Ways an Amazon Marketing Agency Can Define Your eCommerce Success

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Last updated on January 24th, 2023

Written by Ken Zhou

Starting an eCommerce business can be one of the greatest (and most challenging) decisions you can make. According to data, eCommerce retail income has grown up to USD5.53 trillion in 2019 and is seen to increase by USD3.01 trillion more in 2023.

For Canada’s eCommerce, buyers are becoming more open to purchasing online, having around 28 million Canadians putting in CAD1.85 billion of revenue in 2019. Whether as a buyer or as a seller, eCommerce in Canada and abroad is a profitable business when handled right.

That said, it is never too late to start your online business. If you have already started, this is the right time to optimize it and increase your sales. Where else would you start and grow your brand and online presence than Amazon—the largest eCommerce platform in the world?

What is an Amazon Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency is an institution that will help you with everything you need to build, launch, and maintain your eCommerce business.

In this article, we will talk about the following:

  • What to expect from an Amazon marketing services agency
  • The different benefits of partnering with an Amazon digital marketing agency
  • Deciding which Amazon marketing company to choose
  • Your role in that agency

Services You Can Expect:

Amazon Search Engine Optimization

Once you have started an Amazon business, one of the first things you should know about is Amazon SEO, which is ruled by keywords and algorithms.

At first glance, you may see it as simple incorporation of high-performing keywords in your Amazon content for you to rank in search engines. However, with stiff competition on Amazon, SEO becomes more complicated.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, optimize your business and make it more SEO-friendly. They have Amazon SEO experts who will handle the following optimization tasks for you:

  1. Product Title – With limited characters and word count, Amazon SEO experts will make sure that ranking keywords are embedded in your product title while ensuring that your brand is still mentioned and given utmost attention.
  2. Seller Name – Even the seller name can affect the success of your Amazon listing ranking, so this too will be taken care of by the agency you hired.
  3. Backend Keywords – Included here are other keywords that are searched by potential clients like long-tail keywords, misspelled keywords related to your brand, and keywords in other languages.
  4. Product Description and Bullet points – These are the main contents of your product page, and this is where experts will insert all the keywords they want you to rank for.

Competitor Research and Analysis

Competitor research is also a part of Amazon SEO as one strategy can be using your competitor’s keywords in your own products, especially if they are ranking.

Other areas you can look into are the following:

  1. Pricing

Competitor research also comes in handy in this part—to find a competitive price, you should see the product price of competitors and get a range fit to the price of your product.

  1. Competitor marketing and advertising analysis

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Establishing a business on an extremely dense platform entails keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing, which you may not have time for. Delegating this task to experts is ideal. 

Amazon Advertising

There are plenty of ways to advertise in and out of Amazon. Get the most out of reputable eCommerce platforms to widen the reach of your promotions and get more customers to land on your page and hit the buy button.

A marketing company will maximize these different advertising techniques to make your business more profitable. Some of the common advertising strategies being offered include sponsored ads, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine and social media promotion, and display marketing. 

It is an agency’s goal to decrease the advertising cost of Sale (ACoS) through a well-planned advertising campaign. This increases both sales and returns on investment.

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Customer Service and Review Management

Now that your Amazon SEO has been successfully conducted and your advertising strategies are also in place, let the excellent customer service and review management begin. 

All customer questions and inquiries won’t be left unanswered because there will be customer service representatives working to answer them round-the-clock. All feedback, positive or negative, will receive a response. These are great for social proof and letting people know they can trust you and do good business with you. Using carefully thought-out strategies, an agency can help you gain more reviews. This is crucial since customer reviews are part of the data crawled by Amazon’s algorithm to rank you in the listing. Also, who wouldn’t want to purchase a product with stellar reviews?

Photography and Branding

The difference between Amazon to a physical store is, of course, customers not having the chance to try or see the product in person. They can only check the specifics of a product by reading the product description. For visual people, photos are the best way to decide if they will buy the product or not.

Hence, photography is a crucial area you may want to leave to the professionals.

Make sure to create images that sell. Your products should have clear photos that adhere to Amazon image guidelines and are consistent with your brand. 

