5 Things You Need in An Amazon Listing Optimization Service to Rank Your Products

Amazon listing optimization service

Last updated on January 24th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

There are a lot of things that you should consider when you're working with an Amazon listing optimization service. Of course, the most basic requirement you should look for is the company's familiarity with Amazon. The more familiar they are with the platform, the more likely that they are going to give you the service that you're looking for to succeed.

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The thing about Amazon is that it's a tricky area to work in. If you're a new seller, you have a lot to learn, aside from the selling itself. It's more than just uploading your products, making product descriptions, and advertising them. It's getting to know how the system works and applying Amazon marketing best practices to your listings.

With that said, here are the things that you should consider when working with an Amazon listing optimization service.

1. Be familiar with how Amazon works.

A good Amazon listing optimization service should know very well how to work the platform. If it's possible, go for someone who already has an established record of experience on Amazon. It's easy to single out those listing optimization services which have been working with the platform for many years. However, you have to consider that the number of years of experience does not necessarily equate to expertise. This means that there are many other younger companies out there who have had more experience than anyone else.

2. Experience in handling various niches.

It's relatively common to see Amazon listing optimization services catering to a specific field. At some point, it serves as an advantage for them. Say, you have a pet products business. There are a lot of listings agencies that are focused mainly on doing pet products. It will be quite advantageous for you to work with them since they are already familiar with the niche.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider other services. Those companies that also have experience with different product niches can help your business too! Since these agencies have worked with various niches, they know how the situation is outside of your category. They can also give you a fresh new perspective on applying Amazon SEO strategies that will help rank your products higher.

This fresh perspective comes from the fact that they are experienced in the field of Amazon SEO. They are also the professionals who have worked with various clients before, so they would know how to innovate ways you're going to target different markets consistently. 

3. Demonstrated skill in Amazon SEO optimization.

An essential thing that an Amazon listing optimization service should have is unparalleled Amazon SEO strategies. Knowledge of these strategies aren't enough; they must also know how they can apply it to your listings.

Aside from knowing how Amazon SEO works, theoretically, the agency should also have a solid understanding of the product you are selling. It's more than just knowing what keywords you should use; it's also about creating product descriptions with high ranking keywords that are still relatable and can covert sales.

4. Updated with the latest Amazon trends.

While there are Amazon SEO strategies that are already proven to work, there still has to be some research that needs to be done to make sure that you are caught up. If you're working with an Amazon listing optimization service, it's important to make sure that they are very familiar and up to date with the latest trends on the platform that may help rank your business.

This doesn't necessarily have to be for just Amazon SEO only. It can also be with the latest marketing trends or best Amazon PPC strategies incorporated into your listings.

5. Help maintain listings and continuous conversions.

Just because you already have an optimized listing doesn't mean that the work stops there. You can still work with an Amazon listing optimization service to help you make the necessary adjustments to your listings as time goes by. 

Although there is already a set Amazon SEO criteria, this still remains to be variable. Therefore, the necessary adjustments should be met, depending on how the current system works. It's also not enough that the agency will be there during the start of your business, they also have to be there for the maintenance of your listings, making sure that everything is ranking well and you're fully maximizing your profits.

Amazon Marketing Best Practices: Things That You Can Apply to Your Listings

Marketing on the platform is more than just working with the right SEO strategies or just making sure that you have the best Amazon PPC strategy for your listing. If you're a new seller, you shouldn't feel pressured on how to come up with the best-paid marketing tools. Instead, you have to focus on where you are expected to get your conversions - your listings. With that, here are the things that you can do to make sure you're fully maximizing your sales.

1. Focus on creating a good title for your product.

Your title means more than you think.  It’s the primary basis of the consumers to know what it is you're selling. It also helps in increasing your SEO score. Ensure that your titles have the right keywords in them, but these should also be catchy enough for your customers to engage with.

It's recommended that you highlight the key selling point of your product, if possible. You can also add descriptive words that are suitable for your listings and something that would want the consumers to learn more about it. You have to focus on your titles since it's one of the first few things that a customer will see on the search results page.

2. Use images as emotional recognition tools.

Your product images should not only show off what your products are all about but if you truly want to convert your leads into sales with your product listings, then you must take advantage of every aspect as much as you can. So it's not only making sure your keywords are appropriately targeted or that you have a correctly optimized written content. It's also about presenting your products properly through images. 

Other than the title, the most noticeable component of your product listings are the product images. You must maximize this component if you genuinely want your listings to do well. A compelling product image drives customers with feelings. You will have to associate, say the feeling of thirst or hunger, for your food-related products. For office supplies, you may want to associate the feeling of productivity and convenience. 

So, it's more than just shooting products on a plain white background. There's so much more than showing the details of your products. For you to be able to maximize the product images fully you have on your listings, add in a mix of lifestyle images. This way, the consumer would know how they can use your products in their daily lives.

3. Update your bullet points.

The bullet points are where you should be writing about the key features, benefits, and all other related information about your products. What most sellers fail to do is that after publishing the listings, they don't update the product descriptions, along with the bullet points. 

What should be a good product listing practice is for you to constantly update its contents. Should anything negative come up that can possibly hinder a consumer from buying your products, don't wait to address these things in the frequently asked questions section. Instead, try to integrate these and clarify the issue in your bullet points or product descriptions section.  This way, you are proactive about the things that can negatively impact your listings.

Key Take-away

Selling effectively on Amazon starts with working with the product listings. If you're a new seller on the platform and still don't know how to create perfectly optimized listings, make sure you work with an Amazon listing optimization service. However, it's not enough that they are familiar with handling listing optimization; they should be able to help you maintain your listings and rankings to maximize your sales, too!

If you're looking for an Amazon listing optimization service, we can help you with that! With our extensive experience on the platform, we can help you reach your goals while you focus on the administrative side of the business. Do you want to learn more about how proper listing optimization works? Schedule a call with an Amazon account specialist today by sending an email to [email protected].

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