5 Tips on Hiring An Amazon Marketing Services Consultant

March 6, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
An Amazon marketing services consultant presenting reports to a client

Moving onto the digital economy has been one of the major changes during this pandemic. One of the ways to earn while continuing to be safe is through online selling. Selling products online has been one of the easiest ways to earn these days. Moreover, selling your products through Amazon opens a lot of opportunities. In order for your business to flourish, consider hiring an Amazon marketing services consultant.

What do you need to look for in an Amazon marketing services consultant?

Find someone who has been an Amazon optimization consultant

One of the best things about the internet is that it widens the reach of the sellers with just a single post. When you look for someone to help you with Amazon, make sure that they also know how to optimize your seller profile.

To refresh your memory, Amazon is a search engine platform similar to Google. However, most online shoppers who set their eyes on something directly go to Amazon. You want them to find your products before they find the other merchants.

When you find a consultant for your Amazon shop, make sure they understand the different factors that affect your Amazon digital marketing services.

An Amazon marketing consultant that values the benefits of good reviews on their product pages

Reviews are vital in every e-commerce platform\. The reviews aid people in contemplating which products they should purchase. Moreover, reviews play a vital role on Amazon. 

So how can an Amazon marketing services consultant help you?

Reviews aid in the ranking of products. When customers leave good reviews, this increases the level of trust in new customers. Plus, it also gives a more positive spin on the search algorithm of Amazon. The products that have good and positive reviews are likely to yield higher rankings in the search results.

Make sure that the Amazon optimization consultant you’re looking to hire has experience and knowledge about how important verified reviews are. To businesses, make sure that you don’t neglect your customers. Their reviews help you!

Hire someone who knows the importance of creating product descriptions

Creating content proved to be one of the most vital elements in having a successful marketing strategy. With the right combination of keywords and descriptions, your product will rank higher in the search results.

Now, in order to write product descriptions that sell, you need to remember these tips.

  1. Define your target audience – By defining your target audience, you understand how they will perceive and understand the value of the product.

These are some guide questions to help you:

  1. What interests your customers?
  2. How could they benefit from your product?
  3. Do you think they will be able to share your product with their friends and family?
  1. Share the benefits of your product – When you write the product description, ensure that you include the benefits that the customers will get when they buy the product. Mention diverse features that are based on facts and improve the lives of your customers. Refrain from adding fluff to the product description especially if it is not based on facts.
  2. Make it readable – Right now, the attention span of most people only lasts within three (3) seconds. This challenges most businesses owners and marketers because they have to be able to spark curiosity among the customers in such a short time frame. Captivate their attention through the content that you create by using short paragraphs composed of short sentences.

Some other tips for you to try:

  1. Use bullets for enumerating features and benefits
  2. Make sure to distinguish the title, facts, features, and benefits by using headings to highlight important facts
  3. Use white space to your advantage

Now, are you ready to find your own Amazon marketing consultant?


Surviving different atrocities make people resilient. Business owners became resilient and moved onto digital platforms such as Amazon. They make sure that they optimize their product descriptions to rank higher in search results. Improve your presence by using Amazon market web services and increase your reach.

Prepare to launch your product, schedule an appointment with us, and find the right Amazon marketing services consultant now.

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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