Amazon Account Management

With this service, your other accounts are maintained and continuously optimized according to the changing algorithm and strategies implemented by the agency.

All you have to do is schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews with your agency to see how your other accounts are sailing. Many institutions have a well-established account management reporting flow that informs you of your daily status—this is typically done by account managers or AIs.

Amazon Consultation

What if you can handle the tasks needed to manage your Amazon account, but you need a third party to check what works and what needs to be changed? 

Amazon consultation can be a one-time session or a series of meetings for you to be well-informed on what best practices you should continue, which actions you should stop, and how else you can make your Amazon business better.

Website Creation and Management

Having a website can increase a seller’s revenue; so many Amazon sellers take their credibility building and brand awareness to the next level by creating their websites. Amazon customers who are not sure of buying from certain brands yet go for further research. Those searching outside Amazon can use the website as a springboard to the Amazon product page.

Your partner team will take care of website development and website content management. In this way, you also aim to rank high in both Amazon SEO and Google SEO.

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Partnership Benefits

Having a partner Amazon agency has a lot of advantages, and here are some of them.

  1. Your Amazon needs will be handled by experts.

Amazon SEO experts, PPC specialists, rated-A customer service representatives, and account managers—these are the people who will accomplish all your needs to rank and sell on Amazon. They’ll make sure you see your business entering great heights once the campaigns pay off. Your investment will surely be worth it because of the quality of work you’ll get, plus the additional time you will have after delegating all the complex tasks to the professionals.

  1. You can stop experimenting and go for the strategy that works.

Experimenting and operating on a trial-and-error basis can be productive for experimental learners but can be a waste of time if you want to earn as soon as possible.

Having a partner team of experts means having people who have already seen different Amazon account challenges and successes. These are the same people who have created different Amazon strategies. Hence, the challenges you are experiencing in your account might be something they’ve already resolved in the past. With this, there won’t be wasted time on testing what works. Experts just need to apply the same blueprint to your account to replicate success.

  1. With all your free time, you can focus on your product.

Your primary goal in creating an account on Amazon is to sell. You came to Amazon because you believe your product will sell, be in demand, or be a game-changer that will put your business on the map. With a team helping you with all the technical stuff like ranking and algorithm, you can focus on making sure your product is of quality—when you get sales, the items that will reach your customer are guaranteed to be perfect.

With higher regard for your product’s quality, you are guaranteed to get a positive review, which in turn will boost your ranking on Amazon.

  1. Skip the stress when challenges arise. 

Aside from the technical areas of Amazon, there are also stressful areas like account suspension, Amazon hijackers, local and international shipping, customer refund, and more.

These challenges look complicated now but wait until you try to resolve them on your own. A third-party team will take care of getting your account active again after a suspension. They can pick, pack, and ship your products via Amazon FBA or other fulfillment means without you worrying about reaching your customers on time. They handle account protection from Amazon hijackers and black hats.

  1. A one-stop-shop for services you’ll need

Do not look elsewhere. An agency usually offers a complete package of everything you’ll need for your Amazon business. While some agencies offer specific services of their expertise, most Amazon marketing agencies offer assistance from the creation of your Amazon account, launching of your products, Amazon SEO, advertising, and more.

Choose the Best Agency to Partner With

With the services and benefits in mind, all that’s left to do is choose the agency that will be with you every step of the way. Consider a team that can help you start from scratch. They should have specialists in your business’s weak areas and have high regard for transparency and prompt updates. Getting timely reports is a must. Lastly, there should be trust—partner with a team with an excellent reputation and good client feedback. 

What Seller Interactive Offers

Seller Interactive is complete with all the Amazon services you’ll need, including the following:

  • Full Account Management
  • Amazon Search Engine Optimization
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Management (PPC)
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Brand Protection and Assistance
  • Amazon Account Suspension Appeal and Reinstatement
  • Amazon Reimbursement and Refund
  • Amazon Wholesale Partnership Program

Partnering with a reliable agency can be of great help in boosting your business. Once you see your business take off and all your marketing needs satisfied, that’s when you know you have the best team under your employ. You can start growing your business with Seller Interactive. If you're interested to know more about what we can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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