A10 Algorithm-Appropriate Tips on How to Get Your Product on the First Page of Amazon

July 29, 2022
Written by Ken Zhou
Amazon Product Ranking

An Amazon seller, especially a new one, is most probably interested in one thing: getting their product on the first page of the search results. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that the higher your product is ranked, the more likely you are to get traffic and sales.

But as Amazon’s marketplace policies and guidelines change, you must also be updated with its search engine algorithm changes. Since Amazon did not officially announce the update from A9 to A10, it would be best to look into relevant content and articles to help you navigate the new Amazon product ranking algorithm and rank high on the results pages.

Fortunately, this blog lists ten tips to get your product listing on the first page of Amazon search results while considering the A10 algorithm.

  1. Conduct Rigorous Keyword Research

Even with the latest algorithm, keywords are still a crucial part of an Amazon listing, especially if you aim to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, you must look for the most searched terms related to your products on your own or with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) experts.

For this process, you can use free or paid keyword research tools to gather more information about the keywords, such as their click-through rates (CTR) and search volumes. Additionally, some tools available online can help you with finding the right keywords you need for your paid ads.

However, it would also help if you looked into your competitors’ keywords. To do this, you can visit their website and observe which words they have included in their listings. By seeing what’s working for them, you can better understand what keywords you should be targeting.

  1. Create a Catchy but Relevant Product Title

The title is one of the most important parts of your Amazon product listing because Amazon uses it to rank your listing, and it helps customers understand the product. So, it must include all relevant information and elements, such as brand and product name, the material used, quantity, and color. You can read Amazon’s guidelines if unsure about the basics of writing your title.

But besides the basics, you can further optimize your product title to get your product listing on the first page of Amazon. It would be best to ensure that it is descriptive to entice your potential customers to purchase.

In addition, you must incorporate some keywords you have found during your research. This will ensure that Amazon customers will find your product. Lastly, avoid misleading them by putting fluff and stuffing your title with keywords that may not entirely reflect your product.

  1. Provide Convincing Feature Bullet Points

Another listing element you must work on is the feature bullet points found below the title. They are meant to give shoppers a quick overview of your product’s features and benefits, which helps persuade them to buy.

To maximize this space on your listing, you must ensure to highlight all unique features of your product that would benefit the buyers. It will also help to emphasize what makes your product better than the competition.

Despite everything you want to include in the bullet points, you must keep them short but clear because Amazon shoppers do not have much time to read long and dragging texts. Finally, integrate some high-ranking keywords from your list to increase visibility on the SERPs.

  1. Write Detailed and Keyword-Rich Product Description and A+ Content

Once you have successfully hooked Amazon shoppers with your title and bullet points, you must now focus on writing an excellent product description. And if you are a brand registered seller, you must also pay attention to crafting attractive A+ Content.

Some Amazon customers tend to scroll past the bullet points and go straight to the product description and A+ Content. So, it would be best for you to write a compelling, detailed, and keyword-rich product description. But, avoid keyword stuffing because the algorithm can detect it, which might cause more damage. 

Meanwhile, you should maximize the space dedicated to A+ Content by highlighting necessary information and benefits in eye-catching graphics and photos. Doing this can entice your customers to buy your product, help you avoid having returns and refunds, and improve your Amazon product ranking.

How to get your your product on first page of amazon
  1. Upload Striking Professional Product Images and Videos

Since product photos are usually the first thing shoppers see when they come across a listing, you must provide high-quality photos that accurately represent the item. Doing this will increase your CTR, which is a crucial factor in the A10 algorithm.

Before uploading them on Amazon, ensure you have followed all the guidelines. But besides these requirements, it would be helpful for your customers to see 360-degree images on your listing. This will allow them to get a better sense of what the product looks like. Also, if you can include videos on your listing, you should showcase the product’s benefits and how it is used in actuality. 

To achieve the best results, you must hire a professional Amazon product photographer because of their equipment and mastery of taking product images.

  1. Price Your Products Competitively 

Because Amazon has almost 2 million active sellers, it is challenging to stand out. And if many Amazon sellers also offer the same products as yours, you must price your products competitively to thrive in the marketplace.

But before finalizing your prices, you need to look at the prices of items your competitors sell. From there, adjust your prices based on your product’s unique features.

Then, consider all your costs, including packaging materials, shipping, and handling, especially if you are not using Amazon FBA. Just remember to strike the right balance between ranking high on the SERPs and earning profit at the same time.

  1. Garner Positive Product Reviews and Seller Feedback from Customers

With the A10 algorithm, seller authority becomes more relevant than ever. This criterion looks into the seller’s account health, performance metrics, inventory quantity, feedback score, and more. 

But besides seller authority, several positive product reviews can also help you rank high on Amazon. It is because most online shoppers read customer reviews before purchasing to ensure they get high-quality items and commendable services.

Therefore, you must manage your fulfillment and inventory well, be responsive to customer concerns, and deliver excellent products to ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. Pay Attention to Backend Search Keywords

As much as the keywords that make it to the product listing are essential, you should not forget about your Amazon backend keywords. Doing this will help you integrate high-ranking keywords that are not suitable for your listing to help it improve its visibility.

So, if you have some high-ranking keywords that are misspelled or using a different language, then put them as backend keywords instead.

  1. Consider Offering Prime Delivery

As mentioned above, seller authority, which includes order fulfillment, is crucial in ranking on Amazon. And one way to offer fast and efficient delivery to your customers is through Prime delivery.

It is a service offered by Amazon that guarantees two-day delivery on eligible items. But as a third-party seller on the Amazon marketplace, the only way you can offer Prime delivery is by being an Amazon FBA seller. It is because Seller Fulfilled Prime is not currently accepting new registrations.

By offering this service, you can attain customer satisfaction, resulting in them leaving positive reviews and repurchasing your products.

Amazon Product Ranking Algorithm
  1. Monitor Your Performance Closely 

Even if you think your business is doing well, you must not be too complacent and allow everything to stay the way it is. So, it would be best if you are constantly aware of your performance and how you rank compared to other sellers.

By closely monitoring your seller performance, you can adjust your pricing, listing, and marketing strategies accordingly to become more visible on the platform. Moreover, you need to oversee your customers’ reviews to take immediate action to address their issues.

Monitoring your performance on Amazon and making necessary tweaks can improve your ranking on the results pages, so you should not neglect this process along the way.

Take the Next Step

Indeed, getting your product on the first page of Amazon SERPs is not easy to achieve. However, it becomes possible once you understand the key factors used by Amazon’s A10 algorithm and think about them while running your business.

Some tips appropriate for the A10 algorithm include conducting keyword research, creating a catchy title, highlighting product features through bullet points, and writing a detailed but keyword-rich Amazon product description and A+ Content. 

Moreover, you must also provide professional product images and videos, price your products competitively, and collect positive product reviews and seller feedback. Lastly, it would help if you maximize the backend keywords feature, offer Prime delivery, and monitor your performance to make necessary adjustments.

If you need help on how to see your product ranking on Amazon and how to get your listing on the first page, availing yourself of Amazon product listing optimization services from reputable agencies like Seller Interactive would be best for you.

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