Why You Should Create Enhanced Brand Content for Amazon Personal Care Items

March 14, 2022
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon personal care items

In the age of information and social media, people are becoming more conscious of their hygiene, physical appearance, and overall wellness. Also, they see numerous content of people sharing their skincare routines, make-up tips, or personal care hacks. Because of this, they purchase products that are claimed to be effective, even if they are new in the market.

So if you intend to sell your line of personal care products, it is a wise decision to start on Amazon. With its vast number of monthly site visitors, you can grow your business and establish your brand on this platform. Moreover, you can benefit from their seller tools and services, like Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

Below are some information and tips to help you get your personal care items known to online shoppers and increase your sales through EBC.

What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

A normal Amazon product listing is composed of the title, bullet points, descriptions, images, and other necessary information about the product and shipping offers. Unfortunately, this format has limited many brands from sharing more detailed information and photos to their potential customers without leading them to a different website.

As a result, Amazon launched EBC but recently changed to A+ Content Creator to be similar to the feature found on Vendor Central. It is an added feature where brand registered sellers can change the product descriptions to add more details and photos of their products and show their use and benefits in real life. In addition, Amazon has given various layouts that sellers can use to customize their EBC.

With EBC, potential customers who want to know more about the product beyond the bulleted features can look at the EBC instead. As a seller, you can utilize this feature to present your best personal care items on Amazon and entice Amazon shoppers to purchase them eventually.

Why use EBC for selling Amazon personal care items

Because EBC is exclusive to brand registered sellers, where they maximize this space to engage more customers. Here are some benefits that EBC can do for your business if you are qualified for this feature.

1. Build brand awareness 

Getting your brand name out there is one of the goals you should have as a business owner, especially if you are launching your products for the first time. The more familiar people are to your brand, the more customers you can gain. Without Amazon’s usual product listing limitations, you can share your brand story with online shoppers who are not yet familiar with your brand. Doing this will make them remember your brand story, business inspiration, or advocacy, leading to repeat purchases and developing brand loyalty.

2. Reduce bounce rate and increase conversion

According to Feedvisor’s statistics, approximately 60% of Amazon consumers who participated in the research answered that they read product descriptions. This information entails that online shoppers want to know more about the products before purchasing to make an informed decision.

With EBC, you can make visitors browse longer in your product listing instead of leaving immediately. The content and pictures you include might intrigue them about your brand story. Moreover, they might be engaged with the overall visuals and aesthetics your listing provides, convincing them to buy and try your products out. Instead of driving them away with the basic product listing, you can manage to convert them as buyers using EBC.

3. Lessen product returns and negative reviews

Product returns and negative feedback can hurt your business and affect your potential sales. But unfortunately, they are inevitable in any e-commerce business because buyers cannot see the actual products and inspect them further.

Meanwhile, e-commerce sellers who have their websites can customize their web pages to showcase their products and provide more specifications to avoid misleading their customers. In turn, they can decrease the possibility of product returns and negative reviews.

The good news is that you can also do the same thing and achieve the same results through EBC. Fewer product returns can help you maintain good seller account health. Additionally, fewer negative customer reviews, together with well-optimized listings, can help your personal care items rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP).

4. Attract more customers to buy your personal care products on Amazon

Attracting more customers is the most important reason for using EBC for your business. Instead of creating ordinary product listings, you can incorporate more eye-catching photos and detailed descriptions of your products placed in your chosen EBC layout.

As a seller of personal care items, you can also include pictures that show how the users can maximize your products. For example, present a step-by-step process of applying or layering your skincare product line. Or, insert an infographic of the essential ingredients used in the product showing their benefits to the customers. These will make them interested in purchasing instead of simply reading these features on the bullet points or description section.

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How to get started on making EBC for your personal care items

Before making your EBC, you must be accepted as a brand registered seller first. If not yet, you can visit Amazon and enroll your brand. Ensure that the information you use for applying for Brand Registry is the same as the one you use for your seller account.

Once your application is accepted, log in to your Seller or Vendor Central account. Select the Advertising menu, then click A+ Content Manager from the dropdown menu. Afterward, choose ‘Start Creating A+ content’ where you can include either an Enhanced Product Description or Brand Content.

On the Enhanced Product Description, you can provide more details about the product features and benefits to expand the bulleted features and images found on the main product listing page. On the other hand, you can use Brand Content to educate customers about your brand history, values, objectives, and product lines. Especially since you are offering personal care products, this section will be important for those buyers who are conscious about the values upheld by a brand, like having cruelty-free, vegan, or sustainable products.

Tips to make your EBC stand out on Amazon

Until now, many Amazon sellers still don’t have EBC on their product listings, making yours stand out on its own already. But using this feature will still be pointless if you don’t maximize the additional space to show eye-catching and informative content. Below are some tips you can apply to make your EBC stand out among other Amazon personal care products.

1. Use relevant, high-quality images

Shoppers tend to scroll down on a product listing to see more information about the product they want to buy. So, ensure that you maximize this opportunity by showing high-quality photos that show how your products will benefit them.

It would be best to hire a professional photographer and graphic designer to make the EBC materials. In this way, you can incorporate your brand image into the A+ content. At the same time, you can protect your brand from hijackers and counterfeiters.

2. Highlight the uniqueness of your products

Use the EBC to convey how your brand and products differ from your competitors. For example, share your brand story or emphasize the unusual but effective ingredients or materials used in your items. This will make them intrigued about your products and be convinced to buy eventually.

3. Make the content readable and interesting

Amazon consumers may purchase from different devices, like PC or smartphones. But whatever device they use, make sure that your content is compatible and still readable. Also, ensure that the font style, size, and color are appropriate for viewing and reading to make the buyers’ shopping experience good. Lastly, write an interesting but informative copy for your EBC. If you are not skilled in copywriting, hire professionals who can handle this task for you.

Key Takeaway

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content feature is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs who want to get their brand more popular on Amazon. As a seller of personal care products, you can use A+ content as your avenue to provide more specific information about your brand and products, which can help convince potential consumers to purchase.

If you need help optimizing your product listing through EBC, you can avail yourself of Amazon listing optimization services. At Seller Interactive, we have teams of creative and skillful professionals who can handle your product listing optimization concerns, including EBC.

To get started on this new journey, you can reach us at [email protected].

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