How to Diminish Risks of Financial Loss During An Amazon ASIN Suspension

June 15, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
Amazon ASIN Suspension

As much of a nightmare it is to discover that your account has been suspended, mistakes inevitably occur and all we can do is learn from them to avoid them in the future. The thing is, although it’s your first offense, it can potentially damage your business indefinitely, and you would neither want that to happen nor fail to give the Amazon suspension an immediate and appropriate action. According to Kiri Masters, a contributor of Forbes:

“Amazon removes the infringing content or, in some circumstances, such as in cases of repeated violations, suspends the offending selling partner’s account.” 

This sheds light on the fact that Amazon takes cases of suspension seriously, which is why understanding the way it works is necessary. Unfortunately, it is a tricky process that many sellers will not grasp. Instead of going through the rigorous process of studying Amazon’s constantly-developing system bit by bit, quickly get a hold of your business with the help of Seller Interactive’s Amazon experts and professionals. In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why your Amazon account has been suspended, and a couple of things to keep in mind to diminish the risks of financial loss.

Amazon ASIN Suspension Explained

An ASIN suspension or an “Amazon Standard Identification Number suspension” happens to a lot of sellers; whether the violation was actively committed or simply mistakes, Amazon doesn’t discriminate. This issue needs to be resolved as quickly as possible, otherwise your business will suffer in the long run. Before delving into what you can do, it is crucial to identify the 10 factors that lead to an Amazon ASIN suspension.

  1. Owning multiple Amazon seller accounts under the same name or identity.
  2. Having a listing that contravenes the guidelines of Amazon’s terms and conditions.
  3. Receiving a report that at least one of your product listings is a counterfeit.
  4. Acquiring a product safety complaint from a customer or brand competitor.
  5. Publishing a restricted image on one’s product listing.
  6. Selling a used or ‘preloved’ item yet claiming it as brand new.
  7. Selling expired products or prohibited items.
  8. Failing to provide refunds for customers with valid reasons.
  9. Garnering a high order defect score.
  10. Receiving a high volume of negative customer experience through reviews.

Diminishing The Risks of Financial Loss

We want to ensure that you do not lose finances over your suspension on Amazon, which is why we highly recommend that you subscribe to Seller Interactive’s Suspension Protection Program. Think of this as though you are buying insurance—this program allows Seller Interactive to monitor your product listings for situations that may flag one of your items and activate the suspension system. If you do not want to be suspended for the second time, then you may want to secure your Amazon sales channel with this reliable system. 

Seller Interactive helps reinstate Amazon seller accounts, and achieves the fastest resolutions to all your problems on Amazon. Two of these include drafting your Amazon reinstatement letter and Plan of Action. If you are looking for a platform that guarantees high success rates based on former and existing clients’ testimonies, then Seller Interactive is the right choice for you. Need a little more time to be persuaded by this? Just check out who we are!

One of our most popular services, our Suspension Program, is worth every penny, and here’s why: we promptly resolve any potential factors that can contribute to financial losses. These losses are deeply rooted in one’s failure to do the following:

  • Create a verified seller account
  • Implement brand protection
  • Facilitate recovery of damages
  • Resolve all (or most) IP complaints
  • Security from violating Amazon policies
  • Achievement of outstanding seller performance

Even though you feel like you are constantly abiding by the rules and regulations of Amazon, it is always better to prepare for the worst scenario and spare yourself from the stress of not knowing what to do when you do get suspended. Based on our studies, suspensions are usually triggered outside of the Amazon seller’s control as the e-commerce platform functions in response to external factors (e.g. customer or competitor review, algorithms, etc.)

Our objective is anchored on safeguarding your business to completely eradicate even the smallest chance of getting suspended or acquiring a negative brand reputation. Our process is simple yet exhaustive. The first step is to book a consultation with us. In the next step, we will optimize your brand and business model. Finally, we will manage your account and evolve your business in partnership with Seller Interactive.

If you are eyeing an extensive and long-term success rate, then you should be managing your business effectively. While it is great to never experience an Amazon ASIN suspension, you need to set your agenda towards staying ahead of everything. You must accept that challenges will come and may threaten the sales that you will generate in the future. Not only are you in safe hands with Seller Interactive’s Amazon experts, but you are also able to grab more opportunities to succeed from this experience.

If you think that we could be of any service to your business’s growth and development, contact us anytime! For tips and other professional advice, our blog is just one click away!

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