Success Factors a Full-Service Amazon Agency Can Help You Achieve

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Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Thriving on Amazon is tough, but it's not impossible. For this reason, many small businesses still venture into the platform despite the fierce competition. If done correctly, marketing in this huge marketplace can overpower all the hurdles!

However, it takes more than two minds and hands to accomplish this. As a business owner, you can only do so much. Insisting on shouldering all responsibilities alone will only burn you out and add more problems to your plate. 

Before that could happen, consider hiring a full-service Amazon agency! Let's talk about the success factors an agency can help you achieve in the Amazon marketplace.

8 Success Factors of Amazon Selling You Can Achieve With a Full-Service Amazon Agency

What makes a successful Amazon business? That's one question most newbie sellers (and those still seeking growth) would ask. If you're one of these people, now's the time to learn about the key factors and invest your efforts, knowing you're a step closer to winning!

Let's answer that question with a quick list of eight key factors and how a full-service Amazon company can help!

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#1: Well-Managed Account

Think of your Amazon brand store as a body that needs regular maintenance. If you don't know how to get around the parts of it and are constantly bombarded with issues, you're going to waste a lot of potential years. In the case of Amazon selling, you'll miss out on potential revenue.

Thus, account management is a must to become successful on Amazon. However, with so many business matters on your plate, adding this task will only pull time away. Moreover, it requires expertise. 

A professional Amazon marketing agency can help you avoid learning curves and focus on other business matters while your Amazon Seller Central account is healthy and running!

#2: Optimized Listings for SEO

An account and product listing aren't enough. You're just starting to build the foundation of your marketing strategy; the real game starts with Amazon SEO! Reaching the top of Amazon's search results is one way to be a successful seller. People must first see your listing and select it over others.

For that to happen, you need to know what consumers and the Amazon algorithm want from you. What are their criteria for a good product listing? A little research can give you some great answers, but an Amazon consultant will do much more! They can, for example, analyze the competition and perform strategic keyword insertion or image optimization.

#3: Strategical PPC System

Winning sellers don't rely on organic results alone, or their desired outcome will take longer (or never). Instead, they leverage the power of Amazon ads to achieve a higher ranking by increasing brand visibility. Amazon PPC or sponsored ads help sellers advertise and only pay when users click on the ad.

Handling an ad campaign can be challenging and overwhelming for many. Furthermore, mistakes are costly and time-consuming! You can avoid that with an Amazon advertising agency. 

They understand your struggles and will be more than happy to help manage campaigns and devise strategic solutions to maximize your Amazon sales (and keep the costs low on top of that).

#4: Successful Product Launch

Winning sellers can successfully launch their products, which isn't easy. It doesn't guarantee success, especially in a highly competitive platform. It also requires pre-, launch, and post-launch strategies, which overwhelms beginner and even experienced sellers.

Ultimately, you want to ensure that your efforts from the beginning will be rewarded with this event. Launching a product is a make-or-break moment, but working with Amazon selling professionals can make a huge (and positive) difference! With experts on your side, you can avoid a failed product launch and set yourself up for success.

#5: Prepared for Account Obstacles

You might face many obstacles as an Amazon seller, but none are as daunting as an account suspension. This dreaded notification is the last thing you want to receive, but not everyone is lucky enough to avoid it. Even successful sellers are not immune at some point in their careers, but the difference is that they were able to reinstate.

If you want to avoid one, comply with Amazon's strict policies. If you get suspended, act on it immediately. A reliable Amazon service can help reinstate your account and provide more solutions to protect it. Furthermore, they can explain why this happens, so you are more aware of the platform's dos and don'ts.

#6: Protected Brand

Aside from account suspensions, Amazon sellers also fight against counterfeit sellers or hijackers. Successful businesses can protect themselves against these violators, preventing a negative impact on their sales and overall expenses. Nothing can interrupt their growth! Of course, they don't do this alone and are often backed by a hawk-eyed team.

The best Amazon marketing agency can protect your brand by providing solid support and assistance. For example, they will closely monitor your account and detect the presence of black-hat practitioners before they do the damage. Upon confirmation, they will apply appropriate measures under the ecommerce platform's guidelines.

#7: Organized Inventory 

Successful Amazon sellers have the right products in stock at all times, make appropriate pricing changes, avoid paying costly storage fees, devise strategies to increase sales, and reduce the risk of a shortage. The Inventory Performance Index, Amazon's scoring system, loves to give these sellers a score above 450 IPI (the average).

And what makes all the difference? Inventory management! It's not easy to handle stocks, more so if you have to deal with refunds, reimbursements, and reconciliation. However, a team of Amazon professionals can make the work easier for you. They'll conduct an overall inventory check for any missing or damaged items and immediately come up with solutions.

#8: Superior Customer Service

Good communication is undoubtedly one of the success factors of a business. Amazon leads the way, emphasizing its customer-centric approach to meeting customer needs. Their customer-focused culture and strategic tools helped to provide their customers with a pleasant buying experience.

It's important to respond appropriately to online shopping hurdles such as late shipments, return dissatisfaction, and order defects. An Amazon agency can help provide exceptional customer service, metrics, and solutions to help you develop a customer-centric approach.

The Pros of an Amazon Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Now that you know what a full-service Amazon team can do, have you made your final decision? Don't worry if you still don't! We still have some important points to share to help you decide. Here are the five benefits of a full-service team.

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Allows You to Skip Learning Curves

First, having Amazon experts on your team can help you save time for actual work instead of learning the ropes. They understand it's time-consuming and expensive for beginners, so having them on board will speed up the process and desired results. Consider hiring this service if you're a small team with a huge workload.

An Expert Manages Your Account Regularly

The road to success in Amazon can be overwhelming for many because of the tasks you must conduct regularly. For instance, keeping up with the trends and competitors needs a lot of time for analysis. It's also necessary to monitor your account health at all times. Turning to a full-service agency can provide you with an expert manager who can do this in your stead.

Helps You Avoid Making Costly Mistakes

Aside from the time-consuming management tasks, most inexperienced and newbie sellers have another concern: the cost of making mistakes. Since you're still learning the ropes of Amazon selling, you're bound to make some errors. But with a full-service company, you may significantly reduce or completely avoid them.

Provides Strategic Ideas

Amazon account management is already a large task in and of itself. So how much more does strategy development add? It's necessary to help you achieve a high ranking in the search results and make your paid search efforts worthwhile. This will require skills, knowledge, and time—which an Amazon marketing team is more than willing to provide.

Educates You About Technical Matters

The complex system of Amazon can be daunting, especially if you don't understand its technical aspects. The key is understanding how it works to feel less intimidated. Ask an Amazon ad agency for anything, and they would be happy to explain. 

With the Right People, Success Is Possible

Inspired by the success stories of other Amazon sellers and desiring your own? Then, start your journey with the right people who can strategically navigate the market! If you're a small team with little to zero experience in Amazon marketing, work with a full-service agency. 

They will do most of the work in your stead, help you develop effective strategies, and ensure your account is in good standing. All these efforts will help you get one step closer to becoming one of those successful sellers you aspire to be!

Seller Interactive: Amazon Agency Services

Looking for Amazon experts to help you get on top of the constantly changing marketplace? Look no further than Seller Interactive! We are an all-around Amazon team helping brands stand out in a cluttered and highly competitive place. 

Our services range from full account management to SEO Amazon strategy development. If you're ready to achieve all the success factors we discussed, schedule a call with us today, and let's make a winning plan!

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