Branding Consistency Boosts Your Sales- Here's Why

January 24, 2020
Written by Nicasio Co III
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Are you wondering why your products are failing on Amazon? Check your branding consistency. There are tactical ways that you can use to boost your presence further while adhering to the basic principles of establishing a powerful brand. On top of these principles is consistency. To better understand what you have been missing out on and how you can use this fundamental principle to your brand's benefit, read on.

Build Your Brand with Several Products in One Micro-niche

When you own multiple products in the same micro-niche, you prevent Amazon from including your competitors in the fold dedicated to comprehensive Amazon product listings. This part of the page usually features products that could either be bought or paired together, as well as sponsored products related to this item. If you only have one or two products to offer, other brands will inevitably appear in this section. Some of them may turn out to be cheaper or have better conversion rates than your offerings. Having these competitors appear alongside your products will split your customer's attention. So instead of focusing on your products alone, they might get sidetracked and end up clicking and eventually purchasing items from your competitors' brands. In terms of launching several products in the same micro-niche, focus on diversifying your offerings based on your customers' needs. Offer variations in sizes or added details to accommodate different tastes and preferences.

The Connection between Strong Branding and a Multiproduct Micro-niche

Owning a micro-niche proves to be easier to manage and more favorable for your business to grow than taking on a broader product category. The moment you dominate a product niche, you automatically start strengthening your brand's influence. The key is consistent exposure. Because your brand has numerous products to offer, Amazon will feature these on your page. So every time a browser drops by, he will be exposed to your brand alone, giving the impression of reliability and prestige. This positive impression translates to having your customers think that your brand is reputable and offers only high-quality items. Such attributes lay the foundations for establishing a strong brand influence.

On Brand Consistency and the Strategic Ways, You Can Use to Further Boost Influence

Branding Consistency with laptop Edging out your competition on Amazon does not imply resorting to underhanded tactics or violating guidelines altogether. A good example would be your product's hero shot. By now, all sellers have their hero shots taken against a white background. Adding graphics is not allowed. Although limiting, there are effective ways to present your product better while building a strong brand presence. One of them is by including the product's packaging. The packaging is not considered as a graphic design element. There are no specific rules that ban the use of packaging in your product shots, so why not use them to your brand's advantage? (This further explains why good packaging with a design that conforms to your branding guidelines is essential). Because your packaging presents your brand's logo and other signature elements distinguishing you from your competitors, including it in your product's hero shots, strengthens your influence even more. With this, it is critical to note that you should employ the basic rules of branding. Be consistent in the way you execute your shots to present a sharp image of your products and its stellar qualities. Use the same lighting, present it in the same angle, highlight the sheen or same outstanding feature in the same areas, and more. To learn more about the effective ways you can build your brand, take our FREE CONSULTATION. Email Jayce at [email protected] today.

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