5 Ways Customer Reviews Can Help Your Amazon Marketing

September 8, 2022
Written by Corin Romkey
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If you’re an Amazon seller, coming up with what product you will sell, creating a product listing, and fulfilling orders aren’t the only things you have to worry about. There’s a gap between offering your product and creating a sale. In that gap, you must create a solid Amazon marketing strategy to get your products in front of more customers, and persuade them to purchase.

You’ve read that right. You cannot simply list your products on Amazon and hope everything goes well. You still need to entice your target customers to buy your products. Why? Because although you can leverage Amazon’s massive customer base, you’re also competing for their attention with other sellers on the platform.

Fortunately, Amazon has various resources, such as PPC advertising, discounts, and promotions to help you increase your product’s profitability and visibility in the marketplace. But did you realize that customer reviews may also help your marketing strategy? Keep reading to learn how to use customer reviews in Amazon digital marketing.  

How Customer Reviews Can Be a Great Amazon Marketing Strategy

On Amazon, knowing you have a terrific product isn’t enough. Your potential customers should also know that. Customer feedback perfectly does that job for you. Although your well-optimized product listing and ad campaigns can show them that, the persuasion brought by customer reviews is a different story. Here’s how customer reviews can be a huge part of your Amazon marketing strategy.

1. It helps you build trust in your brand

Amazon customer reviews convey what the customers love and dislike about your products and how their experience shopping with you went. Having your customer reviews available for potential customers to see is a way for you to tell how good your products are and how you provide an excellent customer experience.  

Responding to the customer reviews you receive, whether positive or negative, also greatly affects the trust a potential customer would have with your business. For example, being hostile in your response to a negative review will turn off customers and give the impression that you are hard to deal with.

However, being receptive to negative feedback and promising to take notes of what to improve on your products and customer service shows that you are serious about improving your products and providing an excellent customer experience to your Amazon customers.

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2. It attracts new customers

Your listing optimization efforts and ad campaigns can get your products in front of a wider audience. However, they can still not be enough to persuade them to buy your products since some might be skeptical of the descriptions and photos on your listings. You can address this by providing some “human touch”. 

This is where customer reviews come in handy. Amazon shopper reviews can help you convert browsers into customers as testimonials from customers who have already tried your product, and your service is a different kind of persuasion. If your product claims and customer expectations are achieved, this should translate through the reviews from your past customers, and then shoppers are more likely to continue with their purchase.

3. It helps you rank higher in Amazon search results

Amazon places a high value on the consumer experience. So aside from keywords, customer reviews, order defect rate, and refund rate are also weighed in terms of rankings in search results. With customer reviews available for shoppers to grasp what other customers think of your product, they can set realistic expectations of what they will receive.

It means that customers already have a good idea of what they are purchasing, weigh the pros and cons, and decide to purchase still. This process makes it less likely for your products to receive returns or negative reviews. That’s why providing quality products, and excellent customer experience is important. 

4. It can boost click-through rates in email marketing

Some people are less likely to click an ad, so showing off your competitive edge in personalized emails can help you market your products as much as ads can. That’s why you should provide proof of how great your products are and how trustworthy your business is in your email marketing efforts.

You can do this by including customer reviews in your emails. Shoppers are more likely to click through that and check if what you’re claiming in the message is true. 

5. It advertises your products for you for free

Customer reviews are a powerful tool at your disposal to take a look at how customers perceive your products. It allows you to gain insights into your customers’ demands and how to meet them successfully. As a result, you can build customer trust in your brand, resulting in more reviews, and use that to attract more customers.

But aside from that, having people attest to your brand and voluntarily recommend it to others because they experienced first-hand the quality of products and customer service you provide is undeniably beneficial to your business. It’s the type of authentic advertising that Amazon digital marketing services can never give to you.

The best part is that you don’t have to shell out money. Indeed, hard work and effort to ensure you’re giving your customers the best customer experience pays off and manifests itself in customer loyalty. So, make sure you’re proactive in making sure you’re providing the best products and customer service to your customers.

What Not To Do To Get Customer Reviews

Now that we’ve established that reviews are a great way for your business to gain exposure and increase sales, you’re probably getting into the most effective way to get reviews. The most obvious and stressed enough way to get organic reviews is none other than providing an excellent customer experience. So focus on providing that to your Amazon customers instead of doing these: 

Amazon Marketing - Don’ts on customer reviews

1. Ask your friends and acquaintances to write reviews on your products

Your friends and acquaintances can be biased in their writing and try to sway others towards buying your product. If they do write a biased review, you’ll risk damaging your reputation by trying to manipulate the results. Aside from that, this practice is against Amazon’s terms of service, and sellers caught doing this will be punished accordingly

2. Paying or offering products in exchange for reviews

Getting genuine reviews from a reviewer being paid or offered products in exchange for reviews can be hard and backfire. Other potential customers can read these reviews and expect to have a similar experience. If you fail to achieve their expectations, you’ll have people questioning your customer reviews.

3. Writing fake reviews

You don’t have to go out of your way and write your products a fake review. It’s a cheap approach to grab attention that you’ll come to regret in the long run. Your brand will be seen as desperate and deceitful. If customers lose their trust in your brand, they’ll never think of buying from you again. As much as it’s tempting to opt in getting fake reviews, you’ll lose more than what you thought you’ll gain. So just know this is a risk you should be mindful of. 

Final Thoughts 

If you have a good product, people will go out and tell the world they like it. They’ll share your product on social media, write reviews, and suggest it to their friends and relatives. This social proof and exposure can help your business grow without paying anything!

All of this exposure can significantly impact your business’s growth. The more people know about your Amazon product, the more likely they will buy it when they come across it online. So make sure that you’re using customer reviews in your favor.

But of course, Amazon product reviews will only come once your brand has become in the sight of customers. If you need help to get started with your marketing efforts or want to talk to an Amazon marketing services consultant, book us a call. Talk to our team of experts, and let us guide you through your success on Amazon.

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