What Exactly Does an Amazon Suspension Lawyer Do?

Amazon suspension lawyer

Last updated on December 21st, 2022

Written by Mark Salvania

It is no doubt that it could be a surprising event when your account gets suspended without warning. Amazon account suspension is a common problem encountered by sellers due to non-compliance with the Amazon seller policies and guidelines. This may happen unknowingly, and failure to create a convincing Amazon suspension appeal automatically bans you from selling on Amazon. To avoid this kind of stress and hassle, an Amazon suspension lawyer can be of great help.

The main task of an Amazon suspension lawyer is to guide you through the legal side of your Amazon journey, whether it be an Amazon vendor central suspension or a seller account suspension. They review every case, identify causes of Amazon-related problems, and provide you with a detailed plan of action to recover your account and sales.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the cases that Amazon suspension lawyers can help with:

1. Account Suspension

As one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces, Amazon has decided to suspend accounts that have been reported as violators of Amazon guidelines. This security measure aims to eliminate incompetent sellers and maintain customer satisfaction in every transaction.

While this is an excellent initiative, especially for Amazon’s well-respected reputation, this has been identified by many as problematic because, in some cases, accounts get suspended even when there has been no sign of policy breach on the seller’s side. This may seem unreasonable and hard to deal with, since it can significantly affect one’s sales and jeopardize one’s business and credibility.

Amazon allows its members to submit an Amazon suspension appeal to understand what had led to the suspension. This sounds easy, but comprehending an email with highly technical terms and legal definitions may lead you to get a disapproved suspension appeal. Fortunately, Amazon suspension lawyers offer services to resolve such cases.

With their knowledge and specialty in the policies laid down by Amazon, they can guide you with creating a fool-proof appeal. This includes methodical processing of the information sent by Amazon via email, composing the Amazon reinstatement letter structure, and persuading the board to give you a second shot in the marketplace.

2. Intellectual Property

Cases that fall under Intellectual Property can be highly demanding since it tackles copyright, trademark, and patent infringement. A case can even be taken to court since it is considered as a grave offense to business rights. Because of its gravity, most businesses hire a trusted full service digital marketing agency to generate original content for their brands.

If someone files an appeal stating that they own the content or product you posted, it is considered grounds for Amazon suspension. Since external parties file Intellectual Property cases, Amazon does not interfere with settlement of the issue. The seller in question will have to negotiate directly with the aggrieved party. This makes Intellectual Property one of the hardest to appeal in Amazon seller suspension, as it takes an indefinite amount of time to settle.

There are four types of Intellectual Property cases, namely: trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets protect information and are focused on securing confidentiality reports to avoid misappropriation. These typically apply to e-commerce platforms like Amazon.


Another type of an Intellectual Property case is one that deals with trademarks. A trademark is concerned about the protection of the brand itself. This may not be the most common case for big brands like Apple and Samsung, but it is common among small to medium enterprises. This also ensures that a brand can be easily distinguished from others.


Copyrights focus on the protection of authorship of any form of content or ideas, usually in the form of media channels like books, music, and film. This is to avoid misrepresentation and to establish strong, unique branding. In the case of Amazon sellers, copyright cases can come from issues regarding product design. For example, if you used a cartoon character as a shirt design without the permission of the cartoonist, the artist can file a copyright suit against you.


Closely related to copyrights, patents revolve around the protection of function or ornamental features. Since most brands aim to make their products more marketable through their development of each line of product, patents aim to ensure that no two product models are the same in terms of specifications. Patents are commonly applied to new inventions, variations, or functions. In the case of Amazon sellers, a patent can apply if you develop a new product, like a new formulation for a cosmetic product.

Amazon suspension lawyer

3. Counterfeit Claims

A counterfeit claim is basically an accusation that the product sold was not the product that was marketed. Counterfeit items are products that mislead the customers because of the dishonest specifications, details, or product descriptions provided in the listings.

For instance, if you claim that your items are 100% authentic or of a particular brand, and the customer finds out that it isn’t, it can be grounds for suspension, and the customer has the right to file a complaint to Amazon.

Aside from authenticity issues, it could also be about the composition, material, or general quality of the product or service offered. With the help of an Amazon suspension lawyer, you will become more aware and cautious of your claims regarding your products, since they are experts in the e-commerce industry.

Similarly, if you are falsely accused, legal actions can be taken, and suspensions can be immediately addressed through proper documentation. There are instances wherein your listings may be hijacked. This means that a seller will copy your photos, product descriptions, and bullet points and will offer a product that imitates one that you offer. Disappointed buyers might associate the bad experience with your brand and report your listing as fake. An Amazon suspension lawyer can also guide you every step of the way to put down the inauthentic listing and clean your brand’s reputation.

4. Customer Disputes

Among the four, customer disputes are the most common cases handled by an Amazon suspension lawyer. No matter how good your products are, there could be no possible way that you would receive 100% great feedback.

Customer disputes tackle the issue of customer experience and their feedback on your products and services. If Amazon tracks your account as one of the suspicious sellers due to a large number of negative reviews, they will suspend your account, and this can even escalate to banning.

Some of the common problems revolving around customer disputes are parcels not arriving on time, used merchandise sold as new, or damaged merchandise and products. This pulls down your seller rating and can force people to report you to the Amazon team.

If proven that the negative experience was unintentional and proper actions have been taken to satisfy customer needs, your appeal has a higher chance of getting approved. The role of the Amazon suspension lawyer is to serve as a consultant, and to ensure quality control, especially upon knowing the nature of the brand and its promise to its consumers.

Key Takeaways

An Amazon suspension can pose a definite threat against your business, but unfortunately, account suspension is a reality that Amazon sellers face, even if they follow Amazon’s guidelines. This is because there are instances that are out of the seller’s control. Despite this, sellers should still continue doing their best to abide by Amazon’s regulations and seek the help of an Amazon digital marketing agency or other industry experts, in order to help safeguard their seller accounts.

If you want to know how an Amazon suspension lawyer can further safeguard your business, send us a message at [email protected] today for a free consultation.

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