Amazon Product Display Ads: How to Advertise Without Using Keywords

amazon product display ads

Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

So you can create Amazon Sponsored ads without using keywords? What kind of sorcery is this?! It seems too good to be true. But no, you've read it right, and this is possible because of Amazon Product Display ads or Sponsored Display ads.  

Keyword research is one of the unglamorous and tedious tasks when creating ads. Amazon understands this plight of sellers and advertisers; maybe that's the reason why they developed Sponsored Display ads.  

But how do Product Display ads work if there are no keywords involved? Find out in this article.

What are Amazon Product Display ads?

Amazon introduced Product Display or Sponsored Display ads in 2019. It is available to sellers and vendors registered in Amazon Brand Registry. However, it is only available in some countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, the United States, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, and the European Union.  

A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solution, Sponsored Display ads target audience interests, products, or categories rather than keywords. As a result, the ad lures high-intent buyers to your listings. It is “triggered” in several ways.

  • It shows up to consumers who viewed your product but didn't check it out.
  • It also appears to those who bought something from you.
  • It turns up on the listings of products similar or related to yours.
  • It pops up on the product detail pages of your competitors.
  • It even appears outside the marketplace.    

In short, you can compare Sponsored Display ads to an overeager salesman who wouldn't stop until you hit the Buy Now button. However, it doesn't mean it will show up in inopportune moments. According to Amazon, this type of ad is retail-aware, meaning Product Display ads will only show up if your product is in stock or in the Featured Offer.

Moreover, you are charged on a cost-per-click basis, which means you will only pay when a prospective buyer clicks on your ad. It also employs a second-price bidding system, where the highest bidder will only need to pay $0.01 more than the second-highest bid amount. 

Also, you can freely set your daily budget and bid since it doesn't require minimum ad spend. That's how advanced Amazon's machine learning algorithms are. As a result, your ads will appear at the right place at the right time for the right price. 

Why do Amazon Sponsored Display ads have the best real estate?

Amazon Sponsored Products turn up on product detail pages and within shopping results pages. On the other hand, Sponsored Brands only pop up on search results pages. How about Amazon Sponsored Display ads?

They appear on the following spaces:

  • Product listings or product detail pages
  • Search results page
  • Amazon's home page
  • Amazon app
  • Third-party apps and websites
  • Desktop and mobile

From the looks of it, it is a type of ad that follows a customer everywhere online. As soon as a buyer (who didn't even tap the Buy Now button) leaves your product listing, your Sponsored Display ad will work its magic. Customers will notice it on product listings complementary to yours and at the bottom of the Buy Box of your competitor. It will even materialize on their favorite news website while they are reading today's headlines. That's how persistent this ad is. 

Are Product Display ads worth it?

Besides appearing in strategic virtual spaces, here are the other benefits of running Product Display ads:

  • It lets you retarget those who snubbed your product.
  • You can cross-sell or upsell your products within your listings.
  • It allows you to offer your products within the product detail pages of your competitors.
  • It helps you boost your listings' impressions, especially for new products.
  • You can target buyers who bought or checked out products related to or similar to yours.
  • It helps drive more traffic to your listings.
  • Best of all, there’s no need for keyword research!

Shoppers may find Sponsored Display ads annoying, and this is quite understandable. Who wants to be followed by ads everywhere? Yet this approach is necessary to keep your offers in your customer's mind. 

Social media and digital marketing keynote speaker Pam Moore says, “It takes five to seven brand impressions before someone will remember your brand.” Another not-so-fun fact is that the average attention span of consumers is only eight seconds long, based on a December 2020 study conducted by Samsung. 

So you don't have a choice but to advertise your products multiple times until the buyer purchases them. Product Display ads aren’t just worth it. You badly need it to successfully remarket your products. 

But does this mean you should promote your products whenever? 

When is the perfect time to use Sponsored Display ads?

In case you don't know, Amazon has a full-funnel marketing strategy designed for its advertising solutions, as shown below:

Amazon full-funnel marketing strategy


As you can see, the diagram suggests that you can use Product Display ads at the second and third stages of the full-funnel advertising strategy: the drive purchase and “own your aisle” parts. These are the stages where you need to reach high-intent shoppers and do everything to stand out in your category, which is the job of Amazon Sponsored Display ads.  

Besides, doing it this way makes Amazon Sponsored Ads more manageable because you already have an idea of each ad's purpose. It helps you prepare for each customer journey like clockwork, and when something goes wrong, you can quickly identify which part of the funnel needs optimization.

How to create an Amazon Sponsored Display ad campaign

First off, let's discuss the different targeting options of Amazon Sponsored Display ads. Below is an overview of it.

Amazon product display ads targeting options

Based on the image above, you can choose from two targeting options:

  • Audiences: It has two sub-categories, namely, views marketing and interests. The former helps you with product consideration and conversion; the latter uses the audience's interests to gain product awareness.
  • Product Targeting: It helps your product achieve awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Now, here’s the step-by-step procedure on how to create Amazon Sponsored Display ads:

1. In Seller Central, go to Advertising > Campaign Manager > Create campaign.

2. Under the Choose your campaign type, choose the Sponsored Display card.

3. Fill out details under the Create campaign section. The Campaign name should be recognizable and memorable. If you want your ads to be always on the active mode, don't set an end date.

4. Assign a different ad group name under the Create an ad group.

5. The next step is choosing your desired targeting option: audiences or product targeting. 

6. After that, pick a product you want to advertise.

7. Set your default bid.

8. Preview your newly created ad and submit it.

Should you say goodbye to Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands?

Never! Why? Do you still remember Amazon's full-funnel marketing strategy above? Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products remain vital in the second to fourth stages of the said funnel, especially the third part, where you will use it with Sponsored Display ads. The trio will help you drive sales, boost product awareness in your chosen category, and increase product consideration. 

So if you're still allergic to keyword research, you better search for an Amazon advertising agency that is an expert with PPC for Amazon sellers

In closing

Amazon Product Display ads are an exciting part of Amazon's advertising solutions. It plays an essential role in growing your online presence by re-engaging and convincing customers to purchase your products. It also aids in most parts of the shopping journey, particularly the awareness, consideration, and conversion stages. 

Sponsored Display ads trigger some serious FOMO vibes as it helps you advertise your products to potential buyers on and off Amazon over and over again. And the best part? You don't have to spend grueling hours researching related keywords. 

Are you interested in trying out Amazon Sponsored Display ads? You have come to the right place! Seller Interactive has a team of experts in Amazon Sponsored Ads management. Email us at [email protected] or [email protected] today to get a free audit of your Amazon account. 

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