Amazon Search Engine Optimization: A Guidebook for New Sellers

June 14, 2021
Written by Corin Romkey
amazon search engine optimization

Even before the pandemic, business-minded people all over the world have already seen the potential of e-commerce in growing their customers and making their businesses profitable. Hence, looking for platforms to sell their products online became one of their primary concerns.

Amazon, being the largest e-commerce platform in the world, is the first thing that will enter your mind when you think of an online business.

When you look into how Amazon works, you will see that it is not much different from the factors that affect sales in a physical store. However, what sets them apart is the presence of their algorithm called the A10 (previously A9).

Now, the A10’s primary function is to make sure that customers get the most relevant results after typing words on the Amazon search box. As a seller,  it is important for you to know about Amazon SEO optimization so you can create your own SEO strategy and start to optimize Amazon listing.

What Amazon Buyers Want to See

Know that you and Amazon are together with the goal of ensuring that customers find what they need and buy it afterward, so it could turn into a sale. So before we dive into the realm of optimization, let us first identify what buyers want to see:

1)  The specific product they are looking for

2)  Relevant products they can choose from

3)  Variations in product designs and specifications

4)  Ranking in terms of price

5)  Customer feedback to help them decide

6)  Well-explained and clear product description

7)  Clear photos of the product

8)  Flexible shipping options

9)  On stock items

10) Product brands they can trust

Similar to other search engines, Amazon shows the most relevant products to what the customer typed through data analysis of A10. As a seller, it is your job to know how A10 works so you can adjust your Amazon profile and product descriptions, and eventually, be among the products that first appear when your line of business and products are searched by potential customers.

How Can A10 Help with your Amazon Search Engine Optimization?

When you start selling on Amazon, A10 will be your new best friend as it will help you a lot with your Amazon SEO Strategy. You can think of A10 as Amazon’s private search engine whose goal is not only to provide well-researched results to customers but also to make sure that a sale happens after the process.

Here are the specific areas the A10 algorithm looks into to rank products on Amazon’s platform.

1)  Product Title

Notice that it is called a product “title” and not a “name.” This part of your product page is commonly composed of 100 characters, which is quite long for a product name.

The characters should cater to the keywords that will make your product rank high on Amazon’s list. Make sure to insert keywords, product name, and details like color, materials used, and other more specific features within the 100 characters. Doing so can ensure that your product title rank in both general and specific searches.

2)  Seller Name

It is important to find the balance between being specific and being general. Your seller name is your brand name, so you have to be specific if you want customers to notice your brand.

In addition, new brands are more likely to be a lesser ranking keyword. To complement this, make sure that you include in your seller name a high-ranking keyword so that every time you use your brand name, there will be a keyword that competes for the ranking.

3)  Backend Keywords

It is essential to include in your strategy the incorporation of long-tail keywords, other languages, misspelled words of your product, and other related keywords in the backend of your page. You can do this through Seller Central.

Why do this? This is because other keywords rank long-tail keywords and misspelled words that are not attractive enough to earn a spot on the page customers see.

4)  Product Description

This is the part where you will get to pitch and entice your buyers to purchase your goods through an A+ content, but remember that all the flowery words are useless if your product is on the 30th page of the product listing. Optimize listing by using ranking keywords in your product description.

5)  Product Bullet points

The same goes for the product bullet points. Aside from creating an excellent pitch of why your product is worth your clients’ money, you must also make sure that your content is Amazon SEO friendly. 

This is the perfect time to incorporate the keywords while highlighting all the reasons why customers should buy your products. Be a storyteller. Write for the audience and not the algorithm.

6)  Product Price

Online or offline, buyers either look for the lowest price or a brand and product worth their money. Make sure to research your competitors to make your pricing competitive. 

7)  Product Photo

Since it is an online transaction, there would not be any chance to touch, smell, or taste your product, but these sensations can be triggered by an excellent photo.

Aside from visually pleasing and attention-grabbing photos, make sure to upload clear images adhering to the rules of Amazon. Part of your SEO strategy should be creating brand awareness and increasing conversion rate just by customers seeing the product picture.

8)  Product Review

Including product reviews in the A10 algorithm shows just how Amazon puts importance on buyers. You can optimize by getting positive reviews from your customers. If you have a low conversion rate, having just a couple of good feedback on your page can lift your product in the ranking.

Sellers who are already ranking but only have a few feedback may boost their rankings by getting more reviews.

9)  Amazon FBA

The mode of shipping can also affect your product listing ranking on Amazon, as the algorithm ranks sellers according to the convenience in delivery they can bring to customers. Research showed that sellers who offer Amazon FBA are more likely to rank than those not offering this shipping option.

10)   Supplies of Stocks

Make sure your products do not run out of stock, as this will pull you down from the ranking.

How to Get The Best Out of Amazon SEO

Now that you know how buyers think when they go to Amazon and what Amazon does to satisfy these demands, it is time to look into what you should do.

First, begin with your SEO strategy by having keywords research.

Make sure that you know which keywords are ranking in your line of business so that you optimize the listing of your product.  It also pays to check what the top-ranking sellers are using as their keywords through a competitor analysis.

Next, make sure to optimize by using the keywords in your content. Use highly searched keywords in your title and other keywords in your product description.

On the other hand, do not stuff keywords in the product description, as this is not allowed on Amazon. Strike a balance between readability, being informative, and incorporating keywords.

Pay attention to the images you post on Amazon. When taking photos, keep in mind that the first impression lasts, so grab the buyers’ attention through your product image.

Aside from this, use the image for brand awareness as well by incorporating your brand name. If you sell more than one product, make the layout of all your merchandise images the same. This way, viewers will get the impression that your items really came from one brand because of the consistent similarity in layout.

Of course, consider your product price, mode of shipping, and stock inventory, so that the attention of customers turns to sales. Think like a buyer and put yourselves in their shoes on what they need and what their demands are.

After optimization, check if your strategy works by getting data from Seller Central. If yes, then aim for consistency and continuity of your best practices. If you have not seen growth, adjust and check for a new perspective to optimize listing. 

Ask for Help and Partner with Us

Starting an Amazon business can be daunting with all of the algorithms, keywords, and strategy you need to consider, but you should not let that weigh you down.

Partner with us here at Seller Interactive, and we will create an SEO strategy for you and with you. Our team is composed of Amazon Search Engine Optimization experts who can figure out the best way to optimize your products.

Most importantly, our team knows the specifics of  SEO for Amazon sellers, what your concerns are, and what help we can offer because of the number of business owners we have helped.

At the end of the day, you have a team that focuses on making your product rank on Amazon listing while you focus on producing excellent products that your buyers will love and patronize.

Call us at 1-800-820-3746, so we can discuss with you the specifics.

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