what actually matters to sellers is when they purchase products. And the Yuletide season is the best time for them to spend on gifts and decorations. Therefore, you should prioritize optimizing your listings for this busy season to increase market visibility and acquire high sales.

2. Customers’ shopping behavior is different

As mentioned above, customers seek gifts for friends and family during the holiday season. However, this also entails that they are often in a hurry and focused on finding the perfect present, leading to different shopping behaviors than during non-holiday periods.

For example, buyers are less likely to ask questions or spend time browsing the store. They may also be more likely to make impulse purchases or purchase items they wouldn't normally buy. So, you must include all necessary information about the products on your listings to avoid wasting their time and ensure that they receive high-quality items.

Lastly, customers may add seasonal keywords to their searches, which they don't use on a normal shopping day. For example, instead of simply typing "toys for children," they might add keywords like "Christmas," "Black Friday," or "holiday sale." So, you might miss out on potential sales if you do not update your keywords to accommodate these seasonal words.

3. You need to stand out from the competition

On days leading to the holiday shopping season, sellers will become more aggressive in marketing their products on the Amazon marketplace, mostly through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Because of this, online shoppers will constantly be bombarded with Sponsored Ads while browsing the search results and product listings.

While running ad campaigns is crucial to your success, you must also not forget to optimize your product listings to ensure they stand out during the holiday rush. This way, when they finally open your listing despite numerous competitors, they will be enticed to purchase your product immediately.

4. Customers have high expectations during the holidays

Whether you like it or not, customers expect a lot from sellers during the holidays. So if you want to compete with other sellers on Amazon, you must meet or exceed customer expectations.

One of the ways to do it is by optimizing your listings well enough that they will see all vital product information and images to make their shopping experience easier. You should also consider offering fast shipping options and providing excellent customer service to gain more positive seller feedback and product reviews.

5. Product returns are more prominent during this season

Not all Amazon sellers look forward to the holiday shopping season because they know product returns will be rampant. Even though they are inevitable in the business industry, many sellers complain about receiving too many return requests.

So if you want to reduce them, you need to optimize your product listings by providing high-quality images and precise descriptions, size charts, and dimensions.

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How Amazon Listing Experts Can Help Your Products Stand Out This Holiday Season

It's understandable for you to be nervous about your business's sales outcome during the holiday shopping season. After all, numerous businesses, whether within or outside of Amazon, are vying for the customers' attention. And if you don't exert your best efforts to stand out from your competitors, you will miss out on many opportunities to gain sales and new customers.

Fortunately, you can free yourself from stress caused by the tough competition on Amazon through the assistance of product listing experts. Below are various ways they can help your product listings and storefront stand out this holiday season:

1. They can search and use the right keywords

As mentioned above, customers may include seasonal keywords while searching for products they want to buy. You cannot update your listings if you don't know the keywords they use. As a result, your listings will have low rankings on the search results, especially for keywords that use seasonal words.

To prevent this from happening, you can work on keyword research with a product listing consultant. They are well-versed and experienced in using advanced keyword research tools to provide you with the right keywords.

Afterward, they can help you incorporate these new keywords into your product title, bulleted features, and description. But most importantly, they will use other high-ranking keywords that didn't make it to the listing as backend keywords.

2. They can revamp your images, A+ content, and storefront

As the holiday season approaches, Amazon shoppers constantly look for deals on everything from electronics and toys to clothes and home decor. But with so many products and brands on Amazon, making your brand shine from the rest can be challenging.

Luckily, you can hire an Amazon product listing optimization expert who can help you revamp your product images, A+ content, and storefront to ensure that your brand is putting its best foot forward. They can also beautify your listings and storefront with Christmas themes or elements to make your brand more inviting and attractive to holiday shoppers.

3. They can write informative and compelling product descriptions

Because most customers are cautious before purchasing anything online, reading product descriptions is a must for them. By doing this, they know all the necessary details about the product and evaluate whether it is what they need or not. Therefore, you should also give importance to writing informative and compelling product descriptions in your listing.

If you are not great with words, it would be best for you to hire an Amazon listing expert who can help you refine your product descriptions. Their writing prowess and familiarity with Amazon customers' shopping habits allow them to grab your potential buyers' attention while they browse through your listing. 

With the listing expert's ability to write detailed and captivating product descriptions, you can increase your sales and minimize product returns.

4. They can help you answer customer questions

One of the parts of a product listing that many sellers seem to overlook is the "Customer question and answer" section. This feature allows Amazon users to ask questions about the product. Meanwhile, the seller and other users can respond to these questions as necessary.

Because your answers can be seen by those who view your listings, you must ensure that your responses are correct and polite. If not, they would purchase from a different seller who could serve them better. Besides, helpful responses to customer inquiries are crucial in search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms. So, you should also attend to this section with the help of product listing consultants.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Listings?

Indeed, making your Amazon product listings holiday-ready is crucial for various reasons. These include encountering an influx of buyers and dealing with customers' different shopping behaviors and high expectations. Moreover, you must reduce your product returns and stand out from the fierce competition.

Because optimizing your listings can be time-consuming and taxing, availing yourself of an Amazon listing optimization service would be best. They can help you search for the right keywords, revamp your images, A+ content, and storefront, write compelling product descriptions, and answer customer queries.

If you are searching for the right agency to help you with this endeavor, consider working with Seller Interactive. They have teams of highly-skilled and experienced Amazon product listing specialists who can help you deal with your concerns.

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