How to Get Unbanned From Amazon vs. Reinstated for Account Suspension

February 9, 2023
Written by Ken Zhou
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If you get an email from Amazon saying you are no longer allowed to sell, don't panic. Look at the notice carefully and answer this question: are you suspended or banned? These terms are two different things.

The good news is there are things you could do to get your account back. While there's no guarantee that these solutions will work for every seller, it's still better than doing nothing. 

This article talks about the difference between Amazon bans and suspensions. Let's also find out how to get unbanned from Amazon and reinstated after a suspension to keep your business running and thriving.

Amazon Ban vs. Suspension: Is There a Difference?

Here are the different suspension levels for you to better understand the difference between an account ban and an account suspension.

  • Warning: The lightest level is receiving a warning. Amazon lets you know your account is flagged for certain violations that require immediate fixes.
  • Suspension: If you fail to comply after multiple warnings, Amazon will suspend your account. You must file an appeal to reinstate your account and regain access.
  • Denied: Amazon rejected your appeal. Unfortunately, you can't submit another one.
  • Banned: Amazon finds your violations extremely harmful to their customers and reputation. At this point, you won't have any chance of creating a new seller account. 

How to Unban Your Amazon Account: Is It Possible?

How to unban an Amazon account? What else could you do if you got permanently kicked out of the Amazon marketplace? Amazon doesn't have an answer to this, but some experts and agencies have a suggestion.

Consult an Amazon Lawyer

When worse comes to worst, consider talking to an Amazon seller attorney. They might have suggestions on dealing with a permanent account ban. They may create an action plan and help you with other necessary procedures. 

One thing is certain: being banned on Amazon is a tough battle. There's no guarantee that you'll have your seller account back. 

How to Reinstate Your Suspended Account

Is your account suspended instead of banned? Consider yourself lucky. It's not a happy situation, but there's a higher chance of regaining access to your account. Here's what you should do.

  1. Check the notice to see the reason why you're suspended. This helps you understand and determine how to solve the problem.
  2. Make a POA. Your appeal should contain your resolutions for the issue.
  3. Submit your suspension appeal through email or fax, along with other requirements (if any). 
  4. Wait for a response from Amazon.

The suspension appeal is very important because it makes or breaks your future in the marketplace. If you're struggling to write a good one, work with an Amazon expert specializing in suspension appeals.

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Best Practices to Prevent a Seller Account Ban or Suspension

Whether trying to reinstate or being careful, best practices always save you from account issues. Here's what to do.

Reduce Product Returns

Sooner or later, some buyers will send your goods back. Product returns are inevitable, but a high number of returns triggers an account ban. It indicates that you have poor product quality and service. 

To avoid high return orders, improve your product quality. Source from a good manufacturer, invest in product photography, write honest and detailed listing descriptions, and provide great packaging. Show products buyers will want to buy and keep.

Deliver Great Customer Service

Most customer complaints stem from poor customer service. Some reach out for clarifications but do not get immediate and appropriate responses. Amazon eventually catches sight of it and suspends or bans you for not taking care of your customers.

Always deliver good customer service. When addressing a problem, don't make it seem like it's the customer's fault (even if it is). Help them understand the situation and what you can do to solve it and improve their experience. You'll get more positive Amazon reviews and seller opportunities like the Buy Box with good customer service.

Fix and Prevent Delivery Issues

Customers want on-time delivery more than anything. Fast shipping? Even better. Failure in this aspect risks your Seller Central account to a suspension or ban. If a customer receives your package after three business days, Amazon counts it as delayed delivery. 

You must also maintain certain metrics, including the On-Time Delivery Rate (OTDR) above 97% and the Late Dispatch Rate (LDR) at 4% or less. 

Consider enrolling in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program for more fast and free shipping options. Most importantly, always send an email confirming the order with a valid tracking number before handing the package to your carrier. It assures your customers that their order is on the way. 

Use Genuine Account Information

Entering false information causes an Amazon account suspension. This includes fake names, wrong billing addresses, multiple accounts, and incorrect shipping addresses. 

Amazon verifies account information in multiple ways, such as cross-checking your address with your debit or credit card. If the data is mismatched, Amazon will send a warning or suspend your account. 

Always ensure your account data is accurate to all other related documents you are required to have.

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Manage Your Inventory Properly

Inventory management directly affects one of the most important metrics, the Order Defect Rate (ODR). It increases when your products are delivered late and in poor condition. Customers file A-to-Z claims, ask for chargebacks, and give negative reviews because of it.

A high ODR triggers account suspension, so manage your inventory properly to keep it low. Monitor your stock regularly. If there are problematic items, eliminate them to avoid getting negative performance metrics and feedback. Ensure on-time delivery of the products in their best condition.

Optimize Product Listings

There are some things to avoid when creating a product listing on Amazon. These are keyword stuffing, promotional or irrelevant phrases and links, and misleading product information. It's considered unethical and violates Amazon's guidelines, leading to account suspension or ban.

Don't say you're the "best" or "no. 1 seller." Focus on highlighting authentic, unique selling points about your brand, such as emphasizing how your product meets a customer's needs. This way, you earn their trust and Amazon won't suspend your account.

Monitor Amazon's Policy Updates

The rules you know today might not work tomorrow. That's how frequently Amazon's policies change. They are often minor ones, but that doesn't reduce their value. You never know when failing to meet these guidelines can cause an account ban or suspension. So always stay up-to-date with Amazon's regulations.

It's difficult to monitor policies regularly on top of other business tasks. If you're struggling with management, work with an Amazon marketing team. They monitor changes in your stead and help you with other Amazon tasks as necessary. 

Don't Neglect Negative Reviews

Not every customer will like what you offer, but it's not an excuse to neglect your product reviews. Amazon looks at them to ensure you provide high-quality products and services using their platform. Bad reviews indicate that you cannot meet these expectations, leading to account suspension.

Managing reviews is not about eliminating all the bad ones so that only the good ones remain. It's about constant tracking and immediate responses (especially for negative feedback). Be approachable and goal-oriented when responding. Report negative reviews only if they have nothing to do with your product.

Prevention is Key to Success on Amazon 

An Amazon account suspension and a ban are two different things. A suspension allows you to submit an appeal, but a ban permanently prohibits you from selling on the platform. So if you're looking for the best way to unban your Amazon account, it's not to get banned at all. 

There are several practices to prevent a ban, such as:

  • Reducing return orders
  • Delivering good customer service
  • Using accurate account data
  • Optimizing listings
  • Managing inventory; and
  • Complying with the latest policies

If you fail on these aspects, Amazon will send a warning or suspend your account immediately. You have one chance to fix whatever issue you have, whether it's inaccurate account information or bad customer service. Then, submit an appeal to reinstate your account. 

But above all, prevention is key to thriving on Amazon. If you don't want to get banned and run out of solutions, fix every minor issue you come across and prevent its recurrance. These minor efforts significantly impact your position in the huge and highly competitive marketplace, making you a top-tier seller in no time! 

Need to Reinstate Your Suspended Account? Try Seller Interactive's Amazon Suspension Reinstatement Services

An account suspension is one of your most challenging obstacles as an Amazon seller. It requires immediate and expert solutions—something we specialize in! We determine the cause of your suspension and create an appeal that effectively reinstates your Amazon account.

But that's not everything we offer. As an all-rounder team, we also help you with the following:

  • Managing your seller account
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  • Launching your products
  • Shielding your brand from counterfeiters and hijackers
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  • Managing refunds and reimbursement
  • Leveraging the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) Advertising campaigns
  • FBA wholesale partnership program

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