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May 13, 2021
Written by Kevin Wong
amazon ad management

No matter how excellent it is, a product cannot be profitable if it is not known to the public nor seen by individuals who are most likely to buy it.

On Amazon, the same thing applies—your product won’t reach your customers if you are ranking low in the product listing. This is just one of the main reasons why you need to invest in sponsored ads management.

A seller spends an average of USD268.21 daily for Amazon PPC just to make sure that they get the data they need to start appearing on customer searches.

Experts suggest that the newer you are on Amazon, the higher the investment you should put on Amazon PPC to secure your rise in the rankings. If you want to get it right the first time, it is better to have an Amazon management agency to jumpstart your Amazon PPC.

The Basics of Amazon Ad Management

Before we dive into the details, let’s first know the basics.

Campaign Types

There are three types of Amazon ad campaigns: sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored display.

Sponsored products basically make your product appear on search results when a buyer looks for a product related to yours. A third-party agency will apply sponsored products’ best practices to make this campaign efficient for your product/s.

Sponsored brands are quite similar to the first campaign, only that it shows a collection of products that are related to what the customer is looking for.

Sponsored display, on the other hand, appears on a page outside of Amazon, targeting customers who have recently viewed your page.

You can use these different campaigns for your own product—the agency will help you determine which sponsored ad to take and will give you advice on maximizing your campaign strategy.

Difference Between Auto and Manual Campaigns

Another decision you and your agency need to make is whether to have auto or manual campaigns.

Auto campaigns on Amazon, as the name suggests, let Amazon decide which keywords to use for product listing optimization. According to experts, using an auto campaign is a decent choice for new accounts. If you find better keywords and strategies, you may shift to the manual campaign for more personalized marketing efforts.

Manual campaigns involve brainstorming with your team and deciding on which keywords to bid for in order to rank. This decision is easier to make when you already have the data or the final insights on your auto campaign. 

Make sure to think thoroughly and work on your data to determine the top Amazon PPC strategy to boost your sales.

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Services Advantages

  1. Well-versed in strategies

To be successful in any platform, you need to have the right people on your side to handle all your advertising campaigns is one such investment. You need seasoned professionals who can advise the best strategy to take, whether you’ll go for an auto or manual campaign, and which campaign type will suit your products best.  

  1. Money well-spent

Learning about PPC is possible as there are a lot of beginner’s guides to PPC available online. If you want to get the most knowledge and application, expect it to take up a lot of your time.

Advertisements under an Amazon ad agency is a better option than experimenting on your own. But if you want to take the latter route, be sure to study and arm yourself with the ins and outs of campaign optimization.

Having high ACoS early into the business is normal for every seller. Slowly, as you go on with your ads, you will see improvement in your sales giving you enough reason to slowly decrease your ACoS.

  1. Your product will reach your target audience.

The most important benefit of doing PPC, especially if done right, is the assurance that your product will reach your target customers with high buying intent and potential sales conversion.

Different Offers:

  1. Ensure that your product will appear in the search results relevant to your brand. Through the help of AIs, the auto, and the manual campaigns, your partner team can study which keywords you will bid on for your customers to see you
  2. Help you decrease your ACoS.

Who does not want a business raking in sales even without advertisement? We all hope that this is the case on Amazon, but it isn’t. Amazon is a jungle, and competition is stiff. Hence, business owners who want their products to rank on Amazon, boost conversion, and eventually rise on the ranking know that they should go for ads management. Nonetheless, there are ways to decrease your AcoS eventually.

ACoS or the advertising cost of sale is the measure of how much you spend on ads and how much sales you get from those ads. If the strategy is effective, you’ll surely get sales, and if you have a quality product, you’ll get reviews and feedback about it from loyal patrons. The actions that happen after the ad and the sale will help you increase your ranking on Amazon and slowly decrease your ACoS.

  1. Raise brand awareness

You do not want to settle with one-time customers; the goal is to keep them coming back. Creating brand awareness, which will boost engagement and trust to your clients. If your brand is present in many search results and even Amazon off-page, then that builds credibility. Done successfully, you will get yourself long-term clients who may also refer you to others through a review or feedback.

Key Takeaway

Amazon sponsored ads management is essential in making your Amazon business succeed. By partnering with an Amazon ad management agency, you are assured that your investment will boost your sales and ranking.

Seller Interactive can be your partner in creating brand awareness, product appearance on search, and increasing your sales. We have years of experience in ads management, successfully and applying several different well-researched strategies that work. We’re here to help. Give us a call at 1-800-820-3746, so we can get started in growing your business.

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