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amazon suspended account

Last updated on December 21st, 2022

Written by Mark Salvania

This year has been really great for Amazon sellers, with Amazon’s third-party retailers contributes to over 58% of the e-commerce giant sales. However, this may not be the case or third-party sellers with an increasing number of Amazon accounts being hit with dreaded Amazon account suspension.

For many retailers, an Amazon suspended account could cause severe income loss. It could also put a significant risk to their reputation as an Amazon seller. If you've just got your Amazon account suspended and don't know what your next step will be, then we've got you covered!

We will guide you through the process of getting your Amazon account reinstated. 

Why Amazon Suspended Your Seller Account


When your seller account gets suspended, Amazon will notify you and state the specific reason and the products (the ASINs) concerned that led to the suspension. 

The following are the most common reasons why Amazon suspends selling privileges.

Selling Prohibited Items

It is quite challenging to find a concrete list of prohibited items on Amazon. Regardless, we know that some of these items include drug paraphernalia, specific brands of health and beauty products, particular brands of toys, and much more. If Amazon catches you selling prohibited items, you would be banned.

Selling Counterfeit Items  

Counterfeit items on Amazon have been an issue for users. These usually include electronics, movies and DVDs, beauty products, and many more. Even if you claim that your item came directly from the manufacturer, your account will be banned if anyone reports that you're selling counterfeit items. 

Pro Tip: Take note that counterfeit is not the same as inauthentic items. Counterfeit items are imitation products. On the other hand, inauthentic items may be "real" quality-wise but are still banned on Amazon because of where they are bought. If a product is bought from another source besides the original manufacturer, it is inauthentic in Amazon's eyes.

Multiple Accounts

If you're thinking of opening a second Amazon account, think again. Amazon uses a complicated and incredibly detailed algorithm to catch sellers who fail to abide by the regulations. It is prohibited for sellers to have two Amazon accounts. Signing up for multiple Amazon seller accounts can pretty much guarantee yourself a suspension. 

 Other possible reasons for Amazon suspensions

  • Inauthentic
  • Counterfeit
  • Expired Items
  • Late Shipment Rate
  • Used Item Sold as New
  • Incomplete Item
  • Not as Advertised/Wrong Item

8 Things Not To Do with an Amazon Suspended Account

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Now that you already know the possible reasons why Amazon suspends selling privileges, you must be asking yourself what to do next. While a suspension seems overwhelming, reinstatement is a process, and you want to follow best practices to get back to selling ASAP. Too often, sellers rush the process and make huge mistakes that delay the reinstatement even longer.

Here are eight things you should not do when your Amazon Seller Account gets suspended. 


  1. Rush to submit your first appeal on Amazon. Many sellers think that they should submit something right away to reinstate their accounts. If you do not have a detailed plan, you will only waste your appeal button. Unless it's a very minor violation, Amazon doesn't really reinstate an account after you submit the first appeal. The process can often take several days, even weeks, and require constant communication with Seller Performance. Seller Performance suspends thousands of Amazon accounts on a daily basis, and their investigators only take a few minutes to review each appeal. You should ensure that you take the time and prepare the most effective appeal for a better chance of being reinstated.

If you are still not sure of what to do, you can always opt for the services of an Amazon suspension expert. 

  1. Open a New Account. Thinking of opening a second account, instead of going through the hassle? Think again! Unfortunately, there's no chance that you can trick Amazon. They have several ways of monitoring accounts. The moment they discover a second account, they will immediately connect it to the original Amazon account. 
  1. Threaten Amazon with Legal Action.  The moment you involve an attorney to process your appeal, expect a significant delay. Amazon Seller Performance wants its sellers to take accountability for their actions. They want you to send your appeal to them directly. 

In the case of an infringement suspension, an attorney can reach out to the complaining party to reach a verdict and request the complaint to be withdrawn. Only when the complaint is withdrawn can you start communicating with Seller Performance about the results.

  1. Contact Support via Email or through Seller Account. Take note that only the Seller Performance department can assist you when it comes to reinstating your suspended account. All communications must be handled through email since there is no direct phone number for their department. Seller Support CANNOT Assist you with your concerns regarding Amazon seller account suspension.
  1. Be Rude to Seller Performance. Understandably, a suspension can be a frustrating and upsetting experience. However, you must refrain from sending a rant to Seller Performance using vulgar language. Ranting will never help your appeal get processed faster. 

If it's too late and you have already emailed a very emotional rant to the Seller Performance team, it is best to apologize about it. 

Always remember that seller account suspensions are always a part of working with Amazon. If your account is suspended, always keep a cool head and immediately start planning your appeal for the best chance to get your Amazon seller account reinstated. 

  1. Send additional letters and multiple appeals to Seller Performance. After sending your first appeal, you have to wait up to a week before sending additional letters.  The 2-day response times are long gone due to the high volumes of appeals they receive daily. 

Keep in mind that Seller Performance will not confirm if your appeal has been received. Just be patient and refrain from sending multiple appeals with different information. 

  1. Blame Amazon Processes and Buyers for Your Suspension. Never submit an appeal that singles out specific buyers and orders. Amazon is a customer-centric company. They expect you to have the same values and be familiar with their current policies and guidelines. Blaming the company's processes won't help get a timely reinstatement. 
  1. Panic! If you are an established Amazon seller, most suspensions can be easily reversed. Just keep in mind to keep your cool and have an effective appeal plan. Also, always be ready to change business practices to avoid future suspensions.

Plan of Action (POA)

action plan

Writing a good Amazon suspension appeal will give you a better chance of getting your Amazon seller account reinstated. POA is a letter of appeal that will indicate your plan on how to resolve your issue. You will be judged based on the content of your POA. With that said, you will know how crucial the POA is. 

We have created a template for a successful POA that could be of help.


Introduce yourself and your business briefly. Write what your business seller name is and what you usually sell on Amazon. Also, clearly state the reason why your account got suspended. 


Provide a detailed description regarding the suspension. Identify the root cause of your suspension and include it in your appeal. 

Action Plan

Don’t be defensive when drafting your action plan. Take full responsibility for the suspension and state the steps that you are planning to take, as well as the ones you have already taken since receiving the suspension. It is best if you provide a detailed explanation of the things that your company will be changing to prevent the issue from happening again.


Conclude your paragraph by reiterating the steps you plan to take to resolve the issue. After which, you should appeal politely to have your seller privileges reinstated at the soonest time possible. 

After completing your POA, you can submit it to Amazon Seller Performance for review. When an account is suspended, an appeal button will show in the notification that you have received in Seller Central. Complete the form by providing your POA and contact details. After successfully going through the process, patiently wait for the Amazon team to respond.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a small or big business on Amazon, you will still be likely to be hit with a penalty.  Most Amazon sellers succeed in reinstating their accounts when they hire an Amazon expert for help with Amazon suspension. 

Seller interactive offers an Amazon reinstatement service. We will help you draft the most effective POA and Appeal Letter to provide you a better chance of getting your account reinstated quickly. 

Should you want more details on how to reinstate your Amazon suspended account, you can always ask for assistance from an Amazon specialist at Seller Interactive.

Contact us at [email protected] for a quick response!

